How URC Total Control Provides Full Command of a Home

urc total controlBy now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of total home control and the vast improvements this type of technology is making in households all over the world. As homes get smarter, life gets easier, which makes the investment into home automation well worth every penny. Being in full command of your living environment will help you reduce energy consumption, enhance security, and increase the overall convenience of day-to-day tasks.

As an industry-leading brand known for its user-friendly home automation systems and controls, URC Total Control provides the opportunity to take charge of everything in your home with the simple push of a button. Customized solutions make it easy to address the unique needs of your family and property.

Reap the Rewards of URC Total Control’s High Quality Product Line

URC Total Control offers a full line of products that are designed to give you complete power over your household operations. From entertainment and lighting to security and climate, you can benefit in many different ways from installing home automation equipment.

  • Controllers: All of the controllers made by URC will give you the ability to regulate your entertainment or whole-home automation without any challenges. They will receive your commands from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.
  • User Interfaces: URC Total Control offers a wide selection of user interfaces to choose from, including handheld remotes, apps, keypads, and dedicated touchscreens. This variety allows consumers to pick the products that will best complement their lifestyle. Whichever device(s) you use, this is what will enable you to monitor the status of each feature that is connected to the home automation system and subsequently control them in an instant.
  • Audio/Video: Regardless if you have a standard TV setup or a home theater with surround sound, you deserve to be able to change your audio and video sources without the hassle of multiple remote controls. URC makes this a reality by centralizing all entertainment commands on one device.
  • Lighting: With URC’s lighting control, you will never have to worry about leaving a light on in an unoccupied room again or coming home to complete darkness. You also get to decide how bright you want each room to be as you create the perfect ambiance based on mood or occasion.
  • Climate: Keep your living space at the temperature you prefer year-round with minimal effort. Utilize URC Total Control to adjust the indoor climate throughout the day and ensure your air conditioning or heat is at an appropriate level when no one is home.
  • Surveillance/Security: Home automation will provide peace of mind that your family’s safety is in control. Set your alarm system, lock the doors, and keep a watchful eye on your property from any remote location. It’s also beneficial to be able to make it look like someone is home while you’re away on vacation with your ability to remotely control the lighting, indoor and outside.

Synergy Integrated Systems is North Carolina’s Top Authority on URC Total Control

As an authorized URC Total Control dealer, Synergy Integrated Systems has access to all the company’s outstanding products. Our team specializes in home automation customization and installation, ensuring that all of our customers in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas get the best service for their investment. We are your number one source for the latest in URC technology and always available for estimates, guidance as to the best equipment for your home and lifestyle and responsive, friendly customer service.