Structured Wiring for the Greater Raleigh-Durham Area

structured wiring As more homes become electronically upgraded, structured wiring becomes more important. In this high-tech world that we live in, you need to plan your central wiring systems so that they are capable of handling increased traffic. Most people never hear the term “structured wiring” until their builder or security technician mentions it.

Structured wiring provides the foundation on which all of your home electronics networking is built. It has the job of organizing and distributing the various audio, video, surveillance, and home automation systems throughout your home. Structured wiring is the solution to ensuring that all of the electronics and automated communications technologies perform as you expect and that your home is capable of expanding these systems in the future without a major connectivity issue.

Of course, the best time to decide on and install a structured wiring system in your home is during the building process. Most people, however, are living in a home to which they have added multiple electronic devices that are putting a strain on the existing connections. Fortunately, Synergy Integrated Systems has the expertise to provide free consultations to determine the most advantageous method to retrofit your home with structured wiring before it becomes a larger problem.

The proper performance of all of your communication, entertainment, security, and climate control equipment is based on receiving sufficient signals from cable, satellite, and power providers. This is where structured wiring becomes critical!

Structured wiring begins with a structured networking panel (SNP), which serves to receive cables from third-party providers and distributes the signals to each room in your home. These are direct lines that ensure every one of your electronic devices is receiving the strongest connection in order to function properly.

We all expect the highest standard of performance from our electronics. Structured wiring is the best investment that you can make in order to be certain that you and your family will receive the best possible performance from your electronics. It is fast becoming something that buyers are looking for when purchasing a home so your home, when properly wired, will have an advantage in the marketplace when it is time to sell.

Advantages of Installing Structured Wiring in Your Home

Speed: Everyone wants the highest speed available for their computer and other telecommunications and entertainment equipment. When we use wireless devices, we sometimes sacrifice speed for mobility. If you work from home or do a lot of work on your desktop PC, you may consider installing an Ethernet connection directly to your PC to give you the speed that you want, and then use a wireless connection for your portable devices. Structured wiring gives you these capabilities.

Configuration options: Networking one printer with several computers in various rooms of the home and the ability to record a program or movie in one room and play it in another is possible when the structured wiring has brought the necessary cables to each room. You have flexibility as to location of your devices if every room has been properly wired.

Dependable quality of signal: In some older installations, it has been necessary to splice cables in order to handle the new electronic load. This can lead to reduction of signal quality. By using the SNP to run cables directly to equipment terminals, no splicing is required and, therefore, the signal quality remains intact and strong on every connection.

Synergy Integrated Systems has professional consultants available in the greater Raleigh-Durham area and the entire coastline of North Carolina to provide you with a free review of your home’s needs and an estimate of the various structured wiring options available. We offer round-the-clock professional customer service to our clients and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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