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Amazing Home Theater Raleigh — Ready to Start Your Install Today!

home theater RaleighFor many homeowners, adding a custom home theater room is the ultimate dream. Many home theater Raleigh area installers claim to make that dream come true. Unfortunately, homeowners often have to deal with opaque business practices and sub-standard quality of work from these operators. We founded Synergy Integrated Systems to show our clients that better is possible!

Basics of a Great Installation Service

Does the setup you want require a specialized home theater design and installation service? If you’re serious about a true home theater experience, the answer is probably yes! Professional home theater Raleigh specialists like Synergy have what it takes to create truly immersive systems:

  • Design Services: From placement of surround sound speakers to lighting to seating, our design specialists will help create your ideal experience.
  • Construction Expertise: Home theater installs also require solid knowledge of home improvement and building. For example, your media room will need insulation, not only to provide comfortable temperatures, but to improve sound quality.
  • Great Selection: Getting the best results requires the best equipment. Therefore, whether it’s lightingprojectors, or surround sound speakers, we carry the best around.
  • True Integration: Synergy Integrated Systems isn’t just a name. We offer full integration of home media and automation systems!
  • Transparent Software: We gladly provide the source code for your new system. Thus, you are not a hostage to one company for future upgrades or changes.

Why Synergy is the Home Theater Raleigh Installer to Trust

Christopher writes on Google Reviews: “Called on a Friday and they were able to come and install the following Monday. Despite a challenging install they came thru on time and under budget. Great bunch of folks and very professional. Would do business with them again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!”

Over and over again, we hear from our clients that we outperformed what they thought was possible. We do it by always sticking to our core principles, which require us to go above and beyond:

  • Ready When You Are: At Synergy, we believe in prompt and attentive customer service, especially when our competitors are off the clock. Our team offers night and weekend hours for both over-the-phone and in-person troubleshooting.
  • Intricate Installs: We specialize in the tough installation jobs. That’s because we write all of our own code and install our own hardware, with no subcontractors. Our quality control and attention to detail allows us to tackle unique and challenging situations.
  • No Surprises: We bill by project, not by hourly rates. We’ll work until we get it just the way you want it!
  • Tailored to You: You won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions here. Every Synergy system starts with a client consultation and then we design and build from the ground up!

The custom home theater system of your dreams might seem far off, but it’s not! Today, call Synergy at 919-446-4007 or contact us online. We’ll get you started with a free quote!

Home Theater Trends

home theaterHome theaters have come a long way. Home theaters today look significantly different than those a mere 10 years earlier. The technology that makes up the home theater (the TVs, screens, projectors, graphics and sound) are continually changing and advancing.

Like other forms of technology, the home theater seems to change every year.

Home Theater Trends

If you’re one to show off the latest and greatest technology in your home theater (or you want to be), here are some home theater trends you don’t want to miss:

  1. 4K With HDR

Yes, 4K TVs were so 2016. What were once the new highly priced standard of superior home movie watching, 4K TVs have become more affordable.

4K TVs offer viewers a screen resolution of four times that of a standard 1080p HD TV with more than 8 million pixels per image (compared to 2 million for 1080p HD TV). Home theater buffs flocked to get a 4 K television. Chances are, you have one yourself. If you don’t you’re missing out on the clearest display of your favorite movie or TV show.

Nowadays, there are companies like Kaleidescape that allow viewers to buy, download and play their favorite movies compatible with 4K with high-dynamic range (HDR) movie players. With both TVs and movies offering 4K formatting, any home theater buff would go amiss if they weren’t utilizing the amazing viewing experience with 4K technology.

If you have a 4K TV (and you should), it needs to have high-dynamic range (HDR), like a 4K movie player from Kaleidescape. High dynamic range enhances the effects of 4K movie and TV viewing experience through clear resolution. High dynamic resolution offers a wider range of colors and brightness levels than even traditional video, allowing one to easily adjust the resolution for the brightest colors and best viewing experience.  

  1. Sound Bars

Yes, superb speakers are essential for a home theater. Surround sound has been a staple of home theaters for many years.

With homes, and, therefore, home theaters becoming smaller, speakers and audio units have also gotten smaller. They do, however, have the same high-quality, crystal clear sound. 

Towers, speakers built into walls and ceilings and now soundbars are ways you can enjoy your favorite movie without sacrificing limited space in your home theater room.

