What the Right Home Audio Speakers Offer Your Family

What do you think of when we say “home audio” in Raleigh, NC? Are you picturing an elaborate listening room with a two-channel audio system and walls of vinyl records? Or is audio the complement to your family room / home theater / multi-purpose space, bringing movies to life the way the producers intended? Or maybe you just want to enjoy good music wherever you go in your Raleigh, NC, home.

However you define home audio, the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems can deliver with the right home audio speakers to achieve your goals for superior sound. Let’s take a look at what’s new in home audio speakers for everyone from audiophiles to North Carolina families.

Immersive Audio with James Loudspeakers

James Loudspeakers, manufacturer of premium loudspeakers for private cinema and audiophile applications, demonstrated its Maverick line of speakers at the recent CEDIA The Future Home Experience show in Dallas last month. These large-format hybrid horn systems offer ultra-high output and accurate sound reproduction in theaters – both private and commercial.

Paired with an Auro 3D immersive audio system, the speakers offer homeowners a private theater experience that is equal in quality to the newest commercial theaters – minus the crowds and the sticky floors. If you’re looking to take your home theater to the next level, ask the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems about immersive audio experiences using James Loudspeaker components.

Custom Options for Sonos Home Audio

Sonos is a big name in whole home audio distribution as well as home audio speakers in Raleigh, NC, and beyond. Now, several manufacturers are offering customization options for Sonos speakers, allowing Synergy Integrated Systems to provide you with a truly custom look for your Sonos system. For instance, Leon Speakers, well known for its custom cabinets, recently introduced ToneCase, a line of cabinets devoted to concealing Sonos PLAY bookshelf speakers and the Playbar soundbar. The cabinet offers cable management and custom grilles to match popular brands of flatscreens, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the quality and convenience of Sonos home audio speakers in a style that matches your home.

Curved Soundbar for that Curved TV Screen

Are you interested in the new curved or curved-to-flat OLED screens that are growing in popularity? If so, you may be interested in a curved soundbar to match that screen in your family room. James Loudspeaker has it available now, one of many new home audio speakers that it showcased at CEDIA The Future Home Experience.

JBL Speakers for Your Listening Room

Just as private cinema enthusiasts want to create a commercial experience in their home theater, audiophiles seek to replicate a high-end studio experience in their listening room. When popular companies like JBL transition their best commercial products into home audio speakers, dealers like Synergy Integrated Systems have even more options to provide our customers. The JBL M2 studio monitors recently made their debut as Model 4367 home audio speakers, consisting of a D2 compression driver and massive 15-inch Differential Drive sub. Available in a choice of walnut or black walnut finishes, these monster home audio speakers can bring the party to life in your recreation room or provide a superior sound experience in your listening room.

Synergy Integrated Systems Can Fill All Your Needs for Home Audio Speakers!

From distributed sound systems that are part of a fully automated smart home to listening rooms and private cinemas, finding the right home audio speakers is a matter of knowing the latest technology and new releases from the best, most reliable brands. It’s a matter of knowing which home audio speakers perform best in each application, and then pairing them with the right cables, control systems, power management products, and other components to design a superior home audio system.

Synergy Integrated Systems has decades of experience doing just that for Raleigh, NC, residents. Trust us to specify the right home audio speakers for every room in your home, and then design and install a complete system that will fill your residence with the sound of music whenever you want.