Lutron Temperature Control Helps Improve Sleep

How do you like to sleep at night? Most people are well aware of their favorite sleeping position. Some naturally sprawl their limbs across their bed, whereas others curl into a tight ball. However, have you ever considered how temperature affects your body during sleep? Researchers agree that the temperature of your sleeping area affects how well you sleep at night. As you fall asleep, your body’s internal temperature changes, which makes the body struggle to either keep warm or cool down. Ideal temperature is an elusive concept because it varies person-by-person on a case-to-case basis. We all know what we need to enjoy sound sleep but, usually, not all needs are the same in one household.  Try Lutron Temperature control.

Fortunately, Lutron RadioRA 2 can be a big step toward customizing room temperature according to individual needs. Lutron RadioRA 2 is a home automation system for anyone who desires wireless convenience throughout their home. Since 1959, Lutron Temperature Control Electronics has made impressive innovations when it comes to consumer technology. The RadioRA 2 system uses a main repeater that signals to several keypads, light switches, and a temperature controller. You can find incredible cost-saving benefits in the Lutron RadioRA 2 system. All in all, while promoting better sleep for your family, the system also helps lower your monthly energy bills!

To enjoy better sleep, doctors typically recommend keeping the room between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s comfortable for one person can feel horrible to another, but Lutron RadioRA 2 can begin closing the gap. You can adjust the temperature in a single room or throughout your entire house via stylish wall keypads. If you’re constantly on the go, then create the perfect energy-saving schedule using an app on your mobile device! This means you can alter a room’s temperature even when you are away from home, adding convenience to your daily life.  Try Lutron temperature control!

How Does Lutron RadioRA 2 Control Temperature?

Every home automation system comes with many components, the total number depending on your needs. With regard to temperature control, Lutron Radio RA 2 begins with the seeTemp™ Wall Control. Lutron’s seeTemp™ Wall Control offers convenient access to your most frequently used thermostat settings. Its slim, elegant design suits every wall and it can be grouped with dimmers and keypads or installed alone. Our team at Synergy Integrated Systems can place this wall control wherever you desire. If you want it an arm’s length away, we can do it! Or if you prefer it out of your kids’ reach, we can do that too! Wherever it is positioned, Lutron’s seeTemp™ Wall Control allows you to control your ideal sleeping temperature from multiple locations.

So how does Lutron RadioRA 2 sense temperature changes? This capability is owed to the Radio Pwr Savr™ Temperature Sensor! It detects temperature once surface-mounted and reports that data to the HVAC Controller. Because of its completely wireless design, we can easily add this sensor to any room. The sensor has a five-year battery life and, if you change your mind about its location, it can be easily repositioned. A maximum of five sensors can be used per main repeater in one home system.

Ultimately, the HVAC Controller deserves the most credit in maintaining your ideal temperature during sleep. Lutron’s HVAC Controller receives signals from the seeTemp™ Wall Control, as well as the Pwr Savr™ Temperature Sensor. Using data from these signals, it sends wired outputs to control the HVAC equipment in your home. Lutron’s HVAC Controller is the central hub of temperature integration and your quiet ally in getting a better night’s sleep. Having control over your HVAC system means more control over your monthly utility expenses, your quality of sleep, and also your family’s way of life.  Try Lutron temperature control!

Let’s face it: you need sleep to operate at your full potential. Many overlook the role of temperature when bedtime arrives. Lutron Radio RA 2 makes life easier by removing unforeseen barriers to achieving great sleep. Once you discover your ideal temperature, it only takes the push of a button to achieve and maintain it at any time of day! You can also adjust the temperature according to other family members’ preferences. For example, if your children prefer chilly bedrooms, while you sleep best at a warmer climate, then tell Lutron Radio RA 2 to set the separate rooms at different temperatures. One flick of a switch and you’re off to better sleep as well as lower utility bills!

Open Integration with Lutron Temperature Control 

Lutron’s products ensure open integration with many wireless systems. Lutron RadioRA 2, in particular, can be integrated with popular control and automation systems such as:

  • AMX
  • Aton
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc.
  • Honeywell
  • RTI
  • URC

Interested to see how Lutron RadioRA 2 can save you money and improve your sleep? Call Synergy Integrated Systems at 919-324-3592 for a free estimate!