Free Your World with Smart Home Automation Installation

home automation Wilmington NCAutonomy. That’s a big, broad and beautiful word. If you take it literally, it represents the idea of self-rule. Freedom. The right to govern yourself, etc. and et al. One may wonder. What on earth does this weighty word have to do with your desire for smart home automation in general? Perhaps, more than you think.

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we think that a fully-automated home gives you freedom and autonomy. Therefore, we work with leading home automation providers to do exactly that. Our technicians and support team serve the greater Raleigh area all the way out to the NC coast.

How Smart Home Automation Frees You

First, let’s focus on the freedom part. Your home is often your castle. Rightly so, you’ve built or selected it so that you can enjoy living within its walls. As any homeowner knows, tasks abound as you peacefully go about your daily life in your castle.

Here are just a few of the systems in your home that you must question yourself about, or attend to, daily:

  • Lights. Did you leave one on? Do you want one turned off?
  • Blinds and Curtains. Do they allow lighting in when you need it? Are they wasting energy when they shouldn’t be? Open in the morning and close them at night!
  • Appliances. Most, simply sit there and do their job. However, are they optimizing energy use? Are they working as they should?
  • Sound. Can you hear what you wish to as you go from room to room? Do you want it louder or quieter?
  • Video. Are your video sources synched so that entertainment remains uninterrupted? Would you like to simplify what each family member views?
  • Environment. Is the thermostat at the right level? Want to cool off or warm up certain rooms in your home at various times during the day and night?
  • Landscaping. Did you remember to turn on your sprinkler system? Is your outdoor lighting appropriate for the time of day?
  • Security. Are all sensors properly on? Is your security system armed?
  • Safety. Do smoke detectors need a battery change? Are sprinkler systems prepared to function if needed?
  • Fun. Is the hot tub the right temperature? Did you close the cover? Is the pool pump working?

Sound exhausting? It doesn’t have to be.

What if your smart home could answer all of these questions? Perhaps, it could even tackle these chores and possibly even more than you imagined? Instead of you taking care of it, your smart home could actually take care of you. Right there. That. That, is freedom. That’s the root of autonomy in our idea of home automation.

How Your Smart Home Cares for You

You’re now probably wondering, “How does an automated home work?” At Synergy Integrated Systems, we have that answer. Plus, we put this new way to think about autonomy right into your home. Smart home automation is trending across the globe and we can bring it directly to your doorstep. We put you in control of governing your smart home rather than the endless tasks at hand ruling you. All you need is any device – connected to the internet, no matter where in the world you are – and you are in control. Using today’s technology to control your home’s systems from anywhere. A major benefit of all this technology is the decrease in energy consumption. You will save money and help save our environment at the same time.

Since we’re focusing on freedom, let’s explore how ELAN products give you precisely that. ELAN Systems put the answer to all those questions right at your fingertips with smart phone apps, remote access and brilliant smart home technology. To fully explain, let’s revisit the exhausting list of tasks that we can help you automate.


Lighting is something we don’t really think about…until we’re thinking about it. How many times have you cuddled up on the couch to relax and realized that you’ve left a light on in the kitchen? Or, you’re simply not digging the ambiance? With smart lighting, you can alleviate these issues with the touch of a button. Moreover, you can actually schedule lighting with current smart home technology.

Blinds and Curtains

Energy efficiency is critical to our customers. Ultimately, it’s crucial to the world.  Automation systems work in tandem with your thermostat. If the temperature of your home needs adjusting, proper shading is implemented immediately.

Plus, these home automation systems give you remote control of your smart home technology. It’s kind of cool to be able to control blinds, curtains and shades with a mobile device. Especially, this is convenient for shading that’s difficult to reach. Simply, touch a button on an automation app and open or close blinds and curtains at will.


Correlating to energy efficiency, appliances that work for you rather than against your energy bill are key to a fully-automated home. Wonder how much energy smart home refrigerators in your house are using? Check your readout on your mobile device. You can even compare months to see how the output ranges.

Furthermore, many appliances on the market are fabulous smart home gadgets in themselves. We now have access to smart refrigerators that let you know what tasty tidbits you’re running low on. Then, you can download a list and hit the grocery store. Or, simply order online with voice control.


Sometimes, we prefer the sound of pure silence. Other moments, we wish to hear our favorite song as we stroll from room to room. This is another great instance where voice control comes into play. Multi-room audio ensures that you hear what you wish to hear when you desire to hear it.