Soundbars are narrow, horizontal speakers that lay just underneath the TV. Sound bars today have multiple movie audio “codes,” integrated Bluetooth, and a built-in wireless subwoofer.  The newest speakers can now stream music and audio from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  1. Ultimate, Universal Remotes

Every electronic gadget comes with its own remote. If you’re serious about your home theater, you probably have many remotes because only rookies would buy a home theater package.

Universal remotes came out many years ago to remedy the problem of multiple remotes. Today’s universal remotes can be programed onto an online database, allowing multiple devices to also be programmed using the same remote.  This can let you do more in less time.

Modern universal remotes can be in the form of one’s smartphone or tablet. You can now program all the components on the go with the gadget you always carry around with you.

  1. Second Screen

In today’s chaotic world, it’s easy to miss so much great entertainment. It’s often overwhelming with all the shows out there.

At-home theaters today provide so more than simply watching movies. Many with home theaters also watch their favorite TV shows and sports games there as well. With all the popular shows and sporting events, home theater owners have become drawn toward utilizing the multiple screens. 

Modern home theater screens allow viewers to not only watch multiple things at once (picture in picture you can say), but now viewers can synch their computer or smartphone to the TV and watch the soccer game of the century while watching all the live tweets coming in on your Twitter account or play a quick game of Zelda while watching an episode of Breaking Bad.

A second screen allows for the multitasking that we all enjoy doing so we can make the most of our time, when we’re not watching our favorite movies.

  1. Smarter TVs

As you’ve already found out, TVs are getting more sophisticated and smarter. What started off as big screens morphed into flat screens which then led to high-definition TVs. Now we have 4K TVs that are Wi-Fi enabled, come with a built-in camera, features multiple screen viewing, wireless connectivity to smartphones, app stores, console-less online video games, and voice-based interfaces.

Modern smart TVs are slowly turning into big-screen computer monitors. This allows for the ability to multitask easier.

  1. Multi-Use Space

If you’re like most people, chances are your home theater room is in an extra room in your home. Few people have the luxury to have both a spare room and a designated home theater room. Because of this, the home theater is slowly morphing into a multi-purpose room. More people are opting for traditional living room furniture, décor and furnishings than things you’d likely see in a traditional movie theater.

Even the walls are painted with lighter, more neutral colors instead of the dark, bold colors of a theater. More and more families are using technology like Roku and Apple TVs in their “living room” home theaters. In comparison to a designated projector that might be found in a dedicated home theater room.

  1. Networking Media

Current figures show one-quarter of home theaters utilize an Internet-connected Blu-ray player. The Internet will only play larger and larger roles in home theaters in the future.

Even if you don’t realize it, your home theater is likely already Internet connectivity dependent. Do you have a smart TV, dedicated streaming services (YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.), or networked gaming consoles? If you do, you know you can’t enjoy your favorite show or movie without an Internet connection.

You may have a home Wi-Fi network already, but is it enough to handle the high Internet browsing usage for your home theater? In many cases, a plain wireless network won’t optimally work for streaming and watching videos and movies. Consider instead to use private ethernet connections.

The home theater experience has improved and progressed rapidly over the last few years. This is due to enhanced TVs, screens and audio equipment. Some of the latest home theater trends include 4K HDR TVs, soundbars, advanced universal remotes, utilizing split screens and paying more attention to what the networking configurations are.

Choosing a Home Theater System for Music and Movies

home theater system For most families, a home theater system serves a dual function of playing music and movies. Choosing the right system is necessary to optimize your music listening as well as movie watching. Each activity requires something different. It all depends on the sound, so you need the right mix of speakers for your system. Here are some considerations for a home theater system that will play both music and movies.

Music vs Movie Sound

While there is some recorded music available in a multi-channel format, most music today is compressed and made available in stereo. This means that much of the deep bass sounds are removed from the music. The subwoofer in a home theater system is primarily delivering the low-frequency sounds that are not particularly necessary for music listening.

Movie sound is multichannel. The sound may be distinct and point-sourced or atmospheric in nature. Dialogue is usually mixed to the center channel. The sounds in movies encompass a wide dynamic range from low to high. The soundtracks of most movies require a high volume capability with deep bass satisfied with surround sound.

Once you determine your habits and which takes priority, music or movies, you can select the home theater system right for you. If you primarily listen to music, you want a system that delivers accurately pitched and controlled sound. The music listener is more discerning because the sound quality enhances the music listening experience.

