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Home Automation Wilmington NC – Smart Solutions for Wilmington Homeowners

As smart technology continues to transform our daily lives, the desire for home automation Wilmington NC solutions is increasing. Fortunately, so are your options. Notably, Synergy Integrated Systems is expanding its reach! Therefore, we are able to deliver our smart control systems and expertise directly to your Wilmington area home.

Enticing Elements of Home Automation

To truly embrace the excitement of our expansion, it helps to understand the elements of home automation. Likewise, grasping its versatility reveals how it can enhance your world, inside and outside, of your home. No longer is automation simply about controlling your thermostat or surround sound and lighting. While those are still important aspects and included in home automation, modern advancements enrich and far surpass these abilities.

Included in options that Synergy offers are:

  • Smart Lighting brightens to a whole new level with shade control and energy efficiency. Plus, intuitive systems turn lights on and off according to your schedule and needs.
  • Climate control includes a detailed history of energy consumption. Therefore, you can monitor usage and make informed decisions without opening a single utility bill!
  • Audio solutions range from wired to wireless. Flush mounted speakers blend effortlessly in any room allowing you to enjoy music while maintaining your home’s décor.
  • Video views vary to any room with whole home video distribution. One video switch controls it all. Moreover, without the need for multiple cable boxes, you save cost and minimize wires and clutter.
  • Outdoor options abound.Schedule sprinkling for your landscaping or heat up the hot tub and open the cover from your smart phone! When you arrive home, hop on in and enjoy the view!
  • Enhanced security seamlessly blends with existing systems.One interface allows users to view security with the touch of a button.

Additional Benefits

No matter what features you choose, recent trends indicate that security and smart control systems increase home value. Not only are millennials more comfortable with technology, they expect it. Now that many are entering the housing market, home automation is a wise investment.

Speaking of resale, if a new owner wishes to utilize a different provider, Synergy is completely open source. In other words, we provide you with a copy of the system programming in its most basic form. Thus, any capable home automation company can complete work on the system. Similarly, this provides security to you as well ensuring that you will receive competitive pricing on future requests and enhancements.

Home Automation Wilmington NC Contractors

Finally, to reap the best benefits of home automation Wilmington NC available, you need an elite contractor. Our team works diligently to maintain its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Whether it’s during normal business hours, late hours or even weekends, we focus on making our customers happy. Consequently, we make sure that we are available when you need us.

Furthermore, Synergy provides custom solutions that allow you to control your home with the touch of a button. With systems from CrestronELAN and URC Total Control, we accommodate specific needs within your budget.

Recently, the Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Award Program Committee recognized the new ELAN 8. Due to its powerful interface and voice control through Amazon Alexa, it won “2017 Human Interface Product of the Year”. This new software eliminates the need to have multiple apps to manage all aspects of the connected home. Better yet, it remembers your preferred actions and responds accordingly. Synergy is proud to offer installation of this innovative product.

View Products in Action

This intuitive system is one of many that Synergy offers. To see our work, check out our photo gallery or view some of our home automation devices. Then, contact us online for a free consultation and pricing estimate. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592 to schedule an appointment and observe our gallery in person.

2 Must-Have Features for Any Home Theater Raleigh

home theater raleigh Whether you’re a movie buff, a loyal sports fan, or a gaming expert, there are a number of benefits to installing a home theater system. You can enjoy an endless array of entertainment options right from the comfort of your own living space. Having a home theater in Raleigh will also enhance the quality time you spend with family and friends. However, to reap the full rewards of a home theater, all the right components must be purchased and properly integrated together. Although there are several important elements that will need to be combined to provide the full theater experience, surround sound and projection systems are two features, in particular, that can make all the difference in how satisfied you are with your new setup. Both of these aspects are integral in making the audience feel like they’re part of the action.

This is why Synergy Integrated Systems is committed to carrying nothing short of the finest home theater equipment you can find on the market. Having partnered with the industry’s top brand names, the professionals at Synergy have everything necessary to create the perfect theater room with all the best surround sound and projection products.

Surround Sound Systems

The most common surround sound systems found in home theaters are 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1. This refers to the number of speakers installed plus a subwoofer. The standard configuration consists of front left and front right speakers, a center speaker, and surround left and right speakers, which are placed at the back of the room. Any additional speakers you may decide to add to your home theater in Raleigh will only serve to improve the audio output that much more. Surround sound allows you to pick up sounds from every end of the spectrum so you never miss a word or music lyric.

