Your Home at Your Fingertips

urc total control The world is full of unpredictability, and URC Total Control could be the answer!  Nobody can control everything. However, when it comes to your home, you should be in full control. That’s why the brilliant minds behind home automation technology have developed cutting-edge systems to make your life easier. Household tasks that used to take minutes or even hours can now take seconds! Home automation gives you and your family full control of your home life.

As home automation experts, our technicians at Synergy Integrated Systems work to keep ahead of the curve. We now offer the latest in home automation technology: URC Total Control—a family of innovative products that comprise one of the best home control systems on the market. For 25 years, URC has set the standard for control technology with groundbreaking developments. The latest innovation in this long line of research, URC Total Control works flawlessly to deliver comfort, convenience, and security to your home. This system allows residents to have complete mastery over their homes. From the stereo equipment to the thermostat, any feature can be adjusted from one universal handheld remote. It also monitors how much energy your home consumes on a daily basis, so you can save money where it matters most!

Features of URC Total Contorl

Once installed in your home, URC Total Control works like a magical little box. This box can enable you to hear your favorite music from anywhere inside your house. You can also dim the lights and then turn on your favorite movie or television program. URC Total Control can also improve your home security. When it’s dark outside and someone knocks, you can see any area of your security system in one glance. With URC Total Control, homeowners may see who’s knocking before they open the door. Now that’s peace of mind!

More features of this system include:

  • One-Touch Entertainment—Power home theater control will be at your fingertips! All it takes is the push of a button and URC Total Control will bring your home theater to life. With one button, you can turn on the screen, play your music of choice, and dim the lights to start the show.
  • Home Audio—Why should access to your favorite songs be difficult? At Synergy, we don’t think it should be! That’s why we’ll configure URC to play your favorite songs regardless of the format. Whether it be CDs or Internet music, you can stream one song throughout your house or even a different tune in each room!
  • Lighting Control—Turn your lights on or off either individually or simultaneously! For movie nights or romantic dinners, dim the house lights to create the perfect atmosphere. URC Total Control allows you to create the desired ambiance while conserving electricity.
  • Temperature Control—Everyone has their comfort zone. Maintain yours in a whole new way by adjusting the temperature via designer keypads or remote devices. You may decide to control your heating and cooling daily. However, you can also create seasonal schedules that suit your comfort level and fall within your budget for electricity!
  • Home Security—URC Total Control can help grant you 24/7 peace of mind. The system’s surveillance cameras help you stay aware of everything happening around your home and in your yard.

Isn’t it time to bring your home into the 21st century? URC Total Control places major features of your home into one app that makes your life easier. Best of all, because it’s wired and not wireless, the system is sturdy and reliable. Synergy Integrated Systems can install this reliable system into your home and further customize it to your needs. We’re all about giving you control. With URC Total Control, you can take it.