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​Crestron Home Automation – The Control You Deserve

Crestron home automationIt is time to automate all of your home systems with the ease of one control. Make your home a smart home by integrating all of your technology. You can connect lighting, audio/video, heating and cooling, and so much more. The possibilities are endless as to how you use the Crestron home automation system to make your life easier.

Home automation is accessible from touch screens, keypads, smart devices and remotes. Moreover, it is not only easier but also safer and more energy-efficient. Enjoy the convenience of setting your alarm after leaving home. In addition, have alerts sent to you when there may be a potential problem. Save energy by setting schedules for lights and HVAC systems.

The Characteristics of Home Automation Systems

Automation – This refers to the capability of programming devices or setting schedules on such devices. You are able to program time-related controls, such as lights turning on before you arrive home from work. Music may set the mood for a party or gently wake you in the morning. Your energy costs will benefit from controlling temperatures for various times of the day and night. In addition, everyone will feel more secure by programming lights and locks according to a schedule, whether you are home or away.

Remote Control – Another beneficial aspect is the ability to remotely monitor and access the various systems in your home. With Crestron, you can use smart devices to view and control your home automation system. If there is a sudden change in weather, you can control your home temperature from miles away. Thus, your home will be comfortable when you arrive.

Why Choose Crestron Home Automation

When deciding on which home automation system to use, keep in mind these four qualities – reliability, expertise, simplicity and customer service. Those are all qualities that Crestron offers, backed by over 40 years of industry-leading experience. Teaming up with Synergy Integrated Systems for expert installation and top-level customer service makes your experience even more enjoyable.

You can count on Synergy to be there for you, even after the installation. They are available any time you have a question or want to make changes. Synergy proudly offers Crestron products because they are reliable and durable. Personalize your system by choosing only the components that your family needs and will use. You can easily upgrade this equipment as your lifestyle or home changes. The point of a home automation system is to simplify your life. That is why Crestron makes sure their products work seamlessly together. Synergy Integrated Systems has topnotch customer service. They pride themselves in around-the-clock friendly service. Moreover, the system programming is available to you, so that you are not completely dependent on one provider.

So, when you decide to make your life easier and connect all of your home systems, call Synergy Integrated Systems. They are the number one Crestron Authorized Dealer in the Triangle. Choosing the Crestron home automation system is a win-win for you and your home!

​Crestron Home Automation – Improving Your Lifestyle

Crestron home automationThough our homes may not yet have all the amenities featured on The Jetsons, we are certainly getting closer. Smart homes with interconnected devices are no longer far-fetched science fiction ideas. Right now, you may use a mobile device to control your TV, but what about your lighting? Crestron home automation will make your life a lot easier.

How Crestron home automation works

Think about how often you have to get up to turn a light on or off in your home. You probably do it dozens of times every day. But what if you did not have to leave your seat to do it? That is what Crestron offers. You can control every light in your home either through touch screens or your own smartphone or tablet. The Crestron Pyng® app makes it all possible.

Complete customization

Another excellent benefit of Crestron home automation is how you can program it for just what you need. For example, the “Wake” scene could do all of the following every morning. It will turn on the bedroom or bathroom lights, put on the news and turn up the heat. The “Movie Night” scene can lower the lights for optimal viewing. At the same time, it will adjust the sound and the window shades! With Crestron’s Pyng® app, there is limitless potential at your fingertips.

Many Crestron functions available

Crestron does not just allow you to control your lighting. As you can see by the examples given, there are also several other home automation functions. The system will let you control your shades and thermostat. In addition, you can also control your locks. Never again will you have to jump out of bed because you may have forgotten to lock a door.

Synergy Integrated Systems can get you set up with your own Crestron system

The newest technology has the capacity to make our lives a lot easier. If you are looking to add more convenience to your home, the Crestron system is the answer. To learn more about it, just get in touch with Synergy Integrated Systems. We will gladly answer all of your questions and give you a free consultation.

​Crestron Pyng® Is High-Tech Home Control

CrestronCrestron Pyng® Is Your Automated Home’s New Brain

Crestron is the leading innovator in home automation and controls. Engineers develop and test every new product to ensure that it will improve your quality of life. Their customer service is world class. There is only one goal at this company–complete customer satisfaction.

