Crestron Window Shades

If you desire premium shading solutions, then Synergy Integrated Systems recommends Crestron shades for your home. Crestron offers the best shading solutions on the market. At Synergy, we don’t use the term “best” lightly. When we say the best shading solutions available, we mean Crestron shades come manufactured at the highest quality.

But why sacrifice economy for a quality product? Synergy doesn’t believe you should! That’s why we have partnered with Crestron to deliver the best shades at the best price with only the most responsive customer service.

Advantages of Crestron Shades

An automated shading system- whether it uses shades, blinds, or draperies- will do more than make your home operate easier. After installation, your home will become more energy efficient, which lowers your monthly utility bills. You can also use automatic shades to provide more security. While away at work or on vacation, for example, you can set your Crestron shades to make the house appear occupied.

Automated shading systems transform a house into an enjoyable home. Featuring Quiet Motor Technology™, Crestron shades are as close to silent as modern technology allows. The patented motor is more reliable and functions far longer than other brands, which maximizes your family’s comfort.

Crestron shades’ additional benefits include:

  • Ease of use. What could be easier than adjusting all your Crestron shades from a single remote control or any mobile electronic device? Through these devices, you can have shades preprogrammed to open and close at specific times without having to give it another thought! Tall windows or hard-to-adjust skylights will no longer be out of reach.
  • Energy efficiency. Take advantage of specific times during the day by programming Crestron shades to close during the intense heat of a summer afternoon or stay open for some warming sunshine during the winter. Heating and cooling cost savings would be substantial and your family’s energy footprint becomes significantly less.
  • Security and privacy. Even when your family is out for the evening or away on vacation, periodic adjustments of your Crestron shades can give the impression that someone is always home. You also have the added security of timing shades to automatically close at dusk for your family’s privacy.
  • Pure enjoyment. You can enjoy the views from every window when your Crestron shades are open. When you prefer closed shades, all it takes is the push of a button! You can relax in complete solitude without spending time or energy going from room-to-room to check the windows.

Visit our gallery to see the wide variety of Crestron shades that Synergy Integrated Systems has to offer! You can choose from a selection of top-down, bottom-up, no-show, or drapery tracks for your house, condominium, or beach cottage.

Crestron shades styles include:

  • Roller Shades – Perfect for a streamlined look or coupled with decorative drapery options; available in widths up to 15 feet in transparent, translucent or black-out fabric
  • Roman Shades – A bolder choice for windows that are the focal point of a room; custom made from one of our fabric choices or with your own fabric selection
  • Skylight Shades – A tension system that keeps shades taut and smooth up to 70 square feet; mountings can be outside, inside or recessed
  • Drapery Track – A softer, graceful choice with straight tracks that are left draw, right draw, center draw, two track, or asymmetric, and curved tracks for special design requirements

With more than 400 fabric selections and a huge variety of brackets and hardware, your windows will truly be a reflection of your family’s personal taste and style!

Call us at 919-324-3592 to discuss all the ways Crestron shades can make your family’s life better. Synergy Integrated Systems sells and installs automated solutions to homeowners in the greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area as well as up and down the North Carolina coast.