Why Professionals Should Install Lutron Dimmers in Your Home

If you’ve been browsing big box stores considering home automation systems for your North Carolina home, you may have noticed Lutron dimmers. Lutron is one of the biggest names in luxury home automation systems and, especially, in lighting systems. As such, you can buy some of their components “off-the-shelf” to supplement the existing lighting in your home.

But a true “smart home” is made of much more than just a few smart bulbs, an app, and some dimmer switches. Your professionally-installed home automation system from Synergy Integrated Systems is more than just technology for the sake of technology. It is about making your home more comfortable, convenient, and energy-efficient. It is about being able to evoke any mood you desire – from cozy and inviting to bright and fun –all with the touch of a single button on a screen or dimmer.

One of the many benefits to having a home automation system professionally designed and installed is that all the components will not only work perfectly together, but the components will create a cohesive and consistent look throughout your home. Lutron dimmers are just one of the many components your Synergy contractors install that can help make that happen.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the newest line of Lutron dimmers that you may wish to incorporate into your home automation system, designed and installed by us.


Showcased at CEDIA, The Future Home Experience, the industry trade show that took place last month in Dallas, the Lutron GRAFIK T dimmer looks about as futuristic as any dimmer can get. There are no buttons, knobs or sliders, just an LED light bar. Touch anywhere along the bar to set the lights at the perfect level for any time of day or night. The seamless design blends into any style of home décor.

The new GRAFIK T works with the popular HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 systems, sold, installed, and programmed by Synergy Integrated Systems. A phase-selectable dimmer, the GRAFIK T not only works with incandescent halogen lights, but also LEDs and other popular energy efficient bulbs.

It can also be matched with the popular Lutron Palladiom keypad, which employs buttons and faceplates constructed of your choice of matching materials (plastic, glass, or metal) and designed to match your GRAFIK T dimmer, for a uniform look throughout the home.

Benefits of Professionally Installed Lutron Dimmers

It’s true that you can purchase many Lutron dimmers online or in home improvement stores. But you may not get the latest models or designs, compatible with nearly any type of bulb, including popular CFLs and LEDs. You also won’t enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind offered by professional installation. From start to finish, your Lutron home automation system will look and perform as a single, comprehensive system designed to meet your needs for comfort, convenience and energy efficiency.

Which Lutron Dimmers Are Best For Your Home?

GRAFIK T joins Lutron’s popular Caseta wireless line of dimmers, Maestro dimmers, and more. Your Synergy Integrated Systems representative can help you decide which Lutron home automation components best fit your home and technology needs.