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How URC Total Control Provides Full Command of a Home

urc total controlBy now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of total home control and the vast improvements this type of technology is making in households all over the world. As homes get smarter, life gets easier, which makes the investment into home automation well worth every penny. Being in full command of your living environment will help you reduce energy consumption, enhance security, and increase the overall convenience of day-to-day tasks.

As an industry-leading brand known for its user-friendly home automation systems and controls, URC Total Control provides the opportunity to take charge of everything in your home with the simple push of a button. Customized solutions make it easy to address the unique needs of your family and property.

Reap the Rewards of URC Total Control’s High Quality Product Line

URC Total Control offers a full line of products that are designed to give you complete power over your household operations. From entertainment and lighting to security and climate, you can benefit in many different ways from installing home automation equipment.

  • Controllers: All of the controllers made by URC will give you the ability to regulate your entertainment or whole-home automation without any challenges. They will receive your commands from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.
  • User Interfaces: URC Total Control offers a wide selection of user interfaces to choose from, including handheld remotes, apps, keypads, and dedicated touchscreens. This variety allows consumers to pick the products that will best complement their lifestyle. Whichever device(s) you use, this is what will enable you to monitor the status of each feature that is connected to the home automation system and subsequently control them in an instant.
  • Audio/Video: Regardless if you have a standard TV setup or a home theater with surround sound, you deserve to be able to change your audio and video sources without the hassle of multiple remote controls. URC makes this a reality by centralizing all entertainment commands on one device.
  • Lighting: With URC’s lighting control, you will never have to worry about leaving a light on in an unoccupied room again or coming home to complete darkness. You also get to decide how bright you want each room to be as you create the perfect ambiance based on mood or occasion.
  • Climate: Keep your living space at the temperature you prefer year-round with minimal effort. Utilize URC Total Control to adjust the indoor climate throughout the day and ensure your air conditioning or heat is at an appropriate level when no one is home.
  • Surveillance/Security: Home automation will provide peace of mind that your family’s safety is in control. Set your alarm system, lock the doors, and keep a watchful eye on your property from any remote location. It’s also beneficial to be able to make it look like someone is home while you’re away on vacation with your ability to remotely control the lighting, indoor and outside.

Synergy Integrated Systems is North Carolina’s Top Authority on URC Total Control

As an authorized URC Total Control dealer, Synergy Integrated Systems has access to all the company’s outstanding products. Our team specializes in home automation customization and installation, ensuring that all of our customers in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas get the best service for their investment. We are your number one source for the latest in URC technology and always available for estimates, guidance as to the best equipment for your home and lifestyle and responsive, friendly customer service.

How URC Total Control Will Instantly Simplify Your Life

urc total control Though advancements in technology have routinely benefitted the business world, it’s time for homeowners to start taking advantage of all the products that are specifically intended to make living environments more efficient and convenient. The development and continued progression of home automation systems have made it easier than ever to manage daily domestic responsibilities. This technology has also significantly changed the way people operate their households. From helping to fight clutter to increasing the security of a property, URC Total Control is one of the most in-demand solutions on the market for people looking to transform their residences into a hub for user-friendly, state-of-the-art smart home equipment.

If this sounds like the answer to all your home control needs or something you’re interested in learning more about, the home automation experts at Synergy Integrated Systems can provide you with all the information you need to become one step closer to finding greater peace and more simplicity in your life. Our technicians will help you decide which URC Total Control products are most suitable for your particular lifestyle.

What Does it Mean to Have Total Control of Your Home?

Having total control of your home means being able to use home automation technology to regulate a variety of basic functions and features within your living space. When a system is installed by Synergy Integrated Systems, it will allow all of your property’s regular operations to be combined and controlled through one device. It will then only require the quick touch of a button from a single user interface to signal commands, which you can do from anywhere in the house or from a remote location.

How Can URC Total Control Be Utilized?

URC Total Control is designed to be a whole-home automation solution that improves the comfort and convenience of a residence. This means it can be utilized to manage an array of indoor and outdoor elements. One-touch access from a remote, keypad, touchscreen, or mobile app has the ability to provide the innovative system with your directives to control your home’s temperature, lighting, entertainment, shades and security. When you work with Synergy Integrated Systems, you will have the opportunity to select the features and functions that would be most valuable to your household so you can choose exactly what you wish to control. You can also start with a basic system and continue to add components as you find your needs changing over time.

