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Home Audio Raleigh – Amp Up Your Sound System

Are you planning to amp up your home audio Raleigh for a house or outdoor space? Synergy Integrated Systems has some great ideas to help you choose the best sound installation contractor. Plus, we have tips to guide you to the finest audio system that fits your needs and budget.

Selecting Your Sound System

When choosing an audio system that will work best within your home, there are a few things to consider. First, think about where you want sound to surround you. Often, our customers initially think of their lounging areas and kitchen space. However, envision everywhere that you wish to hear something other than the sound of silence. For instance, you may also enjoy music in additional areas where you spend time. Office space, bedrooms and even bathrooms are popular spots for installation of speakers.

Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to the inside of your home. Since Synergy is a contractor for many lines of speakers, we are also able to provide outdoor audio. In fact, Origin Acoustics specializes in landscape sound systems. Strategically place sound nearly anywhere. Outside and inside the home, their detailed and refined speakers are practically invisible when you want them to be. Additionally, Synergy carries customized options from each vendor with whom we partner.

Next, think about audio distribution systems. Essentially, this is the medium you choose to distribute sound throughout your home. At Synergy, we offer a wide variety of choices including: Sonos, Heos, URC, Autonomic Controls, Crestron, and Elan. Moreover, these lines offer media servers as well, to store and stream all your favorite tunes.

Installation Cost

Obviously, this begs the question, how much does it cost for surround sound installation? Basically, it depends on the scope of the work done. Similarly, the type of equipment you choose affects the price. Likewise, consider peripherals. Since you’re preparing installation for audio, it is often wise to install wires for video at the same time. Even if you don’t need video right away, it may save you some money in the long run.

Ultimately, it’s useful to get a free fixed pricing estimate. Fortunately, Synergy offers a no-cost consultation to do that and more. Not only do we provide an estimate, we help you review what systems fit your needs and budget best. For more information, fill out our contact form or give us a call.

Let Synergy Help with Your Home Audio Raleigh Installation

Finally, you may wonder why you should choose Synergy for your home audio and video wiring needs. We have several reasons to share!

1. Our size is one of our biggest assets. Since we are compact, you will always have the same core team working on your custom solutions. Consequently, you will always be able to reach someone knowledgeable about your project when you call.

2. Speaking of our customer service – it is the second reason to choose Synergy. We focus on making our customers happy no matter what it takes. During normal business hours, late hours and even weekends, we provide both over-the-phone and in-person trouble-shooting. Also, we are local to the Raleigh area. Much of our work comes from satisfied clients recommending us to friends and family.

3. Most importantly, we happily provide you with open source access. In other words, we give each customer the non-compiled code of all system programming. Thus, if you need work in the future, you can feel confident that you will receive a competitive price.

4. Keep in mind, we offer multiple options. In addition to audio installation, we offer video wiring and whole home control and distribution as well. Our expertise extends to home theaters and total home automation. For more information, check out our photo gallery, which includes our audio projects.

Finally, the best way to get your home audio Raleigh completed is by contacting us! Give us a call at 919-324-3592.

Home Theater Raleigh – Creating the Freedom to Relax in Your Own Home

After a long day of work and tasks, it’s imperative to have a truly relaxing area in your home. Not just a kick-back place, but a space where you can rest and let your mind be free. In fact, absorbing your mind in an entertaining endeavor is a great way to relax in itself. Watching a movie allows you to absorb your mind in another world for a bit. Better yet, it’s even more peaceful when doing it within the tranquility of your home. Therefore, finding a home theater Raleigh contractor is a fantastic step toward total relaxation.

Help with Your Home Theater Raleigh

Whether you have an organized vision or are entering the planning stage, Synergy Integrated Systems will work with you. Accordingly, we have experience aiding the process at all levels. From inception to completion, we diligently work with you to install your home theater Raleigh expertly. However, no matter who you choose as your contractor, you should consider several factors.

First, what qualifications does your NC contractor have? For example, are they a BBB-accredited business? If not, move on. Synergy Integrated Systems is honored to have an A+ rating. Moreover, we are a member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). Also, we have a Crestron Digital Media Certified engineer on staff to help with audio and other specialized installation.

