Reasons to Install a Crestron Home Automation System


If you have yet to invest in a home automation system, it’s time to jump on board and start reaping the same benefits so many other homeowners are already enjoying. Home automation allows for almost all of a household’s systems to be combined and controlled easily through one network. This may include everything from a home’s heating and cooling, lights, and appliances to its audio/video, irrigation, and alarm systems, all of which can then be regulated from anywhere on the property or remotely through a mobile device.


Synergy Integrated Systems professionally installs top-of-the-line Crestron home automation equipment, a top manufacturer in the field. With this service, they are able to provide homeowners with a comfortable and convenient living environment, as well as give them peace of mind in a world where they can use the extra help keeping their house safe and secure. Below are a few of the primary reasons to have a Crestron home automation system set up in your home…sooner rather than later.


Around-the-Clock Security

No matter how complex your home’s security system may be, complete with video surveillance, sensors, and motion detector lighting, home automation can be smoothly integrated. The system can be set to send alerts straight to a mobile device whenever necessary and modified for different times of the day or put into vacation mode. These features serve to amp up the level of security and help you maintain a connection to your house, so that you are always aware of its surroundings, regardless of how far away you are.


No More Wasted Energy

It’s common for a lot of people to forget to turn off all the lights or to adjust the air conditioning before rushing out of the house in a hurry. Not only does this make the bills skyrocket, but it also wastes quite a bit of electricity. With Crestron home automation from Synergy Integrated Systems, you’ll never have to worry about utilizing unnecessary energy throughout the day again. Once you have your system in place, you can simply adjust the temperature as you want it at certain times of the day, put your lighting on a timer, and not think twice about whether or not you remembered to turn everything off.


Simplified Audio and Video

Those with home audio and/or theaters find home automation to be especially beneficial. There’s nothing worse than trying to keep track of several different remotes just to get your TV, surround sound, DVD player, and other electronics to work properly. Home automation systems put an end to all the irritation, since it only takes one unit to operate everything. Single touch keypads, mobile device applications, or universal remotes can all be used to efficiently control your audio and video systems.


For more than four decades, Crestron has produced high quality home automation products that homeowners can depend on, always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of their innovations. Whatever type of Crestron home automation system a client may need, they can be sure that’s exactly what they will get, with personalized installation from Synergy Integrated Systems.