Outdoor Home Theaters for Pure Summer Fun

Can you imagine family movie night under the stars? With the kids out of school for the summer, it’s a challenge to find activities to keep them busy. An outdoor home theater sets the stage for summer fun – and beyond. With the long summer and mild winters in the Raleigh, NC area, you’ll get nearly year-round use out of your outdoor home theater. So pull out the lawn chairs, picnic blankets or simply a beach towel and invite the neighbors for a unique movie night experience. Here’s all you need:

High-Quality Projector and Projection Screen

Many of today’s projectors are bright enough for day-time viewing in the outdoors, if you plan to watch TV shows or sports during the day on your outdoor home theater screen.

With UHD Blu-Rays now on the market, you may want to invest in a 4K projector to see your favorite movies in the highest resolution commonly available today. Certain streaming services are also introducing content in 4K. Just as VCR tapes gave way to DVDs, and then Blu-Rays replaced DVDs, this new format – offering 4,000 times higher resolution than HD – will soon be widely available everywhere and most consumer TVs and projectors will be 4K-ready.

A high-quality projection screen paired with a high lumens projector will give you a picture that will “wow” your family and the neighbors when you cue up a blockbuster movie. Projection screens by companies like Stewart Filmscreen can be designed to meet your size specifications, and they are – and always have been — designed to accommodate 4K-plus resolution.

If you want your home theater to disappear during the day, an electric roll-up screen and waterproof housing can make the technology virtually vanish when not in use.

Synergy Integrated Systems can help you choose the best projector for your needs, providing a future-proof, UHD two-piece projection system that can be viewed even in high-ambient light.


We already touched on the possibility of a UHD Blu-Ray player. Other sources could include DirecTV, AppleTV, even a PC or Mac to stream Netflix or Hulu. A Crestron DM switcher lets you house these components in an equipment closet within your home. You can switch sources easily by means of a handheld remote control, a touchscreen, or even your iPad or other smart device.

Outdoor Sound System

High-quality audio is critical to your home theater experience. Just because your home theater happens to be outdoors, doesn’t mean you should skimp on sound. A 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, professionally tuned, will bring your backyard movies to life.

Because you want to maintain the beauty of your yard, Synergy Integrated Systems can design a home theater audio system that blends into nature, with rock speakers, subwoofers hidden in decorative planters, and other “tricks” designed to make sure you and your guests can hear – but not see – the speakers.


LED lights are a key component of your outdoor home theater. After all, safety is paramount when summer parties last late into the night. Outdoor lighting can illuminate the path from the patio to the theater area, and other key gathering spots, as well as to your back door.

Control Systems

Of course, you want the convenience of a high-end control system in your backyard home theater oasis. From waterproof remotes to easy iPad control, a Crestron control system offers the same convenience outside your home as inside.

Set a “play movie” scene on your control device to lower the lights, select a source, and power up the projector and audio system. Control lighting, sound and video systems easily from anywhere inside or outside your home. It’s all possible with Crestron control and Raleigh, NC-based home theater professionals, Synergy Integrated Systems.