Second, verify pricing structure. Selecting a company that provides fixed priced estimates is wise. Sometimes, technology takes extra time to troubleshoot. Consequently, avoiding a company that charges by the hour keeps you on the financially positive end of that issue. This aspect will also help you determine how much your home theater will cost. For instance, once you choose the final plan, additional hidden fees won’t lurk, as an unpleasant surprise after installation.

Third, Synergy Integrated Systems promotes healthy competition. Due to this desire, we happily provide non-compiled code of the system programming we write to each of our customers. Ultimately, this open source access gives you the option to select other NC vendors when needed. Although, we certainly hope you will see the benefit in choosing us! Either way, our primary goal is to ensure that you receive the best work possible at an affordable price point.

NC Home Theater 101

Next, it helps to have an idea of what you will need for your home theater Raleigh installation. From wiring of audio and video to seating and screens and overall design, we will guide you. A few aspects you will need to consider include:

  • Audio – Select from surround sound speakers and multiple audio options.
  • Video – Enjoy cutting-edge 4K resolution with 2-piece designs.
  • Lighting – Ease eye strain with customized illumination.
  • Screen – Enjoy modern automated screens that utilize wall space.
  • Seating – Choose from stadium style to reclining seats, or both!
  • Theme – Pull your ambiance together with peripheral design options.

Additionally, you may wonder what electronics are crucial. Essentially, it depends on how you customize your project. Synergy Integrated Systems works with multiple vendors to find the best fit for you. Included in our product line are Crestron, Episode, Octane, JVC, Epson, Dragon Fly and more. We carry only top-of-the-line products and equipment. Our expertise in the installation phase will ensure that every piece of equipment is functioning perfectly. You will be entertaining guests and enjoying family movie nights in no time!

Equally important, it helps to see ideas for home theaters to spark your own imagination. Check out our gallery of projects or visit our showroom in North Raleigh. To book an appointment, call us at 919-324-3592 or contact us online!

Home Theater Installation Near Me – Finding Premier Providers

If you are searching for home theater installation near me today, then you are embarking on an exciting journey! From setup and equipment service to sound and video selections, there are lots of enjoyable decisions to make. At first, it may even seem a little overwhelming. However, don’t fret. Synergy Integrated Systems has years of experience and an abundance of ideas to help with your project.

What’s in a Home Theater System?

As you ponder what your installed theater may look like, consider popular setup elements. Initially, you need to think about size and shape. Generally, your home theater needs to blend into an existing space. 

You can approach this task in one of two ways. Consider what you wish your theater to look like and then determine where this fits best in your home. Or, take a somewhat opposite approach. For instance, think about the space available in your current floorplan and mold your theater design to fit. Most importantly, don’t frustrate yourself over this stage. Synergy Integrated Systems is available to help! From initiating equipment and networking ideas to setup and full installation, we will take you through all steps of the process.

Next, contemplate a few technical aspects. For example, what type of video equipment do you prefer? If you don’t yet know, don’t worry. Basically, you choose a projection system and we do the rest. Essentially, an installed projector and screen provides the best video possible. In fact, the popular 4K resolution is available with the cutting-edge technology that we use.

Correspondingly, think about sound setup needs. Your service options are abundant. Primarily, surround sound is popular for home theaters. As authorized dealers of Marantz, Denon, Sony and Integra receivers, we offer a wide array of options. Additionally, we have an extensive line of audio equipment including Monitor Audio, Origin Accoustics, Triad,  and many others.   

Peripherals and Décor

After determining installed equipment for the best video and sound service in your theater, consider peripherals. Ultimately, lighting setup is an important one. Using natural or artificial light goes a long way in setting the perfect ambiance. Better yet, opt for intelligent lighting and control your system with a touchscreen or keypad.

Likewise, your screen is an integral part of the ambiance as well. Cutting-edge screens go far beyond a fixed frame with felt trim. However, if that’s what best fits your ambiance, it’s still a great choice. Perhaps, you’d like something a bit more advanced though. Motorized screens retract and can even reveal a piece of art when not in use. Other screens have an LED backlight that creates the illusion of the picture floating on the wall. Either way, Synergy Integrated Systems works with you to find the optimal fit.

