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home theater installation near me

If you’re looking for home theater installation near me today, you’ve come to the right place.  Fortuitously, Synergy Integrated Systems handles theater setup and more. Ultimately, we can provide and service nearly any home automation task that you can imagine.  In fact, we fully embrace the new technologies available that enhance control of home devices. Best of all, you can control most of these automated control systems from any device, no matter where you are. So, let your imagination go a bit wild as you consider the multiple service options we offer!

Home Theater Installation Near Me

First, we’ll began with home theater installation near me since it incorporates many of the features we also provide.  At this point, it’s helpful to consider what you are looking for in custom home theater setup and design.  For instance, what does home theater installation near me offer you and your family? Essentially, Synergy helps you immerse yourself into an in-home entertainment venue of your dreams.

Furthermore, don’t worry if your dream is a bit scattered.  Or, still its own film in progress.  We gladly sit down with you and discuss the many details and customized options that fit you best.   As with all of our services, we offer a free planning consultation.  From audio and video to lighting and seating, we will help you create your new home theater! Then, your family and friends will completely immerse themselves in all the entertainment options available right in your own home.


Speaking of video, it’s not only an integral part of your home theater system needs, it’s a household need too.  Synergy offers whole home video distribution.  Fundamentally, this allows a single video source to run between multiple TVs connected to a single video switch.  Basically, this minimizes sources you traditionally need for every TV in your house.  Consequently, no more scattered wires or unsightly equipment clutter your home. 

Moreover, you can actually buy TVs from Synergy and our team will install them.  We offer TV wall mounting and wiring, which we professionally conceal for the perfect aesthetic finish. 


Likewise, we install audio distribution systems, media servers and speakers as well.  From any room in the house, enjoy the sound of your favorite music with the touch of a button.  Our wide range of audio systems include Sonos, Heos, URC and Crestron.  For sound that surrounds, consider quality speakers from Crestron, Episode, JBL, Leon, Origin Acoustics, Revel, Triad, and James Loudspeaker.  From wired to wireless options, these flush-mounted speakers blend effortlessly into any room.


Not only can we create a perfectly lit ambiance in your home theater, we provide lighting automation throughout your home.  With 4 lines of innovative lighting control – Lutron RadioRA2, URC Vivido, Vantage and Crestron – Synergy offers multiple control solutions.  If you enjoy entertaining, set the mood with a touch of the button.  Or, customize lights to adjust to time of day.  Perhaps, you’re always on the run and simply need one control that turns everything off or on at once.  Better yet, unsightly dimmers and clusters of wall switches are a thing of the past.  We replace them with an in-wall touch screen or easy-to-use keypad!


Similar to lighting, our automation service extends to window coverings as well.  Not only is this an incredibly convenient feature, it saves energy.  No longer do you need to leave those hard-to-reach blinds open.  Plus, the ability to schedule the opening and closing of drapes protects your home from harmful UV rays and heat.  In addition to saving on your utility bill, our Crestron Shades and QMotion Advanced Shading Systems create the perfect ambiance.


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, burglary occurs in over 3.7 million homes each year.  Keeping this in mind, we utilize leading-edge products from our partners –, DSC and 2GIG.  Plus, we are licensed security installers providing only the top services in Wilmington, NC.  For further peace of mind, combine a security system with our home surveillance services.  Our monthly plans with ensure a constant watch over your home.  Even if a burglar cuts a phone or cable line or the internet is down, is always one step ahead.

Home Automation

Moreover, nearly all of these systems consolidate into an easy-to-use interface.  Effectively, you can control lighting, video, climate, security, sound and even shading in a unified system.  To do so, we provide home control systems from Crestron, Elan and URC Total Control.  Additionally, we have a NEST certified professional on staff. 

Why Choose us for your TV and Home Theater System Installation

Finally, Synergy is one of the premier providers in the Wilmington area that helps you create a truly cutting-edge home.  With our open source commitment, you may rest assured that you will receive competitive pricing for any future projects.  Similarly, our superior customer service ensures a level of personalized service you won’t find anywhere else.  To learn more, contact us for a free consultation.  Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592!

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