Synergy Integrated Systems is an authorized dealer of Integra, Denon, and Marantz receivers, and they have an impressive line of speaker options from Crestron, JBL, Origin Acoustics, Revel, Episode, Leon, James Loudspeaker, and Triad.

Projection Systems

Projection systems consist of a projector and a display screen. As technology has advanced over the years, the quality and capabilities of projectors have increased significantly. If you really want to design a home theater in Raleigh that will stand out, consider choosing a projection system over a TV. A projection screen will present images that are larger than life. This is easier on the eyes and will give you a visual that just can’t be achieved on a television.

Synergy Integrated Systems has a selection of projection systems to complete your ideal home theater construction. They have projectors from JVC, Vivitek, and Epson and screens from reputable manufacturers, such as Dragon Fly, Screen Innovations, and Stewart Filmscreen.

Choose Synergy Integrated Systems for the Design & Installation of Your Home Theater Raleigh

Synergy Integrated Systems is an industry leader in the design and installation of home theater systems. They proudly serve the residents of North Carolina, offering high quality services to those interested in boosting the appeal and value of their property with the addition of a home theater in Raleigh. When you work with the experts at Synergy, you can expect to receive a meticulous installation job, as well as personalized service to ensure all your home entertainment dreams are turned into a reality.

3 Ways Home Audio Systems Benefit Homeowners

home audio systemsWhether you’re installing all the components for a home theater or simply want to achieve the ultimate sound experience when listening to music, home audio is the solution you need to accomplish your goals. Home audio systems are designed to provide much higher quality acoustics than the standard built-in speakers of a stereo or television. They can instantly transform a living environment into a movie set or concert hall so you feel as though you’re in the middle of all the action.

What is Home Audio?

Home audio systems may be comprised of a few different products, but the most important elements are the AV receiver and surround sound speakers. An AV receiver performs several tasks, including connecting and switching your audio and video sources, tuning in radio programming, decoding surround sound formats, and amplifying audio signals to power multiple speakers at a time. When you combine a receiver with surround sound speakers, the result is an electrifying production of acoustics that has the ability to reach throughout your entire home. Media servers and audio distribution products are also used to enhance the functionality of home audio systems.

How Do Home Audio Systems Benefit Homeowners?

There are quite a few benefits to installing home audio, including the following:

  • Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Entertaining Guests: If you enjoy having friends and family over, a home audio system is a great way to set the mood for your festivities. With the quick push of a button, you can select the tracks you want to play and even have different types of music playing in each room. Systems can also be integrated to extend the sound into your outdoor spaces so your listening pleasure is never limited to the indoors.
  • Immerse Yourself in Music & Movies: Everyone has days where they want to escape the chaos and responsibilities of normal life. Unwinding with relaxing music or becoming absorbed in a movie is an ideal way to do this. Home audio systems will provide you the retreat you desire, by making it easy to become immersed in whatever you’re listening to or watching.
  • Eliminate the Outburst of a Screeching Alarm: Waking up in the morning should be a pleasant experience, but it’s probably not, if you’re awakened by the shrill of an alarm clock. If you have a home audio system, you will no longer require the services of a traditional alarm. You can start your day off right by setting your system to wake you up each morning cheerfully with your favorite music.

Discuss Your Home Audio Needs With the Experts at Synergy Integrated Systems

To get the most out of home audio systems, homeowners must invest in the right products and ensure they are installed properly. This is easy to do when you choose to work with the home audio specialists at Synergy Integrated Systems. We carry a number of products from a variety of leading industry brands and can customize a system that meets your unique needs and is optimized for every area of your home. Regardless if you’re building new construction or looking to update your current living space, our convenient location in North Carolina allows us to offer our services throughout the Triangle area extending out to the coastal region.

​4 Reasons to have Home Automation Systems Installed

home automation systemsOne of the best things about the advancement in technology is how we are now able to combine so many different things. No longer do you need a phone, a camera, and an Internet device, when all it takes is one item to have all three. This is one of the biggest benefits of home automation systems; pretty much anything electronic in your home can be connected and controlled with one device. Not only does this make your life a lot easier, you will be able to make improvements in a number of areas, including:

Energy Efficiency

If you are like most homeowners in the Triangle area, you probably dread getting your energy bill every month, especially during the very hot and cold months. This is where home automation systems can be a big help. You will be able to closely monitor the temperature in your home, as well as what lights or appliances are on. This will allow you to be vigilant and make sure things are off when they are not being used. One of the great aspects of home automation systems is that you can see what is happening in your home no matter where you are. Worried you cranked the heat up and forgot to turn it off before you left for work? You will be able to check it and adjust it if need be.


