Why Choose URC Total Control for Your Smart Home?

If you’re considering turning your house into a smart home, you have a number of options. You may have looked into a do-it-yourself system cobbled together from components purchased through your local home improvement store. We wouldn’t blame you, though, if you decided you don’t feel comfortable working it all out on your own.

A do-it-yourself system may present a number of complications, including selecting components that work well together, installing many of the devices, and then setting up the smart devices through a variety of proprietary apps or searching for one app that can manage all – or almost all – of your devices.

After a few hours dealing with setting up your smart home, you may begin to think it’s not very smart at all. And who do you call if something goes wrong? One manufacturer will blame your smart hub, another will say it’s an incompatible component, no one will take responsibility and you’ll be left with a bunch of boxes, plugs, switches, and apps that are anything but “smart.”

Choices from the Pros

Professional home automation integrators like Synergy Integrated Systems offer a number of high-quality home automation options that give you complete control over your smart home’s systems and none of the stress associated with installing them. The URC Total Control package is one option that many of our customers choose for its ease-of-use, flexibility, and affordable price point.

What Does URC Total Control Do?

URC Total Control enables you to automate and control your home’s audiovisual, HVAC, security, and lighting systems and more through one easy-to-navigate, menu-based system on a touchscreen, handheld remote control, or an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re sitting in your family room or hiking through the mountains, you can lock or unlock your door, control lighting, or watch a video feed of your property.

URC Total Control: The Home Automation System that Grows with Your Budget

You may wonder, “How much does all this comfort and convenience cost?” URC Total Control is one of the more budget-friendly home automation systems, beginning with the value-priced MRX-8 controller. Depending on your budget and comfort level, you can start small with an MX-8, a handheld remote, and the capability to control your lighting and thermostat. Add a DMS-AV home theater processor to control the audio-visual systems in the family room. Stream your favorite music through Pandora, Rhapsody, or a variety of other sources, to local speakers or a whole home audio system. As time goes on, add shading control, home security, even video surveillance, and energy monitoring until you have a fully-automated, completely integrated, smart home from your back deck to your front yard and everything in between.

Ease-of-Installations Means Lower Cost and Less Stress for You

The MX-8 and URC Total Control home automation system operates on a wired, IP network, using your home’s existing infrastructure to keep construction and renovation costs down. A wired system is inherently more reliable than one that runs through your home’s WiFi systems, like many off-the-shelf, do-it-yourself solutions.

Professional installation means you have one point-of-contact if something goes wrong, or if you simply want to upgrade your URC Total Control system to add more capabilities in the future. It also means that your Synergy Integrated Systems home automation professional will work with you to discuss your family’s needs and design a completely personalized system that fulfills your expectations and meets your budget.