Is It Time to Upgrade Your Sound System?

You love your music. There is nothing you enjoy more than turning the volume up on your stereo and blasting your favorite bands. However, are you sure you are getting the best quality? Are you hearing all of the nuances of every note? If not, it could be time to upgrade your sound system. When you are ready to improve your home audio in Raleigh, here are the products you should consider:


Great sound can only come from great speakers, and these brands can give you a better listening experience.


JBL speakers are perfect if you love cranking up the tunes. With the custom in-wall components as well as all-weather outdoor speakers, it will be like the band is playing in your living room.


If you are looking for performance as well as style, you can’t go wrong with Crestron speakers. In addition to supplying incredible sound, they are designed to look great in any setting.

Origin Acoustics

If you have limited space, think about Origin Acoustics. These speakers are perfect for a hidden system or to install in an area such as your ceiling.


Episode speakers are customizable, so wherever you want to put them, you know they will fit and give you a great listening experience.


If you have a Plasma, LCD, or DLP display, Leon’s on-wall speakers are the perfect match.


Based on a design philosophy that puts a focus on performance and quality, Revel speakers have superior acoustics that will give you the best listening experience available.

James Loudspeaker

When it comes to innovative speakers for both indoors and out, James Loudspeaker is the industry leader.


Not only are Triad’s speakers designed to match your home décor, the built-in THX will allow you to hear your music in a way you never have before.

Audio Distribution Systems

In order to truly get great sound in your home, you need a way to distribute it. Here are the top-of-the-line distribution products:

Crestron Sonnex

Perfect for a home of any size, the Sonnex system includes a high-powered amp, pre-amp, advanced DSP, and a full 24X8 matrix switcher. You can even use it to control audio from an iPhone or iPad.

HEOS Amplifier

Do you want your home to sound like a concert hall? Then a HEOS amplifier is the perfect choice.

Sonos Connect Amplifier

If you do a lot of music streaming, the Sonos Connect Amp should be at the top of your list. It lets you stream all of your music using your tablet or smartphone.

Don’t let an inferior sound system keep you from enjoying your favorite music. You will be amazed what new speakers, as well as a distribution system, can do for enhanced sound quality. To hear for yourself, come into Synergy Integrated Systems. We will give you a demonstration of all of our products and help you find the components that are perfect for your needs. When it comes to supplying the best home audio in Raleigh, we can’t be beat.