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If you’re looking for a company for home automation near me today, you’ve found it!  Luckily, Synergy Integrated Systems provides full, smart home automation and more.  From surround sound and video control systems to security and thermostat automation, we automate nearly all devices in your home.  Better yet, we can help you create a smart home outside as well!

Home Automation Near Me

First, let’s enlighten you on what it’s like to live in a truly smart home.  Essentially, a smart home allows you to control nearly all devices with a click.  In most cases, you can control many of your systems from a single interface.  From stylish keypads to in-wall and tabletop touch screens, enjoy comfort and convenience throughout your house and yard.  Plus, with your favorite mobile device you can easily control everything from anywhere, any time.

Second, whether you’re interested in a specialized project or comprehensive integration for your home, we have cutting-edge technology and solutions.  At Synergy Integrated Systems, we provide home control systems from Crestron, Elan and URC Total Control.  Furthermore, we have a NEST-certified professional on staff.  So, if you’re not sure which home automation system is best for your lifestyle, let’s explore your options.


Speaking of enlightening, imagine your entire lighting system understanding what you need every day.  For instance, you can tailor intelligent lighting from Synergy Integrated Systems to fit your needs.  Perhaps, you would rather not come home to a dark house.  Consequently, you can customize an evening scene that turns your lights on at sunset.  Or, maybe you prefer a mellow ambiance when you have guests.  Create a dimmed scenario that your lighting system remembers.  To make these concepts a reality, we offer 4 lines of lighting control:  Lutron RadioRA2, URC Vivido, Vantage and Crestron.


Similarly, shading controls enhance your life.  In addition to Crestron Shades, we offer QMotion Advanced Shading Systems.  Save energy with shades programmed to raise or lower based on time of day.  Likewise, these cutting-edge systems shut and open according to thermostat readings, room occupancy or season.  Moreover, hard-to-reach windows no longer need to be a struggle.  Motorized blinds and draperies do the work for you. Sounds like pretty enticing technology for your smart home! Of course, the side benefit is the energy savings! Keep rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter by adjusting the level of sunlight during the day.

Home Audio

Of course, that brings us to a very popular smart home feature, audio and surround sound systems.  Inside and outside, we can fill your home with your favorite sounds.  A combination of media servers and audio distribution systems conveniently disperse your favorite music into each zone. Fortuitously, our line of flush-mounted speakers blends effortlessly into your home’s décor.  Choose top-notch audio from Crestron, Episode, JBL, Leon, Origin Acoustics, Revel, Triad, and James Loudspeaker.


Equally important, many of our customers enjoy video integrated into their smart home devices and systems.  Not only does it reduce unsightly clutter of cables, it lowers monthly equipment costs.  Instead of five TVs with five cable boxes, video distribution systems cut that down to one or two.  As an official SONY dealer, we offer some of the best TVs on the market.  Also, they adapt easily to home automation systems.

Home Theater

Combining surround sound and sight, consider home theater installation.  Whether you’re interested in watching your favorite flicks or enjoying a televised sporting event, home theaters make great gathering spaces.  From automated screens and projection systems to speakers, lighting and seating, we design, sell and install everything you need!


Finally, you need to protect all that’s in your home.  At Synergy Integrated Systems, our licensed security installers provide only top-of-the line services in the Durham area.  With cutting-edge products from our partners, DSC and 2GIG, we design a custom solution tailored to your needs.  Whether you require a pre-wire package for a new home or wireless for an existing structure, we can help.  For further peace of mind, combine your security system with our home surveillance services. 

Choosing the Best Installer for Your Smart Home Devices

Ultimately, all these phenomenal options are moot without proper installation and guidance.  Finding an elite technician for home automation near me is imperative.  The team at Synergy Integrated Systems is among the best – and they are nearby when you need them.  Thus, there is no waiting in phone queues or talking to strangers for troubleshooting.  Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or just have questions, we are available to speak with you personally, 24-7. 

Additionally, we are fully-bonded, insured and covered under workers’ compensation.  We do not outsource our work and are proud to be a BBB-accredited business.  Since our focus is on our customers, we also provide open source coding for all products. That allows you to choose another company to work on your system in the future, if you wish. Additionally, we are a member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.  And, we have a Crestron Digital Media Certified engineer on staff. Today, contact us for a free quote.  Or, give us a call to find out more at 919-324-3592!

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