With the wealth of lighting control products available today, it’s not always easy to pick the system that fits your family’s lifestyle and budget. URC, a trusted name in home automation and remote control products, offers the Vivido Series of two-way designer RF lighting solutions. The dimmers and switches are designed to work with any kind of bulb, from traditional incandescent bulbs to MLVs, LEDs, CFLs, even traditional fluorescent bulbs and halogen lamps.

Vivido by URCURC Vivido products are compatible with URC’s Total Control whole-home automation systems, high-quality smart home systems that can be designed and installed especially for you by the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems.

The URC Vivido Series includes:
– master and accessory light dimmers
– switches
– lamp dimming module
– appliance switching module
– wall mount five-scene keypad

A Variety of Control Interfaces in Styles to Match Your Home

URC Vivido products, including switches, dimmers, and keypads, are available in white, black, or light almond, so visitors will notice the overall ambiance of your home, not your control technology. Our streamlined switches and outlets blend seamlessly into any décor. The products are compatible with matching Décora wall plates.

In addition, URC Vivido products can be controlled via any URC handheld remote, wall-mounted or tabletop touch panel, or through our iOS or Android mobile app. Since most people always have their smartphone nearby, many of our customers rely on mobile control of their home’s systems even when they’re at home. Sometimes, it’s just easier to reach for your phone or tablet than a separate remote. And, of course, the app lets you skip that moment of frustration when you realize you forgot to turn off the lights before you left for work. Just turn them off via the app in seconds from anywhere you may be.

Easy Installation To Get You Up and Running Quickly

URC Vivido products are designed to be easy for professional custom integrators to install, which means we’ll be in and out of your home quickly, with minimal disruption, so you can go back to enjoy your home control systems and all the comfort and convenience they provide.

Many of the Vivido products are wireless, making them perfect for retrofit situations, because our contractors won’t need to cut through your existing drywall or damage your beautifully decorated home in any way.

Use URC Vivido Alone or as Part of Your URC Home Automation System

On the path to a smart home, many homeowners begin with lighting system control. This decision makes sense, as lighting control provides comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, and an added sense of security in your North Carolina home. The URC Vivido system makes it easy to control groups of lights as part of a scene, or to individually dim lights or turn them on and off, even when you’re not home.

The dimmers also include a child lockout mode, and a panic mode for integration with home security systems.

When it’s time to expand your system, Synergy Integrated Systems can simply add more switches to your home. URC Vivido uses Z-Wave home control technology, and can be integrated with other smart devices in your home, including door locks, shades, and even your home’s audio video systems, through a URC Total Control system using URC’s TRF-ZW Gateway.