Similarly, seating is another intrinsic aspect. Generally, multiple rows provide the best viewing pleasure. For the best sightline, elevation helps as well. Moreover, ergonomic options aid in overall comfort. Choose from reclining seats and heated cushions to trays and wine glass holders.

Elite Home Theater Installation Near Me

Ultimately, all these fabulous options may have you wondering: how much does a home theater cost? In the end, that part is up to you. The scope of the project, installation needs and your personal choices affect the bottom line. Selecting a company that will work within your budget is one of the most important steps to take. After all, it’s critical to find the best home theater installation near me to ensure your vision comes to life.

Synergy Integrated Systems is a local, family-owned business. We are honored to service the greater Raleigh Triangle area as a premier custom integrator. Not only do we offer fixed price estimates, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Furthermore, as a fully-bonded and insured company, we are proud to be a BBB-accredited business.

Finally, check out some samples of our work in our photo gallery. Then, contact us online for a free consultation. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592. We look forward to meeting you!

Luxury Home Theater Systems – Finding the Best Design and Hardware Options

Finding the best luxury home theater systems is a fun, yet sometimes daunting task. Initially, it helps to simply browse ideas and then start thinking about what best fits your lifestyle. Primarily, you need to understand what options exist. Included in those are sound selections, projector preferences, seating and lighting. Then, determine how to narrow them down and best implement your plan.

Designing Luxury Home Theater Systems

So, what is a true custom home theater room? Obviously, it’s a small theater-like room with a screen built inside your home. In the end, it’s so much more than that. Keep in mind, one of the key words is custom. In searching for luxury home theater systems that provide the best experience possible, customized cohesive design is imperative. By cohesive, we mean several things.

First, the design of your high-end home theater needs to blend within your existing structure. This matters for several reasons. Foremost, it must be structurally adaptable to safely fit within your home. Moreover, an addition that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the house aids in increasing resale value.

Additionally, the ability to customize means the design flows around both your needs and your wants. For example, think about the experience that you wish to have. Are you looking for a cozy, more personal environment? Or, do you like to entertain large groups? Possibly, your needs fit somewhere in-between.

Furthermore, and here’s where the fun part comes to play, do you have a theme? Perhaps, you want to focus on favorites. This could be a favorite team, movie, book or even song. When selecting seating, lighting and colors, this theme should come into play so that everything meshes visually.

High-End Home Theater Hardware

If you don’t have an overall design strategy yet, don’t worry. There are other factors to consider that may help. Plus, Synergy Integrated Systems can aid as you figure out the intricacies and fine tune the details. We utilize many providers, including Crestron, that have multiple options in video, sound and lighting. From screen to audio selections and seating to digital touch screens, we will help you create the best experience possible.

Some aspects to consider include:


Surround sound is one of the most popular options for audio in high-end home theater designs. Synergy has a wide array of options to suit your needs. We are authorized dealers of Marantz, Sony, Denon and Integra receivers.  Choose from many speaker brand lines including Monitor Audio, Origin Accoustics, Triad, Crestron, Episode, and more.


Since the display in your home theater is typically the largest in your home, a two-piece design is best. Combining a screen with a projector delivers the premium resolution possible. No longer is 1080P the best that you can get; Ultra-High Definition has 4 times that. Likewise, consider lens shift which readjusts automatically to show all pictures properly. Choose a quality projector from Sony or Epson. Screen options include Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen and Dragon Fly.


Ever noticed your eyes overworking when the lighting on-screen changes dramatically? Not only is it irritating, it can be tiring to your muscles. Notably, ambient light prevents eye fatigue. Hence, developing a lighting strategy aids the comfort of all viewers. Additionally, creative lighting sets the perfect ambiance for your in-home movie screening.

Use the Best to Have the Best

Ultimately, you need the best partner on your project to get the best results. Synergy Integrated Systems proudly serves homeowners in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. More importantly, we are fully bonded, insured and BBB-accredited. Our customer service is unparalleled – our technicians are available to support your equipment. This is one of the reasons you choose a local company – to know that they are there when you need them.

