URC Total Control Changes How You Live

Smart houses aren’t just for sci-fi movies anymore. If you’ve always wanted control over all of the systems in your home, Total Control from URC might be the solution for you. With Total Control, you can personalize everything happening in your house to your current mood.

What Can You Do with URC Total Control?

 Think of Total Control as the ultimate remote control for your home, and like the remote control you already have for your TV, it can be programmed to control other things as well. What’s great about the Total Control system is that we can customize it to fit your needs and budget. Here are just a few of the components Total Control can control in your home:

  • Your Entertainment: TV, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, music systems
  • Climate: heating, air conditioning, lighting, window shades
  • Security: live video, alarm systems, door locks

All of this control is at your fingertips with your favorite smartphone or tablet. Not only can your see who’s at your door before you even leave the couch, but you can see who’s at your door while you’re thousands of miles away on vacation.

URC Total Control Benefits

While this system is extremely convenient, making your life easier is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at Total Control benefits. Even more importantly, Total Control can help you keep your family more secure.

With Total Control, we can integrate live video systems, so you can keep an eye on your children no matter where you are. This is an ultimate baby monitor, allowing you to check on a sleeping infant while you’re downstairs cooking dinner or making it possible to check in with a new sitter while you’re out at dinner. But that’s not all! Imagine being able to check that your teen is actually studying, not throwing a party while you’re on an overnight trip, or imagine being able to check in on your furry friends while you’re at work.

Along with live video systems, Total Control allows you to turn on and off lights when you’re on vacation to make it look like someone is home, light up a dark walkway to make areas more secure when needed, and control locks and alarm systems from afar so you never have to wonder, “Did I remember to lock the front door?” three hours into your trip.

The icing on the cake? URC Total Control can save you money through smarter climate control. Imagine being able to turn down the heat while you’re working, but turn it home again on the commute home so you home is nice and toasty before you walk through the front door. Or imagine being able to control the temperature from your bed, so you can make adjustments to be more energy efficient without moving from that perfect spot under the covers.

You can learn more about what a URC remote can control with this helpful list of systems and benefits.

How Much Does Total Control Cost?

Total Control can be completely customized to fit your budget. While Total Control supports all of the items listed above (and more), you can create your own Total Control menu based on your budget, starting with just the entertainment options and moving up to include security systems, lighting, live video, and more. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t afford Total Control!

Here at Synergy Integrated Systems, we have a team of professionals able to answer all of your Total Control questions. Contact us today to learn more and find out how you can fit Total Control into your budget.