Show Your Personality with Themed Home Theater Systems

Do you consider yourself an original?  Do you love showcasing the unique and eclectic in your home? Professionally designed and installed, custom-themed home theater systems accomplish several objectives for you and your family.

– Allow you to showcase your personal style and favorite hobbies in an original way
– Bring the family closer together with a high-quality, high-definition, comfortable and private movie viewing experience
– Offer a unique conversation piece when you entertain guests

Deciding on a Theme for Your Custom Home Theater Systems

How will you be using your custom home theater systems? To watch sporting events with all your friends and family? To host Emmy or Academy Awards show parties? To watch blockbuster action movies with the family on Saturday night? To view your classic movie collection in a way you’ve never seen it before?

You can use your home theater systems for all this and more. You may want to select a theme that will match your viewing habits and interests. Some examples:

– a Star Trek or Star Wars themed home theater
– for the general science fiction fan, a theater with a futuristic look or designed to look like the surface of an alien planet
– a theater that pays tribute to your favorite sports team, painted in the team colors, with sports prints and one-of-a-kind collectibles as décor
– an old-fashioned classic theater, complete with red velvet curtains, opulent lighting, and seats that make you feel as if you’re sitting in the lap of luxury
– a theater designed to mimic the lines and styles of an ultra-high-end sports car for the racing fan
– a Western-themed home theater with wood tones and a rustic look

Of course, these are just a few themes to spark your imagination. When you work with a professional design and integration firm to create your custom home theater systems, the sky’s the limit – literally. We can create an LED starscape on the ceiling, fully controllable with your iPad through a Crestron Pyng hub. We can employ colored or color-changing LEDs to achieve any atmosphere you desire. And we can make it all automated so you can change the ambiance of the room with just one touch on a Crestron touch screen controller or mobile device.

Choosing the Best Home Theater Systems

Of course, you want your themed theater to look great even before the projection systems turn on. But when the movie or sporting event begins, you should truly feel as if you’ve been whisked away to another world.

This experience occurs when you pair beautiful, functional design with the best home theater components, including high-quality projection systems; a high-end, acoustically transparent projection screen; outstanding audio systems, and a variety of sources that will keep your home theater current for years.

An Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player, Auro sound, and a 4K projector are just some some of the latest technology you may want to include in your home theater systems.

Putting It All Together

Aesthetics, acoustics, stunning visuals, and intuitive control all come together in the best home theater systems. A theme may be just the thing to tie the room together and set it apart from other high-end theaters.

Home theater owners want a space they can enjoy with their family, but also a room that helps set their house apart. Themed home theater systems provide that added “Wow” factor you may seek, if you are investing your well-earned money in a recreation space in your home.

The professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems will work to put together a space that fulfills your wildest imagination.