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Learn How a Crestron Dealer Can Improve You Home’s Lighting



When it comes to comfort in your home, there are many things you can do to enhance it. Something that is often overlooked is lighting control and home automation.  Many of the items in your home can be integrated together to allow you to have easier control over them. This includes your TV and stereo, thermostat, and lighting.   All can be controlled from a phone, tablet or single remote.


Crestron is an industry leader in home automation and lighting control solutions and Synergy is your authorized dealer in the triangle that will design a system to suit your exact needs.

A Crestron system can improve the lighting in your home in many ways, including:


Energy Savings


A Crestron system lets you have complete control over the lighting in your entire home. You will be able to always know which lights are on and where. Just using a keypad or your own smart device, you will be able to turn those lights on and off. Another great feature of Crestron is the dimming capability. Typical lights have an on/off feature. The only way you save energy is when they are turned off. However, with dimming, you can keep lights on, but cut back on the amount of energy used. Not only will you be helping the environment, this could end up saving you quite a bit of money as well.




When you talk to a Crestron dealer, you will discover that home automation is ideal for security. A dark home is always a potential risk for a burglary. But Crestron allows you to program your lights to turn on at specific times. You can even install motion sensors for not only the outside of your home, but for individual rooms inside.




Last but certainly not least, a Crestron system adds a new level of comfort to your home. If you like adding a bit of ambiance when you watch movies or TV shows, it can be a pain going around turning off the lights. You will never have to do that again with Crestron. With one touch of a button, you can dim or turn the lights off in the room and get ready for the show to start.


If you are ready to improve your security and comfort while saving energy and money, a Crestron system is for you, and Synergy Integrated Systems has what you need. We are the leading Crestron dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area and