URC Total Control Products From Synergy Integrated Solutions

As an authorized dealer of URC Total Control, Synergy Integrated Systems is equipped with everything necessary to take your home automation to the next level. Our customized control plans and superior installation will allow you to take charge of the entire household or deliver your commands to individual rooms as desired. Whatever your request may be, you can count on us to pay close attention to your vision before implementing a system that will streamline your everyday duties and make your living environment more enjoyable than you ever knew it could be.

Easy Ways to Use URC Total Control

urc total control URC Total Control is a system that easily provides comfort, convenience, and security within your home. You can completely control lighting, entertainment, indoor climate, and more from a remote control. Instead of several remotes for different functions, a URC Total Control system with remotes consolidates all your home controls into one. You can use one-button commands created with macros to switch on and control entire systems.

Features of URC Total Control

The URC Total Control features different user interfaces that integrate your system with your household functions.

  • Handheld remote.  The remotes for these advanced systems usually have swipeable touchscreens, in addition to control buttons. Sometimes these touchscreens mimic the operation of those on smartphones and tablets.
  • Touchscreens – This interface adds greater flexibility. The LCD screen offers customizable button layouts and icons. You determine the controls you need to see.
  • Apps – Use a smart phone or tablet to access features from anywhere. The apps consolidate control functions with macros for one touch activation.
  • Keypads – These in-wall units offer centralized control of your home’s functions. They come with hard buttons or may have a color touchscreen. The unobtrusive keypad offers a slick look that easily and beautifully integrates with your home’s décor.

What can you control?

The various user interfaces offer different ways to control and automate functions. You have the option to control systems whether on the go or right within your home. Here are some examples of how you can automate the home.

  • Home Theater Components – You have the ability to control every component in your home theater through your URC Total Control With loaded commands, turn the TV on or off, adjust stereo volume, start a DVD player, other basic functions and more all from the touch of a button.
  • Lights – Turn lights on or off remotely or set them to a timer. Turn on exterior lights when there is movement or set mood lighting to give your home curb appeal. You save energy by dimming or controlling lights while you are away.
  • Thermostats – Warm up your home in the morning without getting out of bed, or cool it down on a hot day. The system can be programmed with pre-set temperatures. It is also an energy-saver. You can remotely change temperature settings when you are away from home on vacation or any other extended period of time.
  • Security Systems – URC Total Control helps protect your home against theft or fire. Alerts will keep you informed so you can get help immediately if something happens in the home. You can monitor any installed cameras to check on your home’s status at any time. Check on children and pets when away or in another part of the home.

Home automation adds convenience and allows you to run your home the way you want. Synergy Integrated Systems is a master dealer of  URC Total Control and can help you find a URC Total Control system that meets your needs and fits your budget.   Our professional installers are experts in home automation. We are available to help you determine the best way to integrate the functions in your home. Contact us today for more information on URC Total Control and to receive a free estimate.

Home Automation is No Longer a Futuristic Vision

At one time or another you have probably watched a movie or TV show that took place in the future. While there may have been flying cars or robots, there is a good chance that some cool tech was used in someone’s home. This may have included voice activation or Jetson’s-like food preparation or perhaps someone using one device to control everything in the house. At the time you saw these things, they probably seemed very farfetched. And even though we are still at least a few years away from certain amenities, some of those futuristic elements are available right now, such as having total control of several features in your home with a single device. Welcome to the world of home automation. Think about everything in your home that is powered by electricity. There are quite a few things, right? Home automation allows you to control most of them with one remote or even your own smartphone or tablet.


What is Included in a Home Automation System?


If entertainment is important to you, you surely have a TV, cable box, and DVD or Blu-Ray player. On top of that, you may also have a projector for movies and audio equipment with speakers. How many different remotes do you need for all of those things? A home automation system reduces the clutter and confusion by allowing you to control everything with one device. That makes things a lot simpler for everyone. In addition to visual entertainment, a home automation system also lets you control your music. No matter where you are in your home, you will be able to determine what is playing as well as the volume levels.


