Outdoor Sound

At Synergy we have multiple lines of outdoor speakers to suit your budget. 

For customers with a lower budget, you can rock the backyard with Episode® Landscape Speakers. They deliver exceptional sound to any outdoor space.

Episode® Landscape Speakers

Attractive, Low-Profile Design Landscape speakers are meant to be heard – not seen. These aesthetically pleasing models blend right into your outdoor space without missing a beat. Whether mounted on the ground, in a tree, or under a trellis, they deliver top-notch audio without drawing attention to themselves.  They are completely customizable no matter what size your outdoor space is – providing power, precision and the perfect amount of punch. From small backyards to large outdoor patios, you’ll get exceptional sound across the entire area.  They are built to with  the Weather Outdoor systems need to be tough enough to handle whatever the environment dishes out. That’s why Episode Landscape Series products are designed with heavy-duty components and tough exteriors. They’ve been tested in extreme temperatures and are completely weatherproof, ensuring exceptional performance for years to come.

For customers with a higher budget, James Loudspeaker is one of the best in the industry. 

James Loudspeaker AT Series Systems

James Loudspeaker AT Series Systems

The AT (All-Terrain) Series is the signature landscape speaker line from James Loudspeaker. Available in a variety of sizes, configurations and output capabilities, AT Series outdoor systems provide the perfect solution to all your landscape audio system needs. Whether you’re looking for a distributed audio solution or something more specialized and specific, this speaker line combines the acoustic excellence of a premium loudspeaker with the versatility and durability of excellent mechanical design.

AT Series systems combine AT Series satellites, ST Series subterranean subwoofers and James or QSC amplifiers.  James pioneered the use of bi-amplified wiring to provide the most flexibility and increased performance for these systems.  Bi-amplifying is even used in the James starter systems!  With both 4-ohm and 70-Volt systems are available. These speakers integrate seamlessly into any outdoor environment. James Loudspeaker AT Series systems provide the finest quality audio output regardless of format. These incredible outdoor speakers present the perfect solution for any landscape entertainment system application.

James offers the largest selection of landscape systems in the industry, as well as “a la cart” designs to suit the landscape area.  Finally, James offers numerous landscape solution in Under eave, on-wall, in-wall, ceiling and free standing speakers and subwoofers.  And a standard product is not quite right for the application, James can design and build you a custom solution!

James Loudspeaker Omni Series

James Loudspeaker Omni Series

James Loudspeaker designs and manufactures innovative solutions to accommodate the best in outdoor audio experiences and provide superior outdoor home theaters. The Omni Series loudspeakers make a great addition to the AT Series (All-Terrain) by offering a full range omnidirectional alternative to the simple landscape speaker where complete 360o complete coverage and above ground installation are needed. Typical applications include rock scape areas where traditional sat/sub combinations cannot be installed, or large open seating where full omni coverage is a benefit.  Available in 3 sizes with, or without planter options, the Omni Series provides outstanding performance and looks.

Rather than using multiple satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the Omni series allows a single enclosure to do the same job of four All-Terrain satellite speakers and a subwoofer, delivering the same legendary James landscape performance in a more compact above ground unit. Complete with 15 standard finishes and unlimited custom formats to allow seamless integration into all outdoor environments, this all-inclusive loudspeaker makes a great addition to any James landscape system where locating multiple speakers is difficult.

The enclosure is constructed of 5052 marine aluminum for years of trouble-free life. As with all James landscape products, the Omni Series is available in both 70V and 4 ohm. 70V models use high-quality, low-loss, toroidal transformers which deliver optimal quality, so your system provides James performance whether it’s in 70V mode or 4 ohm. 

The units, assembled and tested in Napa, California, are designed to blend seamlessly into your landscape environment.

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