Major Factors for Creating Perfect Home Theater Rooms

theater roomsBetween skyrocketing theater ticket prices and currently unsafe mass gathering environments, more people are transitioning to watching movies at home. They are taking advantage of various On Demand and streaming services. Home theater rooms allow people to enjoy the big screen experience in the comfort and safety of their own house.

Adding a home theater is not only an investment financially but provides an emotional investment as well since it is a great place to bond as a family. If you are considering adding a custom home theater room to your house, then you first need to learn about the factors that create a great home theater.

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we work closely with our clients from design to completion to ensure they are completely satisfied with their project. Our services include creating a dream home theater, media room, home automation system, and much more. Call us today at 919-324-3592 for a free estimate. After all, you are spending more time at home now, so why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

Is a home theater an investment?

There are many advantages to home theater installation. A few of these advantages include:

  • Saving money normally spent at a movie theater
  • Avoiding currently unsafe mass gatherings
  • Convenience
  • Availability 24 hours a day
  • No waiting in line, driving, parking or buying expensive snacks
  • Designed to your specifications and comfort level
  • Increases value of your home

If you add a home theater in your basement, then it will give potential buyers a clearly-defined bonus room. Future buyers will love the fact they do not have to spend the time to design and construct the room themselves.

There is no doubt that a home theater will increase your home resale value. In fact, a professionally-designed and completed home theater addition often provides anywhere from a 65 to 72 percent return on investment.

An often-overlooked investment is one that is not financial, but emotional. Movies are a great way to bond as a family, whether with the kids or as a couple. They create laughter and tears among family and friends while they enjoy the moving story lines together. When we can gather together again in larger groups, your home theater will provide another entertainment space for kids’ movies or for sporting events.

What makes a great home theater?

Several factors go into making the perfect home theater. The biggest elements to consider for a home theater system are:


The first step is designing your dream theater room. From where to put the seats and screen to deciding if you will include a bar, the sky is the limit for your home theater design with Synergy. Here are some fun additions to add into your home theater design:

Of course, the size and shape of the room plays a crucial role in designing the space. The acoustics are important for a home theater room as well. Therefore, wall placement is important to consider as it impacts how sound travels in a space. For example, angled walls can reflect sound away from the seating area.

If you are adding on a home theater room versus constructing an addition to your house, then a basement is the top choice. Basements usually do not have windows, meaning no natural light interferes with the ability to see the screen. Plus, installation involving wiring of equipment is easier in a basement setting.

Ceiling height is also something to consider when designing a home theater. Rooms that have a higher ceiling allow for a projection placement that does not obstruct views. However, a lower ceiling usually means better sound.


No matter where you watch a movie, at home or in a movie theater, clear and quality sound makes it more enjoyable. Speaker placement and the quality of the sound system are critical in creating the best sound in your new home theater.

We conduct room analysis for all theater rooms we construct. This allows us to know where to place speakers for optimal sound.

At Synergy, we offer a large range of the best indoor and outdoor surround speakers in the industry. Here are the speaker brands we are proud to carry:

A home theater room usually requires several speakers for the ultimate experience. The best sound systems include: a center speaker, right and left forward speakers, right and left rear speakers, along with optional special effect speakers for Dolby Atmos, and a subwoofer.

Speaker channels and the many names often seem a bit complicated. After all, if you do not know anything about speakers you will have no idea what 7.1, 11.2, or 5.1.2 means. Our experienced team is here to help you select speakers you will love. First, we want to break down what the numbers mean. The first number indicates how many speakers are in the system. Five and seven are the most common. Next, the second number stands for subwoofers. For instance, the classic system is 2.0 which means two speakers and zero subwoofers. In contrast, the 7.1 system signifies seven speakers and one subwoofer. Lastly, if there is a third digit, such as the 5.1.2, it means Dolby Atmos are part of the system. This latest home audio technology places speakers in the ceiling for next level 3D sound.

After selecting your speakers, next step is deciding on the right receiver. Its job is to receive, interpret, and transmit the data to your TV monitor and speakers. We are authorized dealers of Integra, Denon and Marantz receivers. Therefore, we offer a wide array of receiver options.

