The 3 Components of Great Home Audio Systems

There is truly nothing like putting on your favorite album or song, cranking up the volume, and just rocking out. Great music has a way of moving us and making us feel fantastic. You can get this feeling really no matter how you play your music, but if you want the most incredible listening experience available, you need a great home audio system. Only home audio systems comprised of the best and latest technology allow you to hear your music the way you never have before.

Here are the components you will need if you want a premier home audio system for your music:


Amazing home audio systems need to have excellent speakers. Currently, there are many different options on the market from which to choose. While you can still get those huge tower speakers to blast your music, you now have the choice of getting speakers that are a fraction of the size and just as powerful. Many speakers are designed to blend in with your home décor so they are not very noticeable. Several home audio systems are made up of speakers that supply complete surround sound, but they are hidden in walls or even ceilings. Depending on how you want your home audio system to be set up, you can find the perfect speakers to meet your needs.

Audio Distribution System

You will not be able to listen to your music with your home audio system unless you have a way to distribute the sound. This is where an audio distribution system comes in. Through keypads or a remote control, you will be able to listen to whatever you want, anywhere you have speakers set up in your home. The days of having to go over to the stereo to adjust the volume or change songs are over. All you will need for your home audio system is a quality distributor. Some distribution systems even allow you to control audio from an iPhone or iPad.

Media Server

If you are tired of having to deal with all of the various media involved with playing music, such as CDs and MP3 files, you need a media server for your home audio system. A media server will store all of your music, making it extremely easy and convenient for you to access at just the click of a button.

More Than Music

The other benefit of a home audio system is that it can be used for your TV and movie viewing. With surround sound, you can really get the ambiance of a movie theater. Plus, if you love watching sports, the great sound will make it seem like you are at the game.

In order to get the most out of your music, you need to upgrade your home audio system. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we offer the latest speakers, distributors, and servers, and anything else you need to create an enviable home audio system. Our experts will determine the exact combination of components that will meet the requirements of your space, budget, and entertainment preferences.