Find an Expert: Work with a Crestron Dealer

crestron dealerFinding a Crestron Dealer in North Carolina

Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be the #1 Crestron dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area and among the top dealers of Crestron systems in North Carolina.

As a leading Crestron dealer, Synergy Integrated Systems takes the responsibility very seriously. We want to automate your home so that it functions as efficiently as possible in order to save you time, energy, and worry. Using reliable Crestron integrated control systems ensures homeowners enjoy all of its benefits.

Let’s walk through a typical day in the life of a Crestron system owner: Mr. and Mrs. Comfort awaken to their favorite music and soft lighting. The bathroom and closet lights go on as they begin their morning routine. Walking into the bathroom on the heated flooring gives them a feeling of being pampered every morning.

When they go into the kitchen, the lights are on, coffee is brewing, and the temperature feels just right.

Upon leaving for work, Mr. Comfort closes the door after his wife and he pushes a button on his mobile device labeled, “Away.” He can walk out without thinking, “Did I turn off the lights? Did I raise the shades? Did I turn down the thermostat? Did I set the alarm?” All of these tasks have been handled by the Crestron system. He can leave and go throughout the day without second thoughts.

Mrs. Comfort is the first one to leave work, so she merely clicks on the “Home” button on her smartphone. When she arrives home, the lights and temperature are perfect and her favorite music is playing in the family room. She smiles and wonders why she didn’t find a Crestron dealer sooner.

You can enjoy the same home life as Mr. and Mrs. Comfort! Every element in your home should work together to provide your family members with great experiences. Working with a Crestron dealer helps ensure this level of comfort and security each day.

Your Local Crestron Dealer

When you need a Crestron dealer in North Carolina, your first call should be to Synergy Integrated Systems. You can arrange a free estimate to determine your needs and decide on the scope of your project. We can provide a total home automation or you may choose to implement the systems in phases.

For over 40 years, homeowners have trusted Crestron products to automate and secure their homes. A Crestron dealer can provide the systems that will be installed professionally and will be reliable for years to come. Being a Crestron dealer means we fully understand all Crestron components are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

As a Crestron dealer, Synergy Integrated Systems is renowned for our high level of customer support and we have technicians available 24 hours a day. We look forward to providing you with a free consultation, so that you may understand how comfortable your home can be. Synergy Integrated Systems is your Crestron dealer and we want to ensure that your home is your favorite retreat!