Upscale Homes Deserve the Luxury of Home Theaters

At Synergy Integrated Systems we continually ask upscale homeowners this question, “What could be more ideal than to complement the architectural design and fashionable décor of your stylish residences with state-of-the-art home theaters?” Your family and friends would be able to enjoy a complete cinema experience in the comfort of your beautiful home.

We design the complete system that meets your family’s needs, we supply all the components necessary for our home theaters and we provide professional installation with a minimum of inconvenience to you. You may be looking forward to re-visiting old movies that have become classics or you may be excited to see the latest releases.

Your family might be a group of sports fans who are fervently awaiting a televised game or tournament or maybe you’re just hard-working professionals who want to binge watch your favorite series during some “down” time. Whatever your recreational watching pleasure may be, home theaters fill the bill!

Elements to Consider

Screens – You may opt to use a big-screen television unit to view your media or you can choose to install an automated screen and projection system. The size screen will be influenced by the area of your room and the number of seats you have. Whatever the size of your space, we will see that you have the highest quality picture available.

Sound – The audio system can incorporate high-end speakers that are cleverly coordinated with the room’s décor so as not to attract visual attention. Or, your family may prefer embedded digital surround sound to complete the true cinema experience. Our system will give you professional sound quality.

Lighting – Of course, both natural and artificial lighting must be controlled. With just the touch of a button you can dim lamps, turn off overhead lights and lower window shades to provide just the right environment for viewing. You and your friends will enjoy a complete viewing environment together.

So, now just close your eyes and imagine. Family and friends are gathering at your home for an evening of viewing pleasure. Everyone has visited with each other for a few minutes and has selected a plate of tempting snacks and a delicious drink. It’s time to settle in their theater-style seats and enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

As they wait expectantly for you to stand up and walk around in search of the proper controls, you just calmly smile at everyone from your comfortable chair. Then, you turn to your hand-held device (smartphone, iPad, tablet), touch a few buttons and…the large screen slowly descends from the ceiling, a projector rises from its enclosed cabinet, shades are lowered across the windows, while lamps are dimmed and overhead lights are shut down.

Introductory music slowly builds to exactly the right level as opening credits scroll across the screen. You are providing the ultimate home-viewing experience!

So, if you live in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas, why not contact us today to discuss your family’s dreams of home theaters?