URC Total Control Brings the Internet of Things into Your Home

If you’ve been following any technology news recently, you’ve no doubt heard references to the Internet of Things. But you may not be sure exactly what it is.

Forbes Magazine describes the Internet of Things (IoT) as “the concept of connecting any device with an on/off switch to the Internet, and/or to any other device.”

As broadband Internet capabilities become ubiquitous in the U.S. and Wi-Fi gets cheaper and more easily accessible than ever before, the IoT is not just a possibility for tomorrow – it’s here today. We access it when we use a smartphone to unlock our doors or dim the lights, or when we use an iPad to select a TV show in our family room.

Systems like URC Total Control make it easier than ever to bring the IoT into your home and to use it effectively to make life’s daily tasks easier, more convenient, and even a little bit more fun.

URC Total Control and the Internet of Things

If you’ve been reading about IoT and want to know how to connect the devices in your home, the URC Total Control system can get you started immediately. All you need to begin is a URC MRX control box, a TRC remote, and an iDevice. From there, we’ll connect your flat screen TV, motorized shades, lighting, electronic door locks, garage door opener, thermostat, media sources (such as a Blu-Ray player, media server), and much more. Start small, with just one component like your TV and sources, or connect your whole home right away.

We’ll program “scenes” for common activities, like gathering for movie night, hosting a party, or just going to bed and locking up the house in the evening.

URC Total Control to Make Life Easier

Imagine this: It’s time for bed, and rather than making the paces through your home to check the locks, adjust the thermostat, turn off lights, and make sure your son put the trash out, you can hit one button on your iPhone without getting out of bed. Shades will go down, doors will lock (if they aren’t), the thermostat will adjust to night-time temperature, and all the lights will go off. (You’re out of luck with the trash, as we haven’t found a technology solution to get your teenage son to do his chores, yet.) If you wake in the middle of the night, one touch on a bedside controller can adjust the hallway and bathroom lights to 20 percent power so you can get to the bathroom without waking anyone else.

URC Total Control to Entertain

If you’re not quite ready to live in what might feel like a sci-fi movie, URC Total Control can still make your entertainment experience easier by changing the way you interact with your home’s audio and video systems.

With the push of a button on your iPhone, iPad or URC handheld remote or touchscreen, you can select a source and instantly switch from Netflix to a DVD. Want some background music? Stream your favorites through Pandora to every room in your home, setting different sound levels for the kitchen and the back patio.

Whether you’re relying on URC for entertainment or efficiency, any “smart” device that connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi can be connected to your URC Total Control system and then automated or controlled through a URC touchscreen, handheld remote or iOS device using the URC Total Control app. Then, if people ask you, “What is this Internet of Things we keep hearing about?” you can show them with one touch.

But How Secure Is It?

If you’ve been reading up on IoT, you’ve probably also heard a bit of buzz about the important of network security. URC Total Control connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network via your secure wireless router. Multiple levels of encryption are provided, first, at the wires by your broadband Internet provider, and then, in your home at the router. Synergy Integrated Systems will configure URC Total Control through your router so that it uses the highest level of security available in homes.

Security is just one reason it’s so important to trust a professional systems integrator to create your smart home. Ease-of-use and reliability are two more. Once you get accustomed to living with the comfort and convenience of a connected smart home, you won’t ever want to live without your home control system. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we’ll make sure you don’t have to.