We’d love to meet with you and provide a free consultation. Contact us or call at 919-324-3592.

​#1 Raleigh Home Theater Installation at Synergy

Raleigh Home Theater InstallationAttention residents of the Raleigh area! Home theater installation is the newest trend in home improvement!

Are you a movie fanatic who would love to bring the big screen to their own living room? We have great news. Through Synergy Integrated Systems, you can bring your silver screen dreams to life. Synergy Integrated Systems is Raleigh-Durham’s premier custom technology provider. From home theaters to lighting systems you can control through your smartphone, Synergy Integrated Systems does it all. For all things tech, think big—think Synergy.

What is Synergy Integrated Systems?

Synergy is a company that aims to integrate any electronic features of any room in your home. Using keypads, remotes, or even the touch screen on your phone, anything can be integrated. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to control any room’s lighting using just your phone? That dream can now be your reality. Easily control the atmosphere of any room or electronic system with simple, handheld tools. Life is made more comfortable when you call Synergy.

What makes Synergy better than the rest?

Locally owned and operated, Synergy is able to provide personal, full-time customer service to all of our clients. They become part of our family and are treated that way.. When shopping around for a company to undertake large projects within your home, trust is the most important thing. At Synergy, rest assured that the highest quality products and customer service are guaranteed. Wouldn’t it be great to have a fully automated home? To spend hours entertaining friends and family in your automated home theater? A better quality of life awaits you when you contact the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems.

A home theater is the ultimate element in entertaining!

For residents of Raleigh, home theater installation is a breeze. Synergy uses high quality products from trusted brands to give you the best experience possible. Once Synergy has helped you create a unique, innovative home theater, have some friends over and show it off. Friends, family and neighbors alike will be lining up to sneak a peak. Family movie night has never been better than with a home theater installation by Synergy Integrated Systems. The children (and adults) will enjoy an enhanced experience with their video games and sports fans of all ages will love watching all of the big games from a comfortable reclining media chair! When you choose Synergy, you can feel confident that your convenience and comfort is our number one priority.

Trust in our top quality brands

Brands like Crestron, SONOS and URC Total Control are what keep Synergy at the top of the home automation game. In fact, Synergy is the #1 distributor of Crestron products in the area. When it comes to lighting integration, custom audio-video distribution and home theater design, absolutely nobody beats Synergy. An integrated entertainment system created from the best names in the business is a perfect addition to any home. If you’ve been dreaming of a simpler life, let Synergy help. If you are a resident of Raleigh or any surrounding areas all the way out to the coast, home theater installation has never been simpler or more trustworthy than with Synergy Integration Systems. Build your way to a better future when you trust Synergy with any home automation needs. Call today and let’s get started creating your new, integrated home theater.

Choosing the Right TV for a Home Theater installation in Raleigh NC

home theater installation in raleigh ncThe area in and around Raleigh NC is becoming a hub for technical companies and with that, the homes in the area are being upgraded by the employees of those companies. The more you understand the technical advancements being made in home automation and entertainment, the more you want a smart home with all of the latest equipment. Home theater installation in Raleigh NC is increasing every year. A well-designed home theater gives the ultimate audio and visual entertainment experience. By choosing the right components, it is easy to recreate the feel of a movie theater in your home. A major component of your home theater installation is the TV. Here are some considerations to make sure you choose the right TV for your installation and your home.

Display Size

The size of your home theater and how far people will sit from the screen will determine the screen size. The recommended viewing distance is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times the TV screen size. By measuring the screen diagonally from the bottom right corner to the top left corner, you can find the size. For example, if you have a 60-inch screen, you want to sit between 7.5 and 12.5 feet away. If you can see the pixels in the picture, you are too close to the screen.

Screen Types

The lighting in your room will determine the best screen type to choose. A proper match of TV screen type to the lighting will lessen eye strain.

  • Plasma screens are best in dark rooms. They offer excellent contrast and a wide viewing angle. The smoother motion of this screen type is good for watching sports. The larger the size, the more cost effective this option will be.
  • For bright rooms, LCD screens are great choices. For higher quality and less power consumption, LED LCD screens are an option.
  • OLED screens offer the highest picture quality, but is an expensive option.
  • Curved-screens provide a wraparound cinematic effect.
  • A projector gives you the largest picture. It works great in rooms that can be made totally dark. The video is projected on a wall and you have the ability to change the size of the screen. A distance of 12-15 feet between the projector and the wall will give you the best viewing results.

