What’s New in Raleigh, NC, Home Theaters?

Home technology advances quickly, and it’s been an especially interesting year on the consumer electronics front, with a number of new devices changing the way we interact with – and enjoy – our home theater experience. If you’re in Raleigh, NC, or the surrounding areas and considering a new home theater system, here are some new products and trends you should know about.

Curved OLED and LED Screens

Top manufacturers like LG and Samsung have introduced curved screens, or even screens that go from curved to flat with a touch, to improve viewing angles and enhance the viewing experience for consumers.

Of course, some home theaters will benefit from a two-piece projection system with a theater-quality screen. But if you like the look of LED, or even the newer OLED monitors, and budget is no concern, home theaters with curved screens may be the next way to achieve the “Wow” in your home cinema experience.

Auro 3D

Although 3D TV never caught on in home theaters the way some people thought it would, 3D audio is another story. The next evolution of surround sound, the Auro 11.1, or Auro 3D, cinema sound format adds two more layers to 5.1 surround, using 11 speakers for a more realistic and immersive audio experience in home theaters. Adding speakers at varying heights, plus an overhead channel, allows sound waves to travel from every direction to the audience members. First invented in 2005, the format is now gaining popularity in high-end home theaters.

UHD Blu-Ray Players

If you’ve been waiting for 4K content to become available before upgrading your home theater’s projector or LED screen, that day arrived with the introduction of UHD Blu-Ray discs and players. Expected to hit the market by late summer 2015, UHD Blu-Ray discs sport 3840 x 2,160 (that is, 4K) resolution, expanded color range support, and frame rate content of 60fps. As with DVDs and Blu-Rays, your UHD Blu-Ray player will support conventional HD Blu-Ray discs and DVDs.

UHD Blu-Ray discs are also expected to support cross-media play through cloud-based storage, so you can watch your movies on any device with Internet access for added convenience.

Crestron Pyng

If convenience is on your mind when you’re thinking about home theaters, you’ll want to know about Crestron Pyng, the app-based home automation system introduced last fall. As with any Crestron system, the Pyng hub will be professionally installed and set up by Synergy Integrated Systems. We’ll pair all your devices, including your Crestron audio systems, lighting switches, keypads, remote controls and shades, so that your Pyng system will be ready to use.

Unlike a conventional Crestron control system, you can make minor changes without calling us to reprogram your system. Pyng also integrates with Crestron Digita lMedia remotes and the Crestron Series 3 control system, so you can control your home theater, select sources, adjust volume and more through your touchscreen controller, and then use Pyng to make changes to your scenes and settings, with no complicated programming required.

Imagine selecting the scene “Movie night” on your touchscreen controller. Instantaneously, your shades lower, the lights dim, and the movie you already selected begins to play at the optimal volume for your family. Pyng simplifies your home automation experience and new capabilities are being added every day.

We Stay on the Cutting Edge of Custom Electronics

If you’re upgrading your home theater in Raleigh, NC, or building a home theater for the first time, you want the latest technology so you can stay ahead of the curve. Thanks to our manufacturing and distribution partners, Synergy Integrated Systems stays on top of the latest and greatest technology, and knows how to apply it to improve and simplify your life and the way you interact with technology in your home.