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Home Theater Raleigh NC Customization and Installation

If you are considering a home theater Raleigh NC installation for your vacation home, we have exciting news! Locally-owned and operated in Raleigh, NC, Synergy Integrated Systems provides service to North Carolina homeowners. Not only do we offer full home automation, we will help you create a stellar home theater system, too.

Stellar Home Theater Raleigh NC Design

Most likely, you’re now wondering what actually goes into creating a stellar home theater Raleigh NC for your getaway. Ultimately, it’s whatever you wish you had in a home theater. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we complete your project from start to finish. Our star-studded installation service includes high-quality audio and video solutions, creative seating, lighting and room design. 

Obviously, you have a plethora of options to consider. Fortunately, we offer a free consultation to go over every detail. During this process, we examine your needs and help you determine what fits your lifestyle and your budget the best. To break it down a bit, consider installation basics such as:

  • Video – Choose from cutting-edge, ultra-high definition or 4K resolution and screens that seemingly allow pictures to float in the air. Or, opt for mechanized screens that slide seamlessly into the wall when not in use. 
  • Audio – No matter how good your video may be, without proper audio solutions it plays flat. Surround yourself with speakers that reach from the floor and even to the ceiling. 
  • Lighting – Often an afterthought, proper lighting is imperative. Thus, we strive to create the perfect ambiance. With the touch of a button, we allow you to implement the perfect glow to your home theater setting. 
  • Seating – In the end, fantastic audio and video matter little if you’re not supremely comfortable enjoying it. Therefore, we partner with some of the best seating vendors in the business – Salamander and Octane.

Finally, theme and design come into play. At this point, it’s fun to let your imagination run wild a bit. Since you’re at the beach, opt for a coastal ambiance. Or, consider your favorite sports team or movie theme in general. Either way, we have lots of creative installation ideas for the perfect setting! Check out our gallery for ideas.

Plan Your Budget

Clearly, all these fabulous concepts beg the next question. How much does a home theater cost? Ultimately, it depends on the scope of your project. Thus, we consider your budget first. Then, we help you choose the best vendors to fit your financial needs. Just a few of our innovative partners include:

  • Crestron
  • Screen Innovations
  • Marantz
  • Sony
  • Monitor Audio
  • Stewart Filmscreen
  • And many more!

Most importantly, our customized service includes open source access. In other words, we provide the non-compiled code of system programming to all of our customers. Hence, you receive competitive pricing for repairs or enhancements down the road. Additionally, we give you a fixed price estimate up front. Consequently, there are no unexpected costs during your installation. 

Today, contact us online for a free consultation and pricing estimate. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592. We look forward to helping you create a relaxing and fun space in your home away from home!

Benefits of Having Your Own Home Theater in Raleigh, NC

home theater raleigh, ncFor decades, going to the movies has been a favorite pastime for many people. There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of the big screen and feeling like you’re part of the action and excitement while you’re transported to another time and place. However, with all the advancements that have been made in technology, it’s no longer necessary to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy this same experience. The installation of a home theater in Raleigh, NC will give you just as much satisfaction, if not more, without requiring you to go anywhere. Nevertheless, the benefits of having your own home theater system go far beyond the ability to watch films at your leisure.

Here are some of the top advantages of a home theater installation:

Capitalize on a Smart Investment

Because home theaters are increasingly in demand, they’re a highly desirable feature of properties that are up for sale. This means if you ever decide to put your home on the market, there’s a good chance having a home theater will make it more appealing to buyers and boost its value. This will allow you to yield a great return on your investment.

Become the Perfect Host

If you’re someone who likes to entertain guests, your private home theater in Raleigh, NC will be the perfect place to host social gatherings. You can screen the latest movies, watch the big game, or have a Netflix marathon while treating your friends and family to comfortable seating, great sound effects, and quality visuals.

Hone Your Gaming Skills

Whether you play alone or make it a family event, video games offer hours of entertainment. When you add the latest gaming consoles to your home theater setup, it makes it much easier for everyone to gather around together and become immersed in all the adventure. For serious gamers, it’s also a good opportunity to hone your skills and compete at a high level against players across the world.

Customize Your Ideal Setting

One of the biggest perks of building a home theater in Raleigh, NC is being able to fully customize it to meet your personal preferences. No matter how simple or complex you want your system to be, you can ensure every element matches your unique tastes and seamlessly integrates for ease of use. This will help to create just the type of setting and atmosphere you desire.

Why Have Your Home Theater Raleigh, NC Installed Professionally by Synergy Integrated Systems?

When designed and installed correctly, your home theater will quickly become the most popular room in the house. It can be used for a variety of purposes and will deliver an experience that’s nothing short of incredible. For those looking to invest in a home theater in Raleigh, NC, Synergy Integrated Systems is the number one company to partner with. They have extensive industry knowledge and training and use only high-grade products from established brands. Choosing the most suitable components for a system can be quite challenging, but with their expert guidance, clients can be sure they’re getting everything they need to maximize the performance of their home theater installation.