Lighting & Shading

As mentioned earlier, theater rooms without windows provide the best lighting. However, if a windowless room is not an option you can utilize light-blocking shades. Have you ever watched a movie and were not able to see the screen due to sunlight or a lamp reflecting on the TV? The one thing you do not want is lights on the screen, as it creates a washed-out picture. You will need some lighting in the room though to avoid pitch-black darkness. Wall sconces are a popular choice for most home theaters.

A final lighting feature to consider adding is ambient light. This is lighting from behind the screen. It provides contrast for dark scenes and helps prevent eye fatigue.


A perfect theater seat is a must when designing a home theater. There are three major types of home theater seating to consider:

  1. Recliner Seat
  2. Sofa
  3. Bar Stool
  4. Theater seat

Some people opt for recliners due to the comfort level, but those seats take up more space when reclined. This option is also best if you have multiple levels of home theater seating. Not to mention recliners usually have a cup holder, which is perfect for enjoying a cool beverage during the movie-viewing experience. A wrap-around sofa is another popular choice. Lastly, some people utilize bar stools if they want more of a sit-down dining and drinking experience while watching movies or sporting events. Comfortable chairs are another option and usually can increase the seating capacity in the room.

At Synergy, we are an authorized dealer of Salamander and Octane theater furniture. Salamander Designs focuses on comfort, customization, and quality construction. They offer multiple home theater seating configuration possibilities. Octane Seating is known for its luxurious designs at affordable rates. They even sell cinema-style chairs in a variety of colors.

Screen & Projection Systems

Last, but certainly not least, is selecting the right screen and projection system for your at-home movie theater. Screen size is always important when designing a dedicated home theater. Technology has come a long way since the standard 1080P resolution. Today’s screens and projectors usually come in ultra-high definition, UDH, or 4K resolution. Wondering what the difference is between the two options? UDH is a step above full HD and offers a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 versus the 1,920 by 1,080 normal HD offers. 4K is the professional motion pictures standard and is set at 4,096 by 2,160 pixels.

Projectors are often the popular choice in home theaters as they accommodate larger screens and create more of a Hollywood-style movie viewing experience. We offer top brands in video projector options, including JVC, Epson, and Vivitek.

Looking for a more unique home theater?

For those looking for something beyond a basic home theater, our team can recommend some very creative ideas. While not as common, there is a growing trend for outdoor home theaters. This is perfect for under decks or completely covered areas. North Carolina’s warm spring and cool fall nights are an ideal for enjoying a film or game on a larger screen. Adding extra luxuries is also another way to create a more robust at-home theater. If you choose outdoors, it also means you could add a hot tub and enjoy the movie in bubbles! Creating an outdoor kitchen and dining space can add another dimension to the viewing experience.

Another option is to create a media room instead of a traditional home theater. In this instance, you combine the media room with a game room. These media rooms serve dual or multiple purposes and are not just for enjoying movies. A basement is a great setting if you choose to go this route.

How Much Do Home Theater Rooms Cost?

If you are looking into investing in a home theater room, then you are likely trying to determine the cost. There is no one exact price for theater rooms, since it varies depending on the scope of the project. Here are some factors that impact the cost of this home improvement project:

  • Size of room
  • Theater seat options
  • Surround sound system
  • Lighting
  • AV installation
  • Projection screen

At Synergy, we tailor all projects to our clients’ needs and budgets. We also provide free consultations and estimates to help our clients make the most informed decision.

Why choose Synergy Integrated Systems?

Unlike other large home automation and audio/visual systems companies, Synergy has a small team of dedicated workers who are committed to our clients’ complete satisfaction. Our clients can rest assured they will work with the same core team throughout their entire project.

As a local business serving the greater Raleigh and eastern North Carolina areas, we value our customers and want them to return to us for additional services in the years to come. At Synergy, our focus is always on making our clients happy. We provide in-person and phone troubleshooting sessions at any time. Below is one of the many reviews expressing our top-notch customer service.

“I can’t express how happy I am with the work Synergy did for me. They were very professional, very efficient, and the finished job is clean with Ethernet jack plates where needed. Throughout our house, they strengthened my WiFi signal and they relocated my router. They were able to retrofit my three-story house for ethernet wire so I could connect my TVs and computers directly to my router, all hidden wires, exactly as I wanted. AT&T did such a sloppy job when installing our fiber service and router and Synergy cleaned it all up. Synergy does fantastic work. I am recommending them to all of my family and friends!”

Ready to plan your home theater and future family movie nights?

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