Lutron RadioRA 2: Reliable Home Control with Convenience and Style

Lutron RadioRA 2 can operate as a stand alone system or can be incorporated with a control system.  It provides control from universal remotes, home automation systems, mobile devices, and more – all from a single repeater. The Lutron integration protocol allows virtually any device capable of sending and/or receiving RS232 or IP commands to control lights and shades. Two-way functionality provides the ability to monitor the status of lights in the home including light levels and access database-level system information.  Lutron brings over 50 years of experience to the lighting control world.

Lutron Electronics is one of the most well-known names in home lighting control and custom control systems for smart homes. The Lutron RadioRA2 is a wireless total home control system that gives homeowners the ability to adjust lighting, thermostats, shades, and even small appliances through a number of control interfaces, including user-friendly keypads, intuitive touch panels, and smart devices through the company’s mobile app.

Why Choose Lutron RadioRA 2?

Radio Ra2 KeypadRadio Ra2 DimmerLutron RadioRA 2 brings energy savings, comfort, convenience and added security to your home, along with the “wow” factor of having a smart home that works the way it’s supposed to. Of course, you could cobble together a do-it-yourself control system with a variety of components from different manufacturers. But why should you? The Lutron Radio RA2 system gives you complete control over your home’s functions, with professional installation you can trust.

No do-it-yourself system provides the level of customization or reliability as a Lutron smart home control system can. And because Lutron RadioRA2 is wireless, we won’t damage your home’s sheetrock or design elements to install the system. We’ll be in and out in a few hours, leaving you free to enjoy the luxury of an automated home.

Select Lutron RadioRA 2 Components

The Lutron RadioRA 2 series offers a variety of components for a truly customized smart home experience. Synergy Integrated Systems will help you explore your options and choose the control interfaces, dimmers and switches that will work best for you and your family, blend seamlessly with your décor, and provide options for future expansion as your home control needs change.

Grafik T Dimmer and Switch – This unique architectural dimmer, part of the CL family of products, lets you adjust lighting quickly and intuitively just by running your finger along the LED light bar.

CL Dimmers – Our conventional CL dimmers are designed and UL-listed to work with the dimmable LEDs and CFLs of today – and tomorrow.

4-Button Pico Wireless Control – This personalized wall keypad adds scene control. We’ll help you establish the most useful presets for each button, and we’ll install this custom-engraved keypad, allowing you to select scenes with the push of one button for convenience.

seeTemp Wall Controls – Lutron RadioRA2 provides temperature control through the seeTemp wall controller, which interfaces with the TouchPro Wireless thermostat or Lutron’s HVAC controller with wireless temperature sensor.

Together, these devices give you complete, room-by-room or zoned control of your home’s climate for maximum comfort and energy savings.

Enjoy Security, Convenience, and Endless Expandability

The Lutron RadioRA 2 system uses ClearConnect RF technology for reliable wireless communications through RS232 protocol or IP communication. This gives your system rock-solid reliability, security, and easy expandability.

The system is designed to work with a variety of occupancy/vacancy sensors and many wireless components. You can even monitor the status of your home’s systems and your energy use remotely with Lutron RadioRA 2.

Coming Soon: Apple Watch Compatibility

You can already control Lutron RadioRA 2 components through a variety of key pads, touch panels, and universal handheld remote controls. You can also control and monitor your home’s systems through the Lutron Home Control+ app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smart devices.

Lutron recently announced that the Home Control+ app will soon be available for the Apple Watch wearable, offering even more convenience for remote home control.

Are You Ready for a Synergy Integrated Systems Smart Home?

According to a recent Acquity survey, 70 percent of people surveyed plan to have a smart thermostat in their home by 2019. If you’re ready to future-proof your home and join the many people who enjoy the convenience and energy savings of a smart home, why not start with a professional installation of top-tier wireless products? No mess, no hassles, just a stylish, customized, professional system that works every time with Lutron RadioRA 2.