Because your home is almost certainly your most expensive asset, you need to make sure it is protected at all times. Just as home automation systems allow you to check the temperature from anywhere, they will also let you keep tabs on your locks and alarm system no matter where you are. You will never again have to worry about the kids forgetting to lock the door or setting the alarm. Some home automation systems also send you an alert whenever someone enters your home.


There is nothing worse than settling in to watch some TV or finally slipping into bed only to discover that you left some lights on somewhere in the house or did not lock the back door. With trusty home automation systems, you will have access to your entire home and all you will need to do is press a few buttons.


Home automation systems can greatly enhance how you enjoy your entertainment. If you love watching movies, all of your Blue-Rays or DVDs can be integrated into your system so you will never have to fiddle with a disc again. And because you can control your lighting and even your window shades, you can quickly and easily turn your living room into a movie theater.

Synergy: Your Place for Home Automation Systems

Ready to learn more about having home automation systems installed? Get in touch with Synergy Integrated Systems. We can help you transform your home with our top-of-the-line brands, including Crestron, Sonos, Kaleidescape, and Wirepath. Once your home automation system is installed, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Home Audio Installation Made Easy

home audio installationIf you are a big fan of music, most likely you spend a good part of each day with your headphones on or ear buds in, listening to your favorite tunes. And when you are at home, you probably crank up the radio or your stereo. Now, you may have a good sound system, but chances are it is not as great as it could be. To hear your music like you have never heard it before, you need to think about home audio installation. With a home audio installation, you will be outfitted with the best speakers on the market and a media server to house all of your music.

The benefits of a home audio installation

Simple controls

One of the main advantages to home audio installation is the control factor. Because all of your CDs and music files will be integrated into the system, you will no longer have to worry about finding the right discs to play. All you will have to do is hit a couple of buttons on your smartphone to find the perfect songs to play.

A better viewing experience

In addition to an enhanced music listening experience, other areas of entertainment will also be improved. When watching a movie or TV show, the surround sound will make you feel like you are in your own personal theater.

Improved gaming

If you play a lot of video games, you know that the music and sound effects used in many of them are pretty much movie-quality. Your speakers will be able to capture it all while you play.

Synergy Integrated Systems: The home audio installation experts in the greater Raleigh area

When you are ready to vastly improve your home’s sound system, you can count on Synergy Integrated Systems. When you give us a call, the first thing we will do is talk to you about your needs and the budget you are working with. Then we will give you a free estimate for the equipment and work involved. Our technicians cover the greater Raleigh area of North Carolina…and continue all the way to the coast. We offer excellent customer service and are never more than a phone call away.

The home audio installation process

The home audio installation process is fairly simple. We will come out to your home and figure out the best places for the media server, in-wall controls, touch screens, and the speakers. If they will all be in one room, the home audio installation is rather straightforward. But if you want the system to be accessed and heard in other rooms or perhaps the entire house, things get a little more complex. We will need to work with you to find the ideal spots for the speakers and other hardware. The great news is that because we offer wireless options, you will never have to worry about an unsightly wire interfering with your home’s décor.

At Synergy, we put quality work at the top of our priority list. This is why we only use premier brands, including Sonos, Crestron, and Origin Acoustics. We know that when you get a home audio installation from us, it will be love at first listen.

Trends in Integrated Systems Solutions for the Home​

integrated systems solutionsA smart home system is a way to control your home, reduce waste, and increase energy efficiency. Smart home technology has continually experienced growth especially in the American and European markets. With the wide availability of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, people are increasingly considering converting their home to a smart home.

In the greater Raleigh-Durham area, Synergy Integrated Systems is a leading provider of home automation design, equipment and installation, so that your home heating and cooling systems, audio, visual, lighting and security can all be integrated and controlled from any mobile device, no matter where you are.

As home automation evolves and becomes more common, trends are emerging. Here are a few you can integrate into your home.

Home Theater and Audio/Visual Systems

Home Theaters are becoming more popular. Many people prefer to entertain their friends and family in their home, rather than taking everyone to a sporting event or the theater. Synergy Integrated Systems carries all of the top quality brands in audio/visual equipment and can create a network that you are able to control from any of your mobile devices. Their professionals can assist you in determining the best equipment for your home and then install it so that you can easily program or control all systems. Whether you choose Screen Innovations or Stewart Filmscreen for your screen, a Sony or Epson projector, speakers by Triad, Origin Acoustics or Revel, or acoustical treatments by Kinetic Noise Control products, Synergy will create a sound and video environment in your home that will attract your family and friends to the comfortable, customized atmosphere. You can choose the music that will play in any part of your home, based on the activity in progress…soothing classical music during dinner or lively jazz in the background for a party. One touch on your smart device and the evening’s audio program is set.

