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Home Networking Setup – Everything You Need to Know

home networking setup Imagine working from your laptop at home while one child is conducting research online for school and another child is streaming a TV show on Netflix. Fortunately, all that online internet time is possible through a home networking setup. Although, setting up a home network might seem like a daunting task. Luckily, at Synergy, we are experts in setting up home network systems for our clients. We do all the hard work while you reap the benefits of enjoying all your favorite shows, music, and movies online throughout the entire house on every connected device. (more…)

​Benefits of Wireless Home Networking Services

home networking services Today’s families are becoming more and more technology-based. Households often have several devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computer game consoles that connect to the internet. In this day and age, a home network is beneficial in giving a household needed access to check email, stream movies, or play computer games. With home networking, you can connect various components to the internet or to each other using wireless, wired, or a mixture of both types of connections. A wireless home network provides several benefits.

Internet Connection Sharing

A shared internet connection allows for multiple computers, tablets, or smartphones in your household to simultaneously connect to an internet connection and share the bandwidth. This also works great for online gaming. Family and friends can play online games together with networked computers.

File Sharing and Backup

Network file sharing between computers offers more flexibility than using just the computers’ storage or even portable storage devices. Files can be shared between computers almost immediately. You have the capabilities to share videos, music, documents, pictures, and programs. File sharing can also be used to back up copies of files on another device that is also connected to the network.


After you have set up a home network, it is easier to share a printer among all the computers in the home. You won’t have to move from system to system to print. Printing can be accomplished from wherever you are located in the home. You can also localize control of other devices. It’s easy to stream music into different areas of the home, share videos and movies on more than one screen, or monitor all of the security cameras in your home.

Device Mobility

A wireless network allows the user to stay connected from different parts of the home. You aren’t tethered to one location. You may start working in your home office, but decide you want fresh air. You could easily move your laptop computer from your office to your patio and still remain connected.

Wire Elimination

Instead of dealing with a jungle of wires for each connected device, wireless networks give you an alternative. You avoid extending wires across the floor, which presents a hazard. No tripping over wires or investing time and money to lay cables inside walls or under floors.

Future Adaptation with Home Networking Services

Technology is always evolving. Wireless is the wave of the present and the future. As advances are adapted and introduced to the market, you will be better prepared to easily add on to your present technology.

Synergy Integrated Systems offers home networking services personalized to your needs. Our products can help you manage your wireless home network easily. By adding access points, we can extend coverage around your home to your patio or backyard, for example, or strengthen weak signal areas.

Synergy Integrated Systems is Raleigh’s home networking expert, featuring products from the leading manufacturers in this space.. We also are experts in home automation, lighting control, and home audio and video installation. Contact Synergy Integrated Systems to learn more about installing a home network setup or to request a free consultation.