Use Lutron Dimmers for Convenience, Style, and Energy Savings

lutron dimmers Synergy’s Lutron Dimmers

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we understand how incorporating our Lutron dimmers into your system will allow you to control and customize the lighting in any room of your home. Our switches, wall plates, and individual jacks are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to accent any décor.

Lighting affects your mood and the extent that you enjoy your surroundings. Using Lutron dimmers to create optimal environments for you and your family only serves to increase the overall enjoyment of your home.

You may be interested in Lutron dimmers initially for the convenience of creating just the right atmosphere for every activity. But, you also will enjoy the way they have been designed to look and work beautifully. You will absolutely love the way they conserve energy and, therefore, help lower your utility bills!


Above all, you want your home to accommodate your lifestyle and your family’s activities. As your behaviors and interests change throughout the day, your lighting needs to shift as well. Lutron dimmers are your best management tool as family members need bright light for studying or working on projects, mid-level light for computer work or meal times, or dim light for television watching or movie nights. Light control with Lutron dimmers will create a perfect atmosphere for the entire day.

You can control your pre-programmed settings for the entire house from a master keypad or remote device or simply install Lutron dimmers in selected rooms for individual control. Our dimmers are designed to look stylish and complement any room décor.


Naturally, Lutron dimmers are available in a wide array of styles, colors, finishes and control options. We have hundreds of selections in stand-alone dimmers and switches and multiple designs and control openings to meet any lighting control need.

You may be fond of our Designer switch or prefer our more Traditional version. You may prefer your Lutron dimmers in a contemporary Architectural design or an ultra-modern New Architectural style. Whether you prefer to choose a color that makes the dimmer blend in with its surroundings or you want to make a bold statement with a glossy, metal or glass style, you will be able to find exactly what your home deserves.

Energy Savings

More and more homeowners are interested in their homes being energy efficient and Lutron dimmers are one way they can accomplish this goal. Common sense tells us that light control saves energy and Lutron dimmers does exactly that, sometimes as much as 15 percent, without sacrificing convenience or style –– by providing only the level of light needed for your family’s activities. By cutting down on the usage of unnecessary energy, you will cut down the amount of money spent on utility bills.

Lutron Dimmers

Choose from any of the following Lutron dimmers:

  • Phase-Adaptive Dimmer – Controls bulb types including incandescent, halogen, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage and dimmable LED lamps by automatically sensing the load and adjusting for need. Replaces a standard light switch and glows softly when for easy accessibility.
  • RadioRA 2 RF Tabletop Lamp Dimmer – Plugs into a standard receptacle to accommodate table lamps and works with incandescent and halogen bulbs. Glows softly in the dark and indicates preset light level when the lamp is off. Fade-to-off feature illuminates a safe path before the light goes out.
  • RadioRA 2 Digital Fade Dimmer – Replaces standard switches to provide local control and can be used in single or multiple locations. The wall-mounted device replaces a standard switch with a digital dimmer that glows softly and shows the preset light level when the lamp is off. Also has the safe fade-to-off feature.
  • RadioRA 2 seeTouch Hybrid Keypad – Installs in the wall and controls multiple lights and window treatments in the home via keypad. Has backlit buttons available in a variety of configurations

All of these styles of Lutron dimmers use Clear Connect™ RF Technology that guarantees seamless communication between system components. This allows you to integrate your light controls with any other Lutron management system.

  • RadioRA 2 Plug-in Modules – Can control lamps or appliances by plugging into a receptacle. Controls incandescent or halogen bulbs and adjusts light levels of table or floor lamps, while easily hidden behind furniture.

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