Control Heating and Cooling

With high energy costs, many homeowners are looking for solutions to reduce their bills. Smart thermostats allow homeowners to adjust the heating and cooling levels in their home whenever needed. The systems also provide statistics on energy usage so you can monitor and adjust consumption. Using smartphones and tablets, you can remotely adjust the temperature. Another trend in heating and cooling is the use of zoned systems. Certain parts of your home are heated and cooled based on how and when the areas are used.

Experience Advanced Security

Homes that traditionally relied on alarms are now transitioning to digitally based systems. Sensors detect intruders and cameras can capture their activities and identities. By strategically placing video cameras, you are able to monitor your home inside and out. Automated door locks can allow a package delivery or let the kids in when they get home from school. Protection is also expanding into systems that detect smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide and then alert the people in your home. An increased sense of security provides increased peace of mind.

Enhance Decor with Devices

When adding any elements to your home, you want them to blend in with your decor. Home automation systems are functional, but that doesn’t have to take away from aesthetic appeal. Many systems allow customization of the devices, so they nicely accent or blend in with your current decor. Hardware can be selected to highlight your modern home with sleek door locks or aesthetic thermostats and controllers.

Synergy Integrated Systems Solutions

When integrating the functions in your home, you want to consult a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced. Synergy Integrated Systems offers experts who will help you select automation solutions that integrate functions in your home. Your home will become more secure, efficient, and eco-friendly. Synergy Integrated Systems offers two home automation systems. Crestron integrates technology so that you can monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform with the push of a button, integrating systems such as audio/video, lighting, shading, IT, security, BMS, and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience, and security. URC Total Control is a whole-home automation system that offers lighting control, entertainment, climate management, and security, controlled remotely or from anywhere in your home. Call Synergy Integrated Systems today to see how these solutions will improve your home.

Brighten Up Your Home With Lighting Control By Vantage

lighting control by vantageWhether you realize it or not, you are constantly interacting with the lights in your home as you move in and out of rooms throughout the day. While it might not take too much effort to flip a light switch on or off, think about the convenience of being able to manage your lighting no matter where you are in the house or even when you’re away from your property. This extra functionality is what has made it so popular among homeowners to install lighting control by Vantage. The luxury brand is widely recognized for its high end lighting solutions. Lighting plays a large part in showing your living environment off at its very best and helps to create a certain ambience. With the simple push of a button, Vantage gives you the ability to control the lighting for your entire home day and night.

What Are the Benefits of a Lighting Control System?

There are many benefits you will enjoy when you invest in lighting control by Vantage, including:

  • Energy efficiency: It’s natural to turn lights on whenever you walk into a room, but it’s also common to forget to turn them off when you leave. Lighting control allows you to program your lights to turn on and off automatically as you enter and exit rooms or to check with a mobile device if any lights are still on after you’ve already left home. This efficiency can decrease your energy consumption significantly and reduce your utility bills.
  • Increased security: Having control over your indoor and outdoor lighting also increases the security of your property. When you are out of town, you can program the system to come on at certain times of the day to make it look as though someone is home. It can also help to stop an uninvited guest in their tracks if the home is suddenly flooded with lights.
  • Setting the mood: Lighting control systems also make it easy to create whatever mood you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, an intimate dinner for two, or relaxing quietly after a long day at work, lighting helps to set the tone for the atmosphere you wish to portray.

What Makes Vantage a Leader in Home Lighting Equipment?

Over the past three decades, Vantage has established itself as a premier name in quality lighting products. Every system is designed to enhance the livability of a home, promoting safety and security, convenience, and energy efficiency. The award-winning brand offers a number of customizable solutions that make it simple for homeowners to invest in the most suitable products for their needs and budgets. Systems can also adapt for changing lifestyles, so you can add and remove features as necessary. Utilizing a mix of user-friendly and sophisticated interfaces, lighting control by Vantage will enhance the satisfaction you feel about your living environment in a way you never knew was possible.

Trust in Lighting Control by Vantage, Trust in Synergy Integrated Solutions

Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be an authorized installer of Vantage products. The innovative technology that is used in lighting control by Vantage will complement your home’s architecture and can be integrated into a full lighting automation system, if so desired.

