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Why You Should Consider a Home Network Installation

home network installationAt one time, home networks were largely reserved for those who were particularly tech savvy. Today, the average household will find significant value in this type of investment. A home network installation will allow all of your devices to connect and communicate with one another through your internet connection. When using multiple computers, along with gaming systems, printers, televisions, and mobile devices all under one roof, home networking becomes a necessity to keep everything running efficiently. This is one of the greatest advancements to be made in modern technology, and it comes with several benefits.

Advantages of a Home Network Installation

In a good portion of households, there are numerous electronic devices operating at any given time. When several of them are trying to access the same connection at once, slow speeds and constant disruptions can lead to serious frustration and discontent. A home network installation will eliminate these issues and substantially improve the connected experience.

  • File sharing: When all your devices are connected, this will give you the ability to access files, photos, and folders on any laptop or computer linked to the network from any location in the house. More than one computer can also print from a single printer. This level of convenience creates unparalleled productivity, which is especially useful if anyone in your household works from home.
  • Game playing: Gaming has come a long way since the days of arcades and Nintendo. Systems now provide lifelike experiences, and with a home network installation, gamers can connect and interact with other gamers across the world.
  • Streaming: Home networks also make it possible to smoothly stream shows, movies, and music to your televisions or home theater. This makes it easier to utilize streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and doesn’t limit people from streaming different content simultaneously.
  • Smart home integration: Smart home technology has paved the way for homeowners to live more enjoyable and convenient lives through home automation. Home networking contributes to this as well, by giving the opportunity to centralize all your basic household operations. When everything is connected, you can control your lights, security system, thermostat, and more with a simple keystroke on any device.

Wired vs. Wireless Home Networks

A home network installation can either be wired or wireless. A wired network will connect your devices with Ethernet cables strategically placed throughout your home. This often provides a faster and more reliable internet connection, as well as increased security for your network and easier troubleshooting. On the other hand, a wireless network permits users to be connected from anywhere in the house. Oftentimes, having a combination of the two will be the best way to meet the needs of an entire household.

Synergy Integrated Systems Offers High Quality Network Connectivity

Synergy Integrated Systems is the go-to source for reliable home network installation. Their team of professionals understands the important role internet connectivity plays in everyday life and will help you develop the network solution that is most suitable for your household requirements. Using state-of-the-art wiring, cable modems, routers, and wireless access points, they will ensure you are provided a full signal throughout your property.