Picture Resolution

The display resolution of a TV refers to the number of pixels displayed in an on-screen picture. The higher the resolution, the higher the number of pixels. This translates to a higher quality picture with better clarity and color. The larger your TV screen, the more important the resolution is. A 1080p used to be the high standard and called full HD or high definition. The ‘p’ refers to the number of pixels from top to bottom on the edge of the screen. Now, with the Ultra HD 4K resolution, pictures achieve four times the resolution of full HD.

Other technology

Smart TVs are integrated with the internet and web 2.0. Most of the high end TVs are smart TVs. With a variety of capabilities, you can access streaming services and access the internet either through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or both. A smart TV can be a home entertainment hub and enhance capabilities with program recommendations, voice recognition, and more.

Synergy’s Home Theater Installation in Raleigh NC

If you are considering the installation of a home theater system in the greater Raleigh NC area, choosing the right TV is often the start. A professional can make sure you have all the right components for your system. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we specialize in home theater systems. We can customize an installation that maximizes the entertainment for your home. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Customize Your Home Theater in Raleigh with Synergy Integrated Systems!

home theater in raleigh Imagine Your Home Theater in Raleigh

Imagine how convenient it would be to relax in your very own home theater in Raleigh instead of having to get dressed, drive to a movie theater, stand in line with dozens of other patrons, pay exorbitant prices for tickets as well as food and drink, sit among people who may or may not be quiet , wait until the end of the show to take a comfort break or else miss parts of the movie, and then file out with the crowd.

Instead, suppose you were fortunate enough to have a customized home theater in Raleigh where you would be free to select your own movie and choose the most convenient day and time to view it. Now, you could select the friends with whom you most want to share the experience, pause the viewing at any time for your own comfort and convenience, enjoy your favorite food and drinks and not have to leave the comfort of your own home.

You and your family can enjoy just such a home theater in Raleigh with design and installation assistance from Synergy Integrated Systems. We are a family-owned local business that offers customized home entertainment solutions to families across the Triangle area. You can count on personalized service and high-quality equipment at affordable prices – from individual starter components to intricate high-end systems. Every Synergy-designed home theater in Raleigh is tailored to each customer’s wants, needs and budget.

Your Home Theater in Raleigh Gets Only Knowledgeable, Professional Attention

What could be a more wonderful entertainment experience for you and your friends than enjoying a comfortable movie theater setting – from a simple screen and projector to tiered seating with elaborate sound system or anything in between – in your own home theater in Raleigh? We at Synergy are knowledgeable about automated screens and projection systems, digital surround sound and custom speakers and have years of experience designing media spaces and installing all the desired components and complete systems. Whether you want to view the latest movies with the family or take in a televised sporting event with friends, your home entertainment venue will be a source of fun and enjoyment for years to come.

Add to the Enjoyment of Your Home Theater in Raleigh

In addition to the audio and visual aspects of your system, a total-experience home theater in Raleigh could include the most advantageous light choices and lighting control. We can advise you on selections from electrical lighting options that include touchscreen or keypad control to manage levels and paths of illumination to automated window coverings that add to energy savings and privacy while providing the perfect environment for your evening’s entertainment.

As a complement to your home theater in Raleigh, Synergy can design a whole-house audio system that will distribute your favorite music throughout your home and porch or patio, easily controlled through in-wall panels, touchscreens or remote devices. We will discreetly incorporate speakers so they blend in with their surroundings and don’t interfere with your décor.

In addition to the advantages of your home theater in Raleigh, we offer video capabilities distributed throughout your home but managed from a single source, such as a cable box or Blu-ray player. Multiple TVs connected to one switch means complete video distribution with only one piece of equipment, one set of wires to conceal, and one monthly payment.

Contact Synergy Integrated Systems today at 919-324-3592 for a free consultation about your home theater in Raleigh, and ask us about whole-house audio and video distribution as well.