URC Total Control Ups the Ante in Your Home

Our Universal Remote Control technology can be applied to one highly functional room in your home or to your entire house; it can be installed when your new residence is being built or added to your existing structure. Whatever way you and your family decide to take advantage of it, URC Total Control from Synergy Integrated Systems will greatly increase your entire family’s enjoyment of your home.

Just imagine the convenience of being able to manage every comfort system and entertainment device that you and your family depend on to feel “at home” when you are at home. You could listen to your music no matter where you are in the house or enjoy your favorite television programs or videos on demand. You could see who is at the door before you open it or disarm your safety system as you arrive home at night.

You could raise or lower window coverings to take advantage of sunlight or dim and brighten overhead and table lights to match the room’s activities. And all of these actions would be accessible through URC Total Control from a handheld remote or your smartphone or tablet. As those of us at Synergy Integrated Systems like to say, “URC Total Control makes whole-house management personal,” because you customize everything according to your own family’s schedules and preferences.

What we are talking about is a group of products and features that provide a level of convenience and safety that you won’t be able to imagine living without. These systems give you the ability to control your family’s entertainment, lighting, interior environment, and more by combining all of the electronic systems into one accessible menu. Then, through the handheld remote, smartphone, tablet or other computer device that you are already familiar with and comfortable using, you take charge of each and every system from anywhere in the house, on the road, or around the world!

URC Total Control can be customized to fit every family and every budget. You may not want to begin with whole-house management. If that’s the case, you can choose to begin with a basic system that manages only your television, Blu-Ray, cable box and music.

Later, if you want to add more systems, you can. You would be able to press a button to dim lights, close window coverings, and start a movie. Or, you would be able to channel your selected music to various rooms around the house from a service such as Pandora or from your own CD collection. Or, you could activate a path of low lights that illuminate your way from the driveway to the door when you come home. You could also monitor sleeping or playing children with live video even if you are not in their part of the house, or see who is knocking at the door even if you are away from home!

Contact us to discuss the system that will make your family comfortable, safe and happy.