According to the U.S. Department of Justice, over 3.7 million homes are burglarized each year. That’s roughly seven homes every minute. A security system helps deter burglars and other threats to your home.  We, at Synergy Integrated Systems, are officially licensed security installers providing only the top services in the Triangle.  We offer security pre-wire packages for new homes, and wireless solutions for existing homes that are not prewired.  With leading-edge products from our partners Alarm.com DSC and 2GIG, we will design a custom solution for you with superior performance and reliability.  Combine a security system with our home surveillance services and this will give you peace of mind that your home is well protected.  

We offer monthly plans to suit your needs and your budget with integration to alarm.com. With alarm.com, the leader in smart home security, there is constant watch over your system. Not only can you get notifications of what is going on in your home 24/7, alarm.com systems can communicate even if the phone or cable line is cut, the power is out, or even if the internet is down. If there’s an emergency, alarm.com is one step ahead.


DSC has a great combination of cutting edge technology and industry experience. This results in high-quality security solutions that are reliable, easy to install, and easy to use. So when you need a security system that works when it matters most, look to DSC. They have the most reliable security hardware on the market. Their devices are capable of hard-wired connectivity, but more impressively they have fully wireless systems which are ideal for retrofit situations and may prove more cost-efficient than hard-wired systems that may involve cutting access holes in walls and ceilings. Another great feature is that the systems are easily programmable from the keypad and they do not require intensive programming from a computer.


Another leading edge security company, 2GIG is one of the most innovative and interactive security companies on the market. Their systems are complete with 3G, WiFi, and DVR capabilities. With a variety of video solutions and being a Z-Wave Alliance member, 2GIG is a great choice for a security system. The new GC2 & GC3 keypads are what a lot of people are looking for. The keypads have a 7” color touch screen display, come with built-in Z-Wave home control, weather information on display, are easily upgradable, and have many more features. These keypads make it convenient to control all the rooms in your home from a simple press of a button.


The IQ Solution includes all the standard devices you expect from a traditional security system, as well as a few new items that can really add to the level of protection you enjoy. Their new S-Line encrypted sensors provide an additional layer of security to their classic devices. These devices communicate directly with the IQ Panel 2 and can inform you of their current status, any problems, and of course, intrusion detection from the panel or from any mobile device using Alarm.com’s powerful communication technology.