Your New Best Friend: The URC Remote

What does a URC Remote Do?


Imagine a home that is controlled by one central system, one that allows you to listen to your favorite music, dim your lights, and control your heat, air conditioning and other systems in your home to your specifications. URC or universal remote control makes it possible for you to maintain almost every function within your household from anywhere, including your smartphone.  With its convenient and easy-to-use technology, this remote has the power to control every aspect of the climate and atmosphere of your home, no matter where you are!

Some of the incredible functions of your URC remote include:

Residential Uses

  • Home entertainment: Whether your home entertainment system is a simple flat screen in your living room or a custom theater with adjustable lights, a remote like ours allows homeowners to customize control of everything from televisions to air conditioning units in their home theaters.
  • Music: Control the music from anywhere in your home with the touch of a button! Our remote allows for easy access to streaming tools like Pandora, Rhapsody, or your personal collection of CDs and records.  Paired with URC amplifiers, the quality of your music is unparalleled.
  • Lighting: Setting the mood has never been easier! With the touch of a button, lighting up any room is instantaneous.  Setting the perfect lighting level is quick and easy using our state-of-the-art remotes.  With this technology, you can control your home’s lights while on vacation as well as set a timer to turn them off when it’s time for bed.
  • Climate Control: With your remote, living in comfort is easier than ever before! Our systems allow you to set your climate control on your time.  Whether you want to set your heat on a daily basis or set your air conditioning on a seasonal basis, this remote allows you to do it all!
  • Surveillance: Looking for a functional system that will maintain your peace of mind and the safety of your family? Look no further!  While using this incredible remote, you can control cameras and surveillance systems with the touch of a button!  Keeping your home safe has never been easier! Keep an eye on your children, while checking who’s at your door with the push of a button.

Commercial Uses

  • Boardrooms: Your remote offers functionality beyond your wildest dreams! From lowering your projection screens to lowering the shades and dimming the lights, this remote can do it all!  With all of your A/V needs in check, you’ll never need another remote again.
  • Restaurants: Looking for the utmost convenience in music and lighting for your elegant crowd? Look no further!  With our remote, controlling the atmosphere in your restaurant is incredibly simple.  Done for the evening?  Closing up is incredibly easy as well!  Turn off your music, HVAC systems and lights with the push of a button!
  • Religious houses: Setting the lights in your space is incredibly easy with the use of our remotes. In fact, any audio/video function is incredibly simple!  Maintain the tempo and volume of your music and display monitors with our easy-to-use systems.
  • Retail spaces: Setting the temperature and lighting for your customers is only a push-button away! Additionally, our remotes supply surveillance made easy!  Check on your sales areas from your iPad!

URC Remotes are Right for Every Family, Business, and Budget!

In a world where the bill for new technology is astronomically high, our remote systems maintain a manageable price tag.  Delivering a newfound convenience, comfort and security, URC remotes are the answer to all of your electronic needs!  With the ability to change almost any aspect of your home, it’s a system you can’t afford to be without!