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Crestron Home Automation Solutions in Raleigh

Crestron Home Automation Raleigh Mobile

It sounds like a page from the future, but the future is here!  Home automation is no longer a fantasy, but a solid reality.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to control from anywhere the lighting, climate, video, security, audio, surveillance and even the sunlight in your home?

Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be the Number 1 authorized dealer of Crestron Home Automation products in the Raleigh-Durham area. Whether you are planning a complete home automation or in the process of updating selected areas, Synergy Integrated Systems should be your first call.

Raleigh Crestron Dealer for Local Solutions

A locally-owned business can offer personalized service, using products in a flexible, custom configuration for your home that a national cable company or phone company cannot offer. Larger companies must create standardized packages that they can install quickly into most homes.  Synergy Integrated Systems starts with your home and matches the equipment to your home’s needs, not the home to the equipment available.

This personalized service ensures that your installation is customized specifically for your needs and your home by local, reliable, available technicians. The customer support commitment at Synergy Integrated Systems is their primary focus.  A local home automation dealer gives you the peace of mind that someone is always nearby to answer any questions or offer assistance.

The Crestron Home Automation System offers a unique, simple way to control your surroundings, with the use of “Scenes.” You set the controls for your lighting, climate, security, etc., in various configurations based upon the time of day or your activity, thus there is no need to set each variable separately…they work together to provide exactly the temperature, lighting and audio that is required at that time of day for a particular activity. You can create an unlimited number of “Scenes,” such as, “Wake,” Away,” or “Goodnight.”

Let’s take a look at a typical day in a fully-automated home…you will be surprised at the time, worry, and financial savings when you can totally control the environment that represents your biggest investment and provides a secure, comfortable home for your family.

As you awaken, your bedroom lights slowly brighten to the perfect level, your bathroom and closet lights go on, your bathroom TV is set to your favorite news channel and the heated bathroom floor is warm.

When you leave the house and choose, “Away,” the lights in the house go out, the temperature is lowered to 65 degrees, the security system is armed, all doors lock and all electronics are turned off. Shades can even be automatically raised and lowered during the day to maximize solar heating.

After work, you press the “Home” button on your smartphone Crestron app and when you arrive, the lights and temperature are set to your requirements and your favorite music is playing in the kitchen and living room.

Bedtime…and you are too tired to go around the house, lowering the thermostat, turning off electronics and lights and setting the security system.  With Crestron Home Automation System, you just stay in bed and hit the “Goodnight” button on your tablet or phone and all of this will be done automatically…ensuring that no one has forgotten to set the alarm or turn down the temperature!

Comprehensive Home Automation

Creating a customized, automated home environment can be a comprehensive project or one that can be accomplished in phases.  Calling Synergy Integrated Systems for a FREE consultation is the first step. You will be shown how you can automate all of your home systems to provide you with the environment that offers the most comfort, security and economic benefit to your family.

Many clients use the services of Synergy Integrated Systems at their second homes, since they serve all of the beach communities along the North Carolina coast. When you are not in full-time residence, it is even more important to have remote access to controlling the home’s systems.

Synergy Integrated Systems offers its clients some very unique services…especially when you are accustomed to the standardized products of the national companies.  Since customer service is a top priority, that service is available 24 hours a day.  An unheard-of benefit…they are an “open source” system, which means that they provide the client with the system programs so that you are free to have another company work on the system and are not locked into Synergy for life.  Of course, they know that the high quality of their service and products will give clients confidence that no other service provider is ever necessary!

A bit about the Crestron Home Automation System-the industry leader for more than 40 years…

It is Reliable—it works to make your life simpler by just “being there.”

It is Simple—the system is designed to eliminate layers of technology, not add them.

It is Personalized—every solution is customized to you, your family and your home.

It is Convenient—you are in control from anywhere at any time.

It is Economical—using the power of “Scenes” or any control features, you are saving energy, time and money.

As the Number 1 Crestron authorized dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area, Synergy Integrated Systems can offer any configuration of products from a specific function to total home automation.

One of the many testimonials that they have received, sums up the Synergy benefit to customers.  The testimonial says, in part, “I wish all my trades had the same work ethic, dedication and passion for their work.”