Pyng® puts intelligent home control literally in the palm of your hand. With a tap on a touch screen you can manipulate your environment to enhance every mundane, romantic or family moment. This technology allows you to enjoy a truly luxurious lifestyle. Using this powerful cloud-based app, you can control every facet of your home’s technology.

In the world’s most prestigious homes, science fiction has become science fact. Synergy Integrated Systems can install this cutting-edge technology in your home today. Their specialists will talk to you about your desired results. This expertise, combined with the uncanny Pyng® interface, will turn your home automation into a spectacular experience.

Some Amazing Home Automation Benefits from the Pyng® App

  • Makes your smart home smarter. It learns how you use technology and enables adjustments to save money on utility bills.
  • Blends into your routine. The technology in your home works together with the app to enhance your comfort and daily habits.
  • Allows you to personalize home automation with ‘scenes’. Coordinate features like shades, lighting and audio, and other devices with the touch of a button.

If you already have home automation systems in use, Pyng® can unify that technology. You and your family can use the app on your iPod, iPhone, or other touch-screen device to:

  • Access your music
  • Control lights individually or customize settings
  • Raise and lower shades and blinds or groups of them
  • Set temperature and schedules for the thermostat
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Arm the security system

Crestron control technology has been the choice of celebrities, executives, business owners and more for 40 years. And Pyng® technology supports hundreds of their world-class products. Contact Synergy Integrated Systems today for your free estimate. Install the future in your home now! Elevate your lifestyle with prestigious and elegant home automation technology. Change your world with a simple tap of your finger the latest in the industry…Pyng® technology.

Why Crestron Home Automation is Best Control Solution

crestron home automationSmart homes are no longer a concept of the future. The demand for home automation continues to grow daily as more and more homeowners realize the advantages of upgrading their living environments to include the most advanced technology available. This means the market is becoming increasingly saturated with home control options, making it a challenge to know which system to choose. However, there are many good reasons installers and end users all over the world prefer Crestron home automation over any other brand. The company has remained one of the most popular and reputable names in the industry since first introducing its products more than four decades ago.

Reasons to Consider Crestron

The home control system you select should be suitable for your living space and lifestyle. Although Crestron home automation will bring value to any property, it’s especially beneficial to homeowners that relate to the following considerations.

  • You Have a Large Home: Crestron products are some of the most powerful on the market. Larger homes that have several audio zones, televisions, and video sources will get the best performance out of a Crestron system. User-friendly touch panels make it easy to control everything in the house from one central location.
  • You Want a System You Can Build On: Regardless of what your smart home needs are right now, you may find that they will change over time. If you want a home automation system that can grow and adapt to your future requirements, Crestron can provide that. It’s not difficult to add on to existing systems, and software updates are offered from time to time to improve performance or introduce new features.
  • You Want a Customized Solution: With Crestron, you have the ability to customize your system more than with any other platform. User interfaces can be designed to fit your preferences and personality, and special features can be added according to your unique needs.

Why Crestron Home Automation Products Lead the Industry in Quality & Performance

As one of the oldest home control solutions available to consumers, Crestron has built a solid reputation for offering products that exemplify convenience and luxury. Crestron home automation is known for taking complicated technologies and simplifying them for anyone to use easily. They are constantly updating their systems for better efficiency of operation. With one installation, the company gives you the capability to have power over your entertainment, security, lighting, shades, and climate. Commands can be given from anywhere in the home, or with mobile access from a remote location using any handheld device.

Synergy Integrated Systems is the Number One Crestron Dealer in the Raleigh Area

The key to getting the most out of your Crestron home automation system is working with the right installer. It’s imperative that you choose an authorized Crestron dealer to complete your installation so you can have peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. This is why homeowners in Raleigh and surrounding areas, including the NC coast, turn to the smart home professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems. As a certified and experienced Crestron installer, they know how to set up systems that will last and be ready to evolve along with your needs.

3 Reasons Homeowners Choose Crestron Home Automation

crestron home automationWhen it comes to upgrading your home, it’s important to invest your time and money into projects that will prove their worth by adding significant functionality, appeal, and efficiency to your living environment. This is exactly what the newest home improvement trend has to offer, and it has nothing to do with kitchen countertops or bathroom floors. Instead, installing Crestron home automation systems is proving to be the most popular way to update today’s households.

Why Home Automation?

