Make Your House a Home with the Right Home Audio System

Is it your dream to fill every room of your Raleigh, NC, home with music to match the mood and occasion? If so, Synergy Integrated Systems can help. Whether you want to get into the spirit of the holiday season with Christmas carols night and day, or you want to hold a dance party in the family room while the kids are home from school for December break, a whole home audio system delivers.

Let’s look at what it takes to put together a distributed system that will take you through the winter and beyond, as part of a fully automated smart home:

What is Whole Home Audio?

A distributed sound system, or whole home audio, brings music to every room of your home, often through well-hidden ceiling or in-wall speakers. Residents and guests won’t detect exactly where the sound is coming from, but they will love the ambiance it brings to your home. It’s like the sound in a fine dining restaurant, where you hardly notice the speakers but revel in the mood the music creates.

Speakers that Match Your Décor

Every home audio system requires certain elements in order to function properly and create the atmosphere you want to achieve. First, you’ll want speakers that can blend into your home. In some areas, such as the family room, you may want wall-mounted options so the speakers are visible yet aesthetically pleasing. In other spaces, such as the dining room or bedroom, you’ll want in-wall or in-ceiling units so that the speakers resemble a heating/AC vent or recessed lighting. You don’t notice these aspects of your home’s systems, and you won’t notice the speakers either. Speaker grilles should be available in a variety of colors, with custom options available so that they can be painted to match the other trim in each room of your home.

Speakers That Sound Good Wherever You Are

It almost goes without saying that your home audio system should sound good. This important aspect shouldn’t be neglected. More importantly, the system should sound good in the existing space without a lot of architectural modifications. With the right choice in speakers, we should be able to tune your system and give you high quality sound without adding a lot of treatments to your home.

Sources for Everyone in Your Family

Maybe your kids prefer to stream music from Pandora or Spotify, or listen to their iTunes collection, while you and your husband are still hooked on your old vinyl and CDs. Whether you’re ready to tap into the high quality of High Resolution Audio (HRA) sources or prefer satellite radio and streaming music sources, your whole home audio system should accommodate the preferences of your whole family.

Easy, Intuitive Control from Anywhere in Your Home

Any whole home audio system should be paired with an intuitive control system that also blends in with your home’s architecture and décor. Set scenes to change the volume and music selection with one touch on your iPad or dedicated touchscreen, select sources from anywhere in your home, and enjoy easy, intuitive control of your surroundings with professionally designed and installed systems from Synergy Integrated Systems.