Those that watch movies much more than listening to music won’t be as critical of the sound’s accuracy. The sound is more of a support for the video so the attention is not so much focused on shortcomings related to sound. While most home theaters serve as both movie and music systems, it would be beneficial to choose a system based on what kind of sound you prefer.Speaking with the experts at Synergy will help you decide, since they can recommend the speakers and systems that are best for your individual needs.

Choosing a Home Theater System

Room size is a major consideration in choosing a home theater system. If the space is larger than 700 square feet, you want full-size speakers with a full range, providing audio distinguished with a powerful amplifier. A surround sound system is capable of filling a larger space with sound and giving you the experience of a movie theater. For smaller rooms, a small satellite/subwoofer speaker system and a receiver should be adequate for movies and music without overwhelming the room.

Whether you want to relax to some music or gather with friends for the latest blockbuster movie, Synergy Integrated Systems provides a vast range of products for your home theater system. As a family-owned and customer-focused business, we offer a complete service. We can design, provide, and install your home theater system.

Our design team will assess the space, including size, lighting, and your preferences, to recommend a system that is appropriate for your home. Synergy offers high-quality receivers from Denon, Integra, and Marantz. We also offer a comprehensive range of speaker lines including JBL, Crestron, Episode, Leon, Revel, Triad, Origin Acoustics, and James Loudspeaker. With professional installation, you will enjoy home entertainment in no time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What do Home Theater Systems Need?

If you’re thinking about installing a home theater in your home, then a number of questions will often come up. Home theater systems include numerous components and can be difficult to understand for those of us who aren’t technologically savvy. The good news is that putting together a great system can be a pleasant experience, if you seek some professional guidance and expert installation.


The primary goal, when creating home theater systems, is to combine (within your budget) the best picture you can find with engaging surround sound. Once you have these two bases covered, the other aspects of your system should fall into place. These are the other aspects that you need to consider…


All home theater systems require these components (excluding furniture):




Another of the important aspects of home theater systems is the screen. You must have a gorgeous picture at the center of your theater. The whole point of a theater is watching the screen. Modern TVs offer incredible picture and some even offer a 3D experience. We are used to high-quality video in our normal TV viewing, so it is important to have the same or better quality in a home theater.


Video Sources


Now that you have an amazing screen for your home theater system, you’ll need excellent video sources. This means you’ll want a Blue-ray player and HDTV programming source or a projector. Don’t skimp on your video sources.


Home Theater Receiver


To enjoy surround sound, you’ll want to have a home theater receiver. This receiver will serve as the control center for all your audio. You can also use the receiver to manage video for home theater systems. Connecting multiple sources of video, like a Blue-ray player, an HDTV cable box, and video game consoles to your receiver will allow you to switch quickly between sources.



Speakers and Subwoofer


If you want to recreate the experience you find in a movie theater, you’ll want surround sound and a subwoofer in your home theater system.  Speaker placement is vital to sound quality in your theater.  Leave it to the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems to do a room analysis to determine the best place for your equipment for optimal sound and enjoyment.   Contact us to learn how to create a Dolby Atmos home theater and enjoy the best audio quality at home.


Cables Galore


With all the different electronics in your home theater, you’ll find a number of speakers important to your experience. Speaker cables, audio cables and video cables are all important aspects of home theater systems’ setup. High quality cables can also result in improved picture and sound throughout your home. You will also want to plan the best way to hide or camouflage the cables, so that they don’t ruin the ambiance of your theater.


Universal Remotes


With a screen, multiple speakers, a subwoofer, a Blue-ray player, an HDTV source, and many other components – home theater systems require a universal remote to manage everything.


Surge Protection


Home theater systems are bound to be a significant investment, therefore, you’ll want to protect the system with a surge protector. Lightning strikes and power surges can wreak havoc on your system. A surge protector is an easy solution to ensure that you avoid disaster.


Internet Connection


You may have installed a Smart TV in your home theater. You may have a video game console that hooks up to the internet. Or maybe you just want to connect your computer to the screen sometimes. As such, you’ll want a working internet connection for your home theater system.


It doesn’t have to be confusing…


If you feel overwhelmed just reading about the numerous parts of home theater systems, you may not want to install one yourself. Don’t worry! If you’re in the Raleigh area – we have you covered. Here at Synergy Integrated Systems, we are the home theater systems specialist. Contact us for your complimentary consultation today.


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