URC Total Control vs. Do-It-Yourself Home Automation

The commercials and media hype make it seem so appealing: live in a smart home and have comfort and convenience at your fingertips. Maybe you’ve seen your neighbors lower the blinds, turn off the lights, and start playing a movie on their home theater system with just one swipe on their iPad. You want that same experience in your own home. After all, you deserve all the luxuries of modern life. And while your flying car or Jetsons-style housecleaning robot is still countless decades away, you can, at least, have appliances and home entertainment systems that talk to each other.

But the reality is that home automation is not always convenient, seamless, and inspiring. If you settle for a do-it-yourself system, you might experience components that don’t work as advertised, don’t interface with one another, and add more frustration and time to your daily tasks, instead of streamlining your life. And when you call customer service (that is, the number on the box for your off-the-shelf, DIY home automation gadget), they place the blame on the app. Or your network. Or another device in your system. You definitely deserve more than this!

Fortunately, URC Total Control systems provide full home automation capabilities with expert installation. That means systems that work, every time, one point-of-contact through your Synergy Integrated Systems representative, and no blame game or finger-pointing.

What is URC Total Control? Let’s take a look at the comfort and convenience this feature-packed home automation system provides.

Start with as Little, or as Much, Control as You Want

The URC Total Control MRX-8 controller permits easy control of your home entertainment system, including speakers, receiver, sources such as a Blu-Ray player and cable box, and your TV. You can also use the MRX-8 to control streaming music sources like Pandora and Rhapsody. When you’re ready to expand, you can add control of your lighting systems, motorized shades and more, from an electronic door lock to a video doorbell to smart home appliances that live on your home’s network. Whatever you choose to do with URC Total Control, it’s easy for your Synergy Integrated Systems representative to configure your system, which reduces labor costs and keeps the system affordable for you.

Control through An App, Handheld Remote or Touch Screen

Many do-it-yourself systems only have options for app-based remote control through your smartphone. But what if you prefer a different control interface? URC Total Control can be accessed through a remote control from URC, hailed as the leading supplier of universal remote controls for 25 years. You can also use a hard-wired touch screen residing in your family room, kitchen, bedroom, home theater, or wherever you want easy, intuitive control without having to search for a remote. And, of course, you can control your URC Total Control system through the app, with an iOS or Android-based smartphone, an iPad or a tablet.

A Wired System for Security and Reliability

If you’ve been researching security and the Internet of Things before you make your home into a smart home, you may have concerns about a burglar being able to hack into your house through your smart home system.

The wired URC Total Control System lives on your home network through Ethernet connections for reliability and security. A wired network is inherently more secure than a wireless connection, as well as faster, more powerful, and more reliable.

A custom integrator, such as Synergy Integrated Systems, can take the steps necessary to secure your network so you have peace-of-mind knowing that your home automation system is not just rock-solid and convenient, but also safe.

Professional Installation Means Support When You Need It

If any part of your home automation system should stop working, off-the-shelf components leave any troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair in your hands. You wanted a home automation system to make your life easier, not so you could spend your weekends messing with wires, apps, and technology systems.

Only a professionally installed system comes with the customer support you need, when you need it. Whether you want to expand your system, need help learning how to use it, or if you need emergency support because the system’s gone down, Synergy Integrated Systems representatives are on the job – right away.

With on-site remote monitoring and management tools, we can usually fix any problems that arise quickly, without even having to visit your home. If it’s necessary to dispatch a truck, our service technicians will be there promptly to troubleshoot and fix the problem, so you can continue enjoying all the luxury and convenience of a smart home with URC Total Control.