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Home Networking Setup – Everything You Need to Know

home networking setup Imagine working from your laptop at home while one child is conducting research online for school and another child is streaming a TV show on Netflix. Fortunately, all that online internet time is possible through a home networking setup. Although, setting up a home network might seem like a daunting task. Luckily, at Synergy, we are experts in setting up home network systems for our clients. We do all the hard work while you reap the benefits of enjoying all your favorite shows, music, and movies online throughout the entire house on every connected device. (more…)

Having a Home Network Keeps Your Signal Strong and Secure

home networkTo say that times have changed over the last few months is the understatement of the century. Across the globe, many of us will have a before and after line of demarcation. Not only has the world changed quite a bit, so have our needs and desires. As we attempt to find a new sense of normalcy, many of us question what goals were previously important and try to make them fit into our new strategies as we move forward. Considering a home network during this transition period is a wise step. If installing a wireless network and utilizing a home router is part of your “after,” Synergy Integrated Systems can help. Offering RukusLuxul, and Araknis Networks, we work to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations. (more…)

Start with a Pro to Avoid the Maze of Home Network Setup

home networkA search for the best home network on the internet can feel a bit like falling into a rabbit hole. The internet in itself can become a maze of information. Every search leads to the access point of another. Those access points of information seemingly become endless. A never-ending labyrinth of knowledge. In fact, a few key lines from Alice in Wonderland come to mind.

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well.”

Rabbits have diligent purpose as they create their maze of tunnels. Knowing which trail to follow requires expertise. If you choose the wrong tunnel, you may go deeper than expected as Alice did. Down she fell. After all, she wasn’t a rabbit. She didn’t have the expertise. (more…)

Home Networking Services – Never Lose Signal At Home

home networking servicesAlmost every home has ‘dead zones’ where Wi-Fi cuts out, whether a room in the center of the house or the family room in the basement. How frustrating is it to lose service while working under a deadline or binge watching Netflix? Avoid all that hassle and stress with home networking services and always maintain wireless service!

How do home networking services work?

You might be wondering how a home keeps its signal at all times. Synergy Integrated Systems strategically places access points at your home to provide stable Wi-Fi signal. This provides internet service both inside and outside on your decks or backyard.

Additionally, Synergy Integrated Systems provides two home networking services – Araknis Networks® and Ubiquiti Home Network Solutions.

Araknis Networks®

Araknis Networks® systems provide a stable signal throughout your home providing the comfort knowing there is no dropped signal. Their products that make this happen include switches, wireless access points (WAPs), and routers. With Araknis Networks’® intuitive GUI and dependable cloud management, everyone enjoys simultaneous streaming online with no signal interruptions.

Ubiquiti Home Network Solutions

Ubiquiti Home Solutions provides wireless data communication products and wireless broadband products and accessories. Their products include various access points, routers, switches, cameras, and antennas. Their top of the line antennas and routers include airFiber, airMAX, and EdgeMAX. In fact, each of these have the capabilities to maintain a signal at all times in your home.

Continuous streaming with Synergy Integrated Systems

Home networking services allow you to continuously stream shows and easily share music among all the devices in your home. Consequently, you’ll never lose signal anymore in your house while watching your favorite Netflix or Amazon shows. Contact Synergy Integrated Systems today to get a free consultation. Whether in a current home or building a new home, Synergy Integrated Systems will make sure your house has no more ‘dead zones’.

Your Family Needs a Home Network Setup

home network setupWhat should you consider when choosing a home network setup in the Raleigh area? It is important to review quality, reliability and customer experience.

Synergy Integrated Systems leads the industry in quality home network setup for the NC Triangle cities and beyond. They understand the importance of having flawless Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

One way they achieve this is by using only the best wireless data communication and broadband products. Araknis Networks and Ubiquiti Home Solutions are two brands that Synergy Integrated Systems uses and trusts.

How can a Home Network Setup Make my Life Easier?

  • Strong signal strength – Movies and music download faster
  • Reliable signal – You can count on your Wi-Fi to be constant at all times, on all your digital devices
  • Eliminates signal dead spots – You don’t have to worry about dropped signals or buffering when streaming a movie
  • Works in your yard – Now you can enjoy Netflix by the pool or share a music library while you’re mowing

How Can it Enhance My Home?

You can enjoy many perks when you have the strength and reliability of a home network setup and quality wireless products.

  • Home theater is a hit with the kids and family
  • Remote blinds save money on your energy bill
  • Indoor and outdoor home lighting sets the perfect ambiance for any situation
  • Sound is available throughout your home

Your digital devices will connect and control the main systems in your home. This makes home network setup vital in multiple areas of your home.

Why Use Synergy Integrated Systems?

This company cares most about customer service. Synergy Integrated Systems is a small company in the Raleigh area. The core team of trained and experience employees are able to answer questions or troubleshooting issues.

They use fixed priced estimates with no hidden fees. They will not charge you extra when unexpected problems or changes occur. That is important, since it means that they will not charge you if additional hours are needed to troubleshoot changing technology.

Synergy Integrated Systems has an excellent reputation for their work, prices and customer experience. They can’t be beat in home network setup in the Raleigh and Triangle area and beyond.

Why You Should Consider a Home Network Installation

home network installationAt one time, home networks were largely reserved for those who were particularly tech savvy. Today, the average household will find significant value in this type of investment. A home network installation will allow all of your devices to connect and communicate with one another through your internet connection. When using multiple computers, along with gaming systems, printers, televisions, and mobile devices all under one roof, home networking becomes a necessity to keep everything running efficiently. This is one of the greatest advancements to be made in modern technology, and it comes with several benefits.

Advantages of a Home Network Installation

In a good portion of households, there are numerous electronic devices operating at any given time. When several of them are trying to access the same connection at once, slow speeds and constant disruptions can lead to serious frustration and discontent. A home network installation will eliminate these issues and substantially improve the connected experience.

  • File sharing: When all your devices are connected, this will give you the ability to access files, photos, and folders on any laptop or computer linked to the network from any location in the house. More than one computer can also print from a single printer. This level of convenience creates unparalleled productivity, which is especially useful if anyone in your household works from home.
  • Game playing: Gaming has come a long way since the days of arcades and Nintendo. Systems now provide lifelike experiences, and with a home network installation, gamers can connect and interact with other gamers across the world.
  • Streaming: Home networks also make it possible to smoothly stream shows, movies, and music to your televisions or home theater. This makes it easier to utilize streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and doesn’t limit people from streaming different content simultaneously.
  • Smart home integration: Smart home technology has paved the way for homeowners to live more enjoyable and convenient lives through home automation. Home networking contributes to this as well, by giving the opportunity to centralize all your basic household operations. When everything is connected, you can control your lights, security system, thermostat, and more with a simple keystroke on any device.

Wired vs. Wireless Home Networks

A home network installation can either be wired or wireless. A wired network will connect your devices with Ethernet cables strategically placed throughout your home. This often provides a faster and more reliable internet connection, as well as increased security for your network and easier troubleshooting. On the other hand, a wireless network permits users to be connected from anywhere in the house. Oftentimes, having a combination of the two will be the best way to meet the needs of an entire household.

Synergy Integrated Systems Offers High Quality Network Connectivity

Synergy Integrated Systems is the go-to source for reliable home network installation. Their team of professionals understands the important role internet connectivity plays in everyday life and will help you develop the network solution that is most suitable for your household requirements. Using state-of-the-art wiring, cable modems, routers, and wireless access points, they will ensure you are provided a full signal throughout your property.