Check Out Sonos Speakers for Your Home

sonos speakersSonos speakers, the wave of the future.  In our daily lives today, we are constantly facing stress from every direction. We drive in heavy traffic, strive to deliver results at work, and handle more and more responsibility as we mature. All that stress means we need some relaxation time but even finding time to relax becomes stressful! More and more, people are realizing that their home has to be a stress-free zone! We need to have a place where we can relax and charge our batteries, so that we can face the world again the next day!

Music plays an important role in relaxation for most people. We can change our mood by changing the music to which we are listening. Having a great audio system in our homes provides us with a retreat that energizes us or relaxes us, depending upon the circumstances.

Sonos Speakers

As a leader in total home automation, Synergy Integrated Systems chooses only the best products in each category to work together in your home. We are proud to be an authorized Sonos dealer. Sonos Speakers and audio components provide a digital collection of your favorite music in an app that you control from any mobile device.

Entertaining some friends for dinner? Choose some classical music to set the tone of the evening. Kids having a party? Let them make a play list of their favorite tunes! Are these events occurring on the same evening? With Sonos Speakers and a Sonos Controller App, you can browse through your music collection or download it from your favorite music service and play different music in each room!

We recommend Sonos Speakers for several reasons:

  • Sonos Speakers are wireless, which means you won’t have ugly clumps of wiring in every room.
  • Sonos Speakers are part of a totally integrated music system that allows you to stream your favorites from any music service. Your music is always available no matter where in the house you are located or what mobile device you have nearby.
  • Sonos Speakers can be set up with the push of a button. The wireless technology allows your entire home audio platform to work together on a dedicated network. This means you receive an unequaled quality of performance with no drop-outs.
  • Sonos Speakers can be custom-designed so that your home will have the best HiFi quality available in every room.
  • Sonos Speakers come in a huge variety of styles from a compact model to a TV-compatible design.

As your local home automation experts, Synergy Integrated Systems can help you achieve the relaxing atmosphere that you need in your home. Using the Sonos products, we can integrate your digital music system into every room in your home. Everyone in your family will benefit from this enjoyable, affordable luxury!

We can design the Sonos Speakers and audio components to upgrade the quality of life in your home. Since we have hundreds of automation products and systems, we can integrate your audio system into a network of components or we can set it up to work independently.

Your Sonos Speakers could become part of your home theater or media room setup or could function strictly as a digital music library for your entire family. We can create wireless controls for the system anyplace in your home, but you also have the option of controlling all of your music selections from any mobile device.

Any automated home system increases the value of your home. It is an investment in your biggest asset and will become an important selling feature when the time comes to sell your home.

In the meantime, call our professional consultants for a free estimate. You will look forward to hearing your favorite music played on quality Sonos Speakers, which will truly increase your enjoyment.

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