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The Advantages of Structured Wiring

Structured wiring in RaleighThe amount of electronics and gadgets we keep in our homes has changed dramatically even in the last decade. Particularly with the surge of smartphones and other mobile devices, we no longer live in a world of isolated components. Rather than a collection of devices that each have a singular purpose, we’re moving more and more toward all these devices being integrated. Structured wiring  is the answer to this technological conundrum.

Ensure a Neat-Looking Space With Structured Wiring

Structured wiring organizes your home. Rather than having to find ways to tuck wires  tightly to walls or moldings to avoid being a nuisance, this approach involves wiring all areas of your home for easy connectivity via wall panels. Wires will be within the walls, reducing clutter and keeping the transfer of data consolidated.

Many new homes are now being built with this approach in mind, but any home can be modified to utilize structured wiring. Particularly for older homes that were not built with technology in mind, adding internet and A/V connection panels can greatly improve usability and save space in smaller rooms. This sort of wiring can be time consuming and complicated, so it’s usually best to let an experienced professional handle it.

Unify Devices For Greater Control and Enjoyment

Another big advantage of structured wiring is that it involves running all these different types of wires through a central point. For all internet-related devices, this means a router or other network hub can be set at the heart of it much easier, directly linking TVs, computers, mobile devices, and more. Because all these devices are routed through this point, parental controls and other access restrictions are much more easily done.

Structured wiring also opens up other possibilities like playing a movie from a DVD or Blu Ray player in one room and watching it in other rooms. Not in the mood for a movie? This same functionality can extend to music, creating a seamless listening experience as you walk throughout your home. If you have exterior speakers, this is ideal for entertaining on your porch or for pool parties.

Because each device runs from the control box to its destination directly, homes and businesses can avoid the signal degradation of the past. Older approaches involved one line (power, data, or phone) to from one area to the next before returning. Both the increased line distance and having multiple areas sharing the same power/data source was not ideal. With structured wiring, signals are cleaner and more efficient by being routed more logically throughout.

One of the best parts about structured wiring is how configurable it is. Connections and functions of components wired into the system can always be changed after the setup of the network, so users don’t have to feel boxed into whatever setup was in place at the time of installation. This configuration also allows for relatively easy isolation of individual lines for when problems arise. This makes diagnosing the problem and solving it faster.

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