Over the last few years, the concept of home automation has been gaining ground at a high rate of speed. As technology continues to advance, homeowners are becoming more educated as to how these revolutionary systems can transform households overnight. Crestron is a leading brand in the home automation market, supplying quality products that are designed to simplify and enhance your life in a variety of ways. Once your installation is complete, you will have the ability to control everything from your audio/video, music, and lighting systems to your shades, climate, and security system from your remote or hand-held device!.

Benefits of Crestron Home Automation Systems

Crestron utilizes the cutting-edge technology of home automation to deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: With the installation of Crestron home automation, you will see a significant reduction in your household’s energy consumption. Thermostats can be pre-programmed to adjust indoor temperatures for certain times of the day, which eliminates the chance of wasting energy if you forget to turn the heating or air conditioning off before leaving. In addition, lights can be adjusted throughout your home to switch on and off at specific intervals, and shades can be scheduled to open in order to take advantage of sunlight hours. This will not only save you on electricity bills, but will also reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Increased Safety & Security: Your home should be a place you can count on to be a safe haven, and Crestron home automation makes that possible. You will have the ability to oversee what is happening both inside and on the exterior of your property at all times, regardless of where you might be. The integration of home surveillance and remote access allows you to keep an eye on your home from a mobile device and get alerts for anything that might compromise the safety or security of your household.
  • Improved Comfort & Convenience: Crestron home automation gives you the chance to monitor and manage as many of your home’s different electronics, appliances, and systems as you wish with the simple touch of a button. This results in a level of convenience you likely never imagined was possible before. You will no longer have to worry about whether you locked the door, turned off the lights, or turned up the temperature in the midst of trying to accomplish all your daily duties.

Entrust Your Crestron Home Automation Installation to Synergy Integrated Systems

Because home automation systems are a significant investment, it’s vital to make sure you receive nothing less than top-of-the-line products and superior installation services. That’s why many homeowners turn to Synergy Integrated Systems. Our company is proud to have the opportunity to provide North Carolina residents with Crestron home automation solutions. As an authorized dealer, we carry a large selection of product options with features to suit a wide range of needs. We understand that home automation isn’t one-size-fits-all and will work closely with you to identify which components are the most applicable to your lifestyle.

4 Important Features of Crestron Home Automation

Crestron Home AutomationHome automation systems are no longer a concept of the future, but rather, well-designed gadgets that are very much available now and ready for homeowners to install. Many households are already taking advantage of all that these systems have to offer. The entire family enjoys the luxury of being able to manage all of their electronics from one main control. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult knowing which brand to choose, but the key to making the right decision is paying attention to all the features that are offered. Synergy Integrated Systems provides homeowners with these impressive devices, and Crestron home automation systems consistently prove that they have all the elements needed to make life easier. The reason why? Crestron home automation encompasses the following important features that any home automation owner will appreciate.

User-Friendly Interface

There isn’t really a point in getting home automation if the homeowner can’t figure out how to use it. The whole idea behind a system is for it to be effortlessly integrated into the owner’s lifestyle, without any adjustments having to be made to accommodate the device. So, a user-friendly interface that allows homeowners to quickly access all of their property’s functions without any confusion is ideal.

Climate Control

Energy inefficiency and high utility bills are a common complaint among homeowners, but Crestron home automation offers the perfect solution. Climate control permits heating and cooling systems to be programmed accordingly for various times of the day, different outdoor temperatures, and when people are home. This control will keep a household at comfortable indoor temperatures at all times, and the ability to switch off if it detects open doors or windows will save energy and money.

Ability to Expand

When homeowners purchase a home automation system for the first time, it’s critical that it have the capability to expand over time. A homeowner’s lifestyle and needs can change significantly over the years, making their system ineffective, if it can’t adapt and grow in its functions as well. In addition, technology is always advancing, making older models outdated, and it would be frustrating not being able to add new features as they’re introduced. Crestron home automation systems can simply be expanded upon to include more products and more rooms as necessary…without any hassle.

Remote Access

Remote access is a major component of any Crestron home automation system. The power to control and monitor things at home even when they’re away from the property, gives homeowners serious peace of mind. Besides, plans can change throughout the day, and remote access allows for settings to be modified appropriately from anywhere the homeowner may happen to be.

Home automation is a big investment that homeowners want to get right the first time. Before making a commitment to such a valuable device, it’s essential to make certain all the features mentioned are represented. That’s why having a Crestron home automation system installed by Synergy Integrated Systems is the best way to go.