Our Customers Love Their Home Theater Systems

Example of Home Theater Systems in Raleigh, NCWhen they are talking about their new, or newly expanded, home theater systems, our customers use phrases like, “…the system you installed is so easy to use,” and “Synergy Integrated Systems provides the highest level of personal attention,” and “I love being able to control things in my home,” and “I can’t imagine life without it,” and “The music sounds wonderful and it is so easy to turn on a DVD with only the push of a button,” and “The equipment is excellent quality and user friendly.” With endorsements like these, doesn’t it increase your excitement about having a system of your own and your confidence in choosing Synergy Integrated Systems to plan, design, and install one of our home theater systems at your home?

The experienced, professional staff members at Synergy Integrated Systems can guide you through the thought process of choosing from elements of home theater systems that include automated screens that disappear when not in use and state-of-the-art projection systems, along with digital surround sound that bathes the space in top-quality audio along with custom speakers that complement your décor. We can advise you about anything you need, in order to create an enviable media room or one of our signature home theater systems.

Design & Planning for Home Theater Systems

We will assist you with planning and design. Our vast experience in creating home theater systems has taught us how to assess the square footage and footprint shape of the space you want to designate for entertainment. We will evaluate existing lighting sources and optimal lighting placement as well as the best locations for speakers and, of course, an ideal seating arrangement for the most enjoyment of each viewer or listener. We can help you consider the advantages of surround sound and explain all the options for speaker products and receivers for any of our home theater systems. And, we present a range of projection set-ups and screen options for any size room.

Then, if you want to take your family’s experience of media convenience and comfort a step further, we can discuss other elements to integrate with your choice of home theater systems. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we can incorporate automated window coverings into your one-touch remote capabilities, so you can easily darken the media center for viewing television shows or movies and open the window treatments to allow warm sunlight when media viewing has ended. You also have the option of combining this with remote control of all the artificial lighting in the space, which will allow you to dim or brighten lamps and overhead lights according to viewing needs.

As far as home theater systems go, we stand by the quality of all tried-and-proven brands that we represent and we guarantee the highest-quality workmanship throughout the process of designing, installation, and maintenance of any of the systems you may select for your family. To learn more, or have your questions answered, just contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to being your partner for superior home theater systems enjoyment.