A home automation system can also make your life much easier in several other areas. Now is the time of year when heating bills can go through the roof. And while you may try to be as diligent as you can when it comes to reducing the heat you use, it can be difficult to stay on top of things all the time. But your home automation system can help immensely. You will have total control of the temperature in your home no matter where you are. Perhaps when you leave to go to work and the house is empty, you try to make sure to lower the temperature. But what happens if you forget? Now an empty house is being heated, which is a big waste of both energy and money. With a home automation system, you will never have to worry about this. From your desk at work you can monitor the temperature in your home and make any necessary changes. Plus, when you are on your way home, you can turn the heat up so you do not walk into a refrigerator.



Are you interested in home automation? Synergy Integrated Systems can set you up with a top-of-the-line system by Crestron or URC Total Control that will make it seem like your home is right out of the future.


URC Total Control Now Has a Whole New Meaning

Just as with everything else, home technology has changed drastically over the last several years. Gone are those big, bulky TVs. We no longer need huge stereos, and in fact small devices can hold thousands of hours of music. And these days pretty much all of the equipment used for entertainment can be connected and controlled with a remote. It used to be that you needed a universal remote control to work your TV, cable box, and whatever you were using for movies, such as a VCR or DVD player. Though it contained the word “universal” it did not really control much more than those things. Well, that is no longer the case. With URC Total Control, you have the option to have power over almost anything electronic in your home.


What Can You Manage with a URC Total Control System?


Just as with the remotes of yore, URC Total Control is excellent for your entertainment needs. In addition to your TV, cable box, and movie player, you can also use it for your gaming system. No matter what you want to watch or play, you will never have to get up to make any changes. Plus, you have the ability to control the lighting in your entire home. If you want to dim the lights for a movie, it can be done with the touch of a button. Just got cozy in bed and forget to turn off some of the lights downstairs or in another room? No problem! URC Total Control lets you hook up your mobile device to your home’s lighting.


Another great benefit of URC Total Control is that you can better manage the temperatures in your home. Just as with your entertainment and the lights, the thermostat can be controlled from a single device, so you will not have to go from room to room lowering or raising temperatures. This is especially good if your house is empty most of the day. No one wants to come home to a cold house, and you definitely do not want to waste heat and money, if no one is home. URC Total Control allows you to crank up the heat on your way home from work, for example, so things will be nice and toasty when you get there.


In addition to these conveniences, a URC Total Control can help you stay safe and secure. It enables you to remotely lock doors and turn on your security system. You can even use a surveillance feature to check on the kids in the yard or see who is at the front door.


If you are ready to take your home to an amazing new level in 2016, think about adding a URC Total Control system. To see exactly how it works, visit Synergy Integrated Systems. We will show you a demonstration and go over all of your options. At Synergy, we give you the opportunity for true universal control over your home.


The Essence of Control with a URC Total Control System

Technology has come a long way and it is beginning to be more visible in the way that we live in our homes. URC Total Control or Universal Remote Control, allows you to control everything in your room or even in your home. From audio to video to lighting to climate to security and more, a home that is set up with this type of control, makes using the technology more efficient and convenient. When you are adding technology, a URC is essential to making the most of it.


While most people have to get up to change the thermostat, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With URC Total Control, you have the ability to change the temperature of your home from your bed, the kitchen, or even from your car. Turn on the heat or the air conditioning with just a press of a button on your control panel or mobile device to make any part of the home more comfortable for you and your family.


How often do you forget to turn the security back on when you go to bed at night? If you are like most people, this is a common occurrence. Imagine being able to reset your security from the comfort of your bed or the couch with a URC Total Control. This will ensure that you use it more regularly, as it makes it simple to use no matter where you are in your home to keep you and your family safe.


When you plan to save energy or turn lights on for someone coming home late, you could get up to turn lights on or off, but why would you? With a URC panel, you have complete control of all the lights in your home. An experienced automation systems company can offer you the ability to control all of the lights inside and outside of your home with a simple to operate control system.

Audio and Video

Having a URC Total Control system usually means that you will include your audio and video. With a whole house speaker system, you are in control, with a remote that allows you to adjust and select the music and video systems in all areas of your home. This system will allow you to adjust the volume, no matter what part of your home you are in. This is ideal for an outdoor area that you have equipped with speakers for that extra touch of ambiance when you are entertaining, or just enjoying a quiet meal on the patio with the family.

A URC Total Control system is technology that most new homes include. It is essential that you use a professional installation company, since there are many components that must work together. Synergy Integrated Systems is your source for a URC Total Control System, as well as other home automation technology. Give them a call for more information about how to automate your home. Their experts will guide you to the appropriate equipment for your requirements.