QMotion’s Motorized Shades Are Beautiful, Quiet and Simple To Operate

QMotion Motorized ShadesQMotions motorized shades cannot be beat!  At Synergy Integrated Systems, we understand that you want excellent design, noiseless movement, and ease of use when choosing motorized shades for your homes. We also know that QMotion Shades offers exactly what you require!

QMotion was founded on the vision of a researcher and inventor who was experienced in manufacturing and who was excited about perfecting the production of automated window treatments in a modern, high-tech world. Now, the company produces top-of-the-line motorized shades that are beautiful to look at, quiet to maneuver and simple to operate – automated home window treatments that you will depend on and be proud of.

Styles of QMotion Motorized Shades

Honeycomb Collection

Our honeycomb window treatments are quite stylish. These motorized shades have no visible wiring or battery housing; batteries are discretely located behind a snap-on cover inside the head rail. All shades in our honeycomb line are spring counterbalanced, so their motors operate quietly and smoothly and batteries last two-to-three times longer than the average honeycomb- style window shade. Of course, you can operate honeycomb motorized shades with a remote device, a smartphone or tablet or via our patented manual override.

Roller Shade Collection

QMotion roller-style motorized shades feature the narrowest, most inconspicuous design on the market. Of course, these window treatments give superb light control in a wide variety of fabric while featuring the smallest side gaps in the industry. However, our customers most appreciate that they move without making a sound. Roller shades use award-winning technology that preserves battery function for up to five years.

Drapery Rods

In addition to motorized shades, we offer motorized, trackless drapery rods. The battery-operated motor in this system activates with a Touch Wand that works hands-free via a remote control as well as manually. To enhance your home’s décor, they come in several finishes with beautiful finial options only available with QMotion motorized shades.


The remote control devices for QMotion motorized shades vary. Our multichannel remote is just what it says – a device that offers more than one channel and can control up to six individual or six groups of motorized shades. With Qconnect, you can coordinate your home’s motorized shades with other home automation systems through 15 channels and 150 feet of radio range. The Qsync technology allows operation of your motorized shades through your tablet or smartphone with an app that’s available in the store and you can use pictures and names to label windows or zones.

Our relays and timers extend your reach and control. Moreover, our Hembar Activator allows manual operation with just a little tug at the bottom of the motorized shades which activates the motor and gives smooth, quiet movement to a preprogrammed position.

No matter which style you choose, our automated window treatments will enhance your family’s comfort and enjoyment at home.

About Synergy Integrated Systems

We are a small company, which means that you will always do business with a person who knows our products and can offer the best professional advice for your individual family’s needs. We are available around the clock to handle emergencies, of course, but also to troubleshoot irregularities or just answer questions. (Especially those about QMotion motorized shades.)

It is been estimated that as much as 50 percent of your home’s heat and air escapes through the windows, which makes your home’s interior less comfortable for you and your family and increases the energy cost impact on your budget significantly. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we are dedicated to helping you choose window treatments that complement your décor while increasing your home’s comfort zones and lowering your utility bills.

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