Why Purchase the Best Home Audio Speakers Your Money Can Buy?

If you’re accustomed to listening to music streamed from your LED-TV’s onboard speakers, through your home computer speakers, or even a smartphone dock, you may have forgotten what you’re missing.

Think back, if you will, to your first sound system, with giant subs that made your floor shake and horns and tweeters that captured every nuance of your record albums.

Yes, we said records. Some audiophiles argue that even CD quality music represents a step down in sound quality from the age of vinyl. But CDs are still vastly better than the MP3s we listen to today, often through tiny earbuds or low-quality speakers.

But the moment you demo your favorite music through a superior speaker system, you’ll understand the difference high quality speakers can make in your listening experience, regardless of the quality of the source material. Of course, if you are ready to listen to music the way the performing artists intended you to, today’s technology allows you to upgrade to high resolution audio, as well.

What Is High Resolution Audio?

Just as the video industry has stepped up from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) and now, UltraHD or 4K resolution, the audio industry is now seeking higher quality audio than what is available today. Although the end result – higher quality video or audio – is the same, the means to achieve it differs. While HD or UHD video refers to the number of pixels per inch, audio resolution is measured in the number of bits per sample, or the bitrate.

MP3s have bitrates as high as 320kpbs, CDs have bitrates of 1411kbps, and the new high resolution audio files have a transfer rate of 9216kbps, more than six times higher than that of CDs.

If you think this sounds like a big difference, it is. And most people will hear the difference in the improved detail and texture of their favorite songs.

As with 4K video, source material is just starting to become available. As technology advances to meet the challenges of storing and streaming hi-res audio, you’ll want the best speakers to showcase the advanced sound format.

That doesn’t mean you should wait to upgrade your home’s audio system or your home theater. Even playing CD- or MP3-quality music, you’ll hear the difference when you invest in the best home audio speakers your money can buy.

With High Quality Home Audio Speakers, You Can Have It All

For decades, music fans shifted from a culture of quality to convenience, packing away their bulky vinyl in favor of cassettes, CDs, and, today, streaming MP3s. Today, quality and convenience merge as you can enjoy music in any format through a luxury home audio system. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics, either, as the best speakers can blend neatly into the architecture of your home.

Access any song in your collection with a push of a button on a touchscreen controller or through your smartphone, and hear it any place on your property, from your front porch to your back deck, your family room, kitchen, bedroom, or even a dedicated, custom-designed listening space.

Convenience, quality and aesthetics merge when you work with Synergy Integrated Systems to design a fully-customized audio system with a blend of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, on-wall speakers, and standing components that can bring the sound to life in ways you never dreamed possible. You can have it all with luxury home audio speakers from brands like James, Leon, Revel and more. Contact Synergy today to discuss the many options you have available for the best speakers on the market, to impress your friends, improve your listening experience, and bring your home to life with the sound of music – as it’s meant to be heard.