Where Do Home Theaters Fit in an Open Floor Plan Home?

Today’s home building trends often use open floor plans, where families gather in a large family room adjacent to the kitchen. This space may house an everyday eating area, comfy sofas or sectionals, and the bulk of the family’s entertainment, from a big TV screen to video game systems, bookshelves, and more. Where do home theaters fit in this modern family space?

Our clients don’t always want their home theaters sequestered in a separate room in another area of the home. Instead, they want that cinema-style movie experience in the room where they are already eating, playing and living. We’re entering the age where convenience no longer trumps quality in consumer electronics. Instead, homeowners want the convenience of consuming their favorite media wherever they might be, in the highest quality formats available.

This means high-resolution streaming audio to every room of the home, 4K TVs everywhere, and larger-than-life home theaters right in the family room. Home theaters are moving out of basements and bonus rooms and into the spaces where we live.

Owners of home theaters often find themselves watching TV programming or sporting events in the space, too.  So why not bring that viewing experience into the rooms where you normally watch your favorite sports and TV shows?  You just can’t beat the image quality on a 110” UHDTV flat screen, or on an even bigger projection screen fed by a 4K projector. Home theaters designed by Synergy Integrated Systems make it happen.

Multi-Purpose Home Theaters

As much as dedicated home theaters create a luxury cinema experience right at home, many of our clients are looking to do more with the space. Home theaters today offer sport bars, gaming tables, or lounge areas where friends and family members can sit and chat – all while a movie is playing on the other side of the room.

Instead of bringing the home theater experience into your family room, you can think of ways to attract your family members into your home theater every night of the week – not just on movie night. A few rows of theater-style seating often leaves more than enough space for couches, tables, a bar, or anything else you might imagine wanting to entertain your family and guests.

Unique Challenges to Designing Home Theaters in Large, Open Spaces

Designing home theaters in an open floor plan environment carries unique challenges. We must pay special attention to acoustic treatments so sound from the movie doesn’t bleed into other parts of the room, and those watching a movie won’t be disturbed by conversation happening at the bar.

We’ll also design the room with line-of-sight in mind, so that every theater seat is the best seat in the house for watching a movie with no distractions from activity in other parts of the room.

If your theater includes a two-piece projection system, we’ll ensure the projector is bright enough to work in high ambient light, so if you’re watching a TV show during the day and don’t want to set that “movie atmosphere,” you’ll still have an amazing viewing experience with the shades up.

Finally, we’ll make sure the control systems make it easy to adjust lighting, shades, volume and more. With so much going on in this multi-purpose space, you need your home’s systems to do exactly what you need, when you need it.

Home Theaters for the Way You Live

When we design a space, we know that technology is just the means to an end. Families ultimately want a superior movie experience and a place to bond with family and friends. Today’s home theaters and multi-purpose family rooms accomplish this with levels of quality and convenience you may not have previously imagined. At Synergy Integrated Systems, our professionals will help you choose the systems to fit your space, your lifestyle and your budget.