URC Total Control Now Has a Whole New Meaning

Just as with everything else, home technology has changed drastically over the last several years. Gone are those big, bulky TVs. We no longer need huge stereos, and in fact small devices can hold thousands of hours of music. And these days pretty much all of the equipment used for entertainment can be connected and controlled with a remote. It used to be that you needed a universal remote control to work your TV, cable box, and whatever you were using for movies, such as a VCR or DVD player. Though it contained the word “universal” it did not really control much more than those things. Well, that is no longer the case. With URC Total Control, you have the option to have power over almost anything electronic in your home.


What Can You Manage with a URC Total Control System?


Just as with the remotes of yore, URC Total Control is excellent for your entertainment needs. In addition to your TV, cable box, and movie player, you can also use it for your gaming system. No matter what you want to watch or play, you will never have to get up to make any changes. Plus, you have the ability to control the lighting in your entire home. If you want to dim the lights for a movie, it can be done with the touch of a button. Just got cozy in bed and forget to turn off some of the lights downstairs or in another room? No problem! URC Total Control lets you hook up your mobile device to your home’s lighting.


Another great benefit of URC Total Control is that you can better manage the temperatures in your home. Just as with your entertainment and the lights, the thermostat can be controlled from a single device, so you will not have to go from room to room lowering or raising temperatures. This is especially good if your house is empty most of the day. No one wants to come home to a cold house, and you definitely do not want to waste heat and money, if no one is home. URC Total Control allows you to crank up the heat on your way home from work, for example, so things will be nice and toasty when you get there.


In addition to these conveniences, a URC Total Control can help you stay safe and secure. It enables you to remotely lock doors and turn on your security system. You can even use a surveillance feature to check on the kids in the yard or see who is at the front door.


If you are ready to take your home to an amazing new level in 2016, think about adding a URC Total Control system. To see exactly how it works, visit Synergy Integrated Systems. We will show you a demonstration and go over all of your options. At Synergy, we give you the opportunity for true universal control over your home.