QMotion Window Shade

Life at home would be so much simpler if more things worked at the touch of a button. At first thought, you may decide to program your kitchen appliances or entertainment system to work this way. But have you thought about your window shades? Imagine. Energy conservation would be so much easier if you could program your window shades to open and close at selected times. You would have so much more peace of mind if your windows played a part in home security. While your family is away from home, you could plan your window shades to open and close to give the appearance of occupancy.  That’s there the QMotsion window shade comes in!

So what should you look for when shopping for automated window shades that will be just perfect for your home?

  • You want good customer service.
  • You want aesthetically appealing selections.
  • You want quiet operation.
  • You want the best value for your investment.

Synergy Integrated Systems is pleased to offer all these features in our QMotion® Advanced Shading Systems line of window shades!

Good Customer Service

  • QMotion® is dedicated to pleasing customers and continues to innovate and discover ways to improve their automated and manual window shades.
  • At Synergy Integrated Systems, we offer these top-of-the-line products because improving your quality of life is our goal, and we are determined to give you our very best pre-installation and post-installation service.

Aesthetically Appealing Selections

  • We offer imaginative designs in a wide variety of colors and fabrics so you will have the largest selection of decorative options available in both motorized and non-motorized window shades.
  • QMotion® roller shade bracketing is slender and inconspicuous, which adds to their beauty while reducing their side gaps to the smallest that can be found in the industry.
  • There are no exposed wires or battery wands to spoil the design of your room and no dangling cords to pose a threat to children or pets.
  • Our automated roller shades have a built-in safety stop braking system which protects both the window shades and your walls and windows.

Quiet Operation

  • Because they are spring counterbalanced, our motors are virtually soundless and are extremely efficient, significantly lengthening battery life while not adding noise pollution to your environment.
  • QMotion® window shades are the only ones in the market that offer a patented manual override feature which allows them to be operated by hand, remotely or from a smart phone or tablet.
  • Our long lasting batteries mean care-free operation for extended lengths of time, but, when necessary, are accessible in the shade tube for easy replacement.

Best Value for Your Investment

  • Our window shades are about more than window solutions, they’re about lifestyle solutions.
  • Whether you choose honeycombs or roller shades, you will be adding award-winning features to the smooth operation of your home environment.

Call Synergy Integrated Systems at 919-324-3592 to schedule a free consultation to plan your home’s QMotion® Advanced Shading System. We serve customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas as well as in beach homes up and down the North Carolina coast.