5 Must-Have Features For Your Home Theaters

home theaters Want something new in your home?  What about home theaters?  If you are lucky enough to have an extra room in your home, you’ve probably thought of a few different ways you could put it to good use.

However, if you want to turn it into a space that will truly be of value and give you and your family around-the-clock enjoyment, a home theater is the way to go. More than just a room full of fancy electronics, home theaters are all about providing a unique experience.

It’s this experience that Synergy Integrated Systems strives to deliver to their clients with each new setup. While every media room is designed to match the preferences of the individual homeowner, there are certain features that should be incorporated into all home theaters.

Good Lighting

Lighting is a critical element for any home theater. Many homeowners overlook this when sketching out ideas, but you may not always want the lights completely off when spending time in your media room. The placement of lights, color, and reflection will all make a difference in how the room appears and the quality of the picture on the screen. Another thing to think about is adding a light control feature that allows you to adjust the lighting with the convenience of a remote control.

 Comfortable Seating

No one wants to watch a movie for a couple hours or more while stuck in uncomfortable seats. Seating in home theaters should be constructed and arranged in a way that helps people avoid getting restless, so they can pleasantly focus on the screen the entire time. It’s also a good idea to include accessories, such as cup holders, snack trays, and reclining options.

 Surround Sound

If you have the space to do it properly, a surround sound system is a must. This enhanced audio can make all the difference in the world in your overall entertainment experience. There’s nothing quite like being able to hear the movie going on all around you. The minimum recommendation for surround sound in home theaters is usually 5.1, which will give you three front speakers and two back speakers, but a 7.1 format is a more common and higher caliber choice.

 Projection Screen

Of course, you can’t have a good home theater without the right screen to display your picture. If you want the chance to have the ultimate cinematic event, a projection screen will give you just that. Optimal viewing is best attained on a large screen that will ensure you don’t miss any of the details.

Surge Protectors

An essential component not to be forgotten when setting up home theaters is surge protectors. This little extra investment will offer a big source of protection should there be a power surge. There’s no sense in risking a voltage spike that will keep your home theater from working and potentially cause serious damage to your expensive equipment.

Home Theaters With Synergy

Home theaters are a great way to bring endless hours of entertainment right into your own home. Whether you’re converting an unused room into a home theater, building an addition, or making upgrades to an existing one, Synergy Integrated Systems is your one-stop-shop for design, high quality products, and installation.

Take Your Parties to the Next Level With the Best Home Audio Speakers



If you consider yourself to be a natural host, you surely enjoy having parties at your home. No matter the occasion, you will find an excuse to have people over to enjoy some food, company, and entertainment. Of course, one of the best reasons to host a party is for a big sporting event, such as the recent Super Bowl. But if people left your house early or a little downtrodden, it may not have had anything to do with the game’s outcome; it could have been due to the viewing experience, or the lack thereof. While you may pride yourself on having the latest and greatest TV, if you stopped there, you are missing a major element. Only premier home audio speakers can capture all of the sounds necessary to enjoy a big game. This is especially true when people are talking, eating, and generally just making noise. If during the game your guests were repeatedly asking what the call was, why a flag was thrown, or even what that guy said in that commercial, your home audio speakers definitely were not doing their job.


In addition to the incredible sound, the best part about home audio speakers is that you can set them up all over a room – or even your entire home – so everyone can get immersed in whatever you are watching. And top-of-the-line home audio speakers are not just excellent for sports; they are ideal for concerts and other music events. Who needs to shell out a ton of money to go see your favorite band or musician when your home audio speakers will make it feel like they are performing in your living room? And if you enjoy watching movies, the right home audio speakers are not just nice to have, they are a necessity. Just like with a game, a great viewing experience is important, but things come alive with amazing sound. Once you set up your new home audio speakers and start watching a suspenseful or action-packed film, you will wonder how you ever watched a movie without them. With the lights turned down and some popcorn in your lap, it will be as if you are in your very own movie theater.


Have you already sent out your invitations to your Oscar party? While you may be thinking about the food you will serve or where people will sit, to make sure it is an event that your friends never forget, there is something else you need to do: upgrade your home audio speakers. To do that, just come down to Synergy Integrated Systems. Our showroom has a wide range of speakers for you to listen to.  Speakers are very subjective and for some people a $200 pair of speakers sound better than a $500 pair.  Our experts will show you the many features of our home audio speakers and give you a demonstration so you can experience the incredible sound for yourself. No matter what type of entertainment you enjoy, it will only be enhanced with superior home audio speakers.