Similarly, you can set play lists to fit your mood at the moment. Cooking in the kitchen? How about a little classical to motivate your culinary art? Entertaining guests? Use your voice control to demand a new list to fit the vibe. An automated world makes for a great party!


More now than ever, we live a world of imagery. Surrounding yourself in it as you stroll through your castle is delightful. So that you don’t lose that delight, implement streaming with automated video feeds. Therefore, you don’t have to miss that buzzer-beating shot if you pass into another room. With smart control, you can turn video on or off wherever you go.

Additionally, manage what video feeds reach your family. Control access of material so that what each family members sees is age appropriate. This is a whole new level of security.


Keep your cool while keeping cool. Once you sit on the couch to relax, you want to do exactly that. If your internal thermostat is feeling a little too toasty, it’s annoying to have to get up and adjust the temp. Voice control or smart devices allow you automated options to change the environment while you chill at will.

Likewise, your smart home actually gets to know you and your habits. If you like it warm when you rise from slumber, these automated systems anticipate what fits your lifestyle best.


Often, this is another task that we don’t really think about…until we’re thinking about it. Smart home products can also implement an automation solution for your landscaping. While you go about your day, rest assured that your smart home technology is watering your lawn. Simply, create a schedule and it does the rest. Outdoor lighting operates in the same way. Sensors recognize time of day and turn on accordingly.

Security Systems

Of utmost importance is security. At all times, it is imperative to know that all systems are working as they should. Keeping up with security cameras, motion sensors and all the devices involved is a chore in itself.

Smart home automation for security allows you to check all concerns whenever you wish. View surveillance cameras, double-check that you lowered the garage door or ensure that door locks are secure with the touch of a button.


In tandem with security, the safety of our family is key as well. We can tie in smoke detectors and sprinkling systems into your entire home. Ensure that all devices are working correctly with remote access from anywhere in the world that has internet access.


Finally, freedom equals fun. Beyond video and audio control, we often have other smart home gadgets that control the more exquisite luxuries in our home. Want the hot tub to start heating while you’re sitting through a meeting hoping to get home and hop in? Use your mobile device to make it toasty and ready for you!

Choosing the Premium Automated Solution and Installer

We get it, all of this fanfare sounds terribly exciting. Now, you’re likely wondering which systems are the best and who can properly install them. First, we’d like to recognize ELAN. Their systems do basically all of the above and even more than you imagined. Their automation solutions are versatile and customizable.

Second, you need an experienced team to install your home automation systems. As a provider of ELAN, we have the expertise that you need. We’re familiar with their products and have years of experience installing them. We offer a free consultation to review what you need and to help you determine what works best for you, your home and your family.

Not only do we sit down with you for a free consultation, we answer your questions. For instance, our clients ask: do home automation products work with your smartphone and Apple watch? Depending on our set-up and products that you choose, we will find a way to make it most convenient for you.

Also, our customers wonder how long their system will last. After all, full home automation is an investment that should serve you for many years to come. With that in mind, the relationship that Synergy Integrated Systems has with ELAN helps ensure that. Not only does our expert installation provide cutting-edge quality, we offer open source access. In other words, we give all of our customers the non-compiled code of system programming. Thus, if you ever need updates or changes, you have options for repairs or enhancements. Of course, we hope you will choose us when that time comes, but we don’t lock you in by holding onto your system’s programming codes.

Kind Words from Our Clients

Finally, don’t rely simply on us to tell you why we’re the best. Our customers tell the story too.

I can’t express how happy I am with the work that Synergy did for me. They were very professional, very efficient, and the finished job is very clean with ethernet jack plates where needed. They relocated my router and strengthened my Wi-Fi signal throughout our house. Plus, they were able to retrofit my 3-story house for ethernet wire so I could connect my TVs and computers directly to my router, all hidden wires, exactly as I wanted.”  Mike D

They deserve Five Stars with their expertise and professionalism. They showed patience in solving problems that confronted them They were very prompt and were upfront in ideas to benefit their client. I will definitely be recommending them and utilizing their expertise again.”  Michael Marhelko

Be sure to also check out our gallery of projects. They may spark ideas to help your home be your castle and show the quality of our work. Ultimately, we are committed to you, your needs and full enjoyment of your smart home!

If you’d like a free consultation, you may schedule it online